5 cute nonsense that are waiting for you at the checkout

An extract is an exciting event, and not only for a young mother, but also for dad, grandparents, and other relatives who are going to meet a baby from the hospital.

Therefore, be prepared for the fact that, surrendering to emotions and losing your head from happiness, your loved ones will truly surprise, or even shock.

1. Arrange from show extract

You hope to quietly and peacefully leave the building of the maternity hospital without attracting too much attention, because you do not have the strength to do makeup and hairstyle, you don’t want to dress up, and indeed you gave birth 3 days ago, your back aches, your legs do not hold, and you only want to in the shower and in the bed. But for your relatives and friends, an extract is a holiday.

Therefore, it is likely that a million balloons, a red carpet of rose petals, an orchestra, mummers or a dance flash mob performed by 50 people will be waiting for you on the threshold of the hospital. If you didn’t warn that you had a little idea of ​​this event, it’s better to pretend that you liked it – do not offend your relatives!

2. Forget things at home

Shopping spree in search of what we did not have time to buy before delivery, trips to the maternity hospital and back by shuttle with bags of things and food and home preparations for the return of the newly-born mother can drive anyone crazy. Usually, short-term memory loss in these cases is committed by young fathers.

However, it happens that the infection spreads to the whole company of those who meet, and then it may well turn out that the package with your clothes and shoes has remained at home. Of course, compassionate nurses will share with you a white dressing gown and disposable slippers. But then pray that all this does not coincide with the first paragraph…

3. Prove themselves from an unexpected side

The birth of a little man is an important and very emotional event for each of your loved ones. And then your mother, suddenly feeling like an interior designer, hastily re-glues wallpapers, buys furniture and decorates a nursery in a vibrant pink color. The father-in-law, brushing away a mean male tear, decorates the windows of your car with images of storks and chubby babies. Well, dear husband, a football player, to top it all, he composes a serenade, which he is ready to perform under the windows of the maternity ward.

4. One hundred guests will be called.

The closer your home is, the sooner you think you’ll get into the shower and the bed. But it was not there! Get ready for the fact that already at the entrance you will be greeted by a whole horde of friends, friends of friends and their colleagues, second cousins, four-cousin uncles and other acquaintances and distant relatives, most of whom you have never seen.

It turns out that your loved ones decided to arrange a surprise and invited everyone they remembered about. “Masha, look how many relatives and comrades you have! Everyone loves you so much, so worried about you. So Larisa Sergeyevna from my work – remember, I told you about her? Aren’t you glad? ”

5. Prepare prohibited foods

Okay, let there be guests. In the end, they won’t stay all night. You just need to tolerate and sit a couple of hours at the table – just wanted to eat it. The table, I must say, corresponds to the number of guests – the female part of your families did their best. What do we have there on plates and in salad bowls? Olivier, Mimosa, herring under a fur coat, crab salad, mushrooms in mayonnaise, eggs under mayonnaise, beets and carrots with mayonnaise. It seems that in the nearest grocery there was a total sale of mayonnaise… For hot, of course, fatty pork or red fish, for dessert – cake “Flight”. “Nursing mom’s diet? No, not heard. Mashun, will you drink champagne with us? What about the wine? What about vodka? Well, half-glasses can you? ”

Advice of the experienced: in advance, even before you get to the hospital, tell loved ones about what you can and cannot do, eat and drink after giving birth. And it’s better – collect and sign the packages on your own, compose a diet menu and attach to the refrigerator, write your own discharge script, prepare clear instructions, notes, reminders and instructions for all occasions. Perhaps then everything will go as calmly as possible. Or is it boring?

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