Man flu, or as it’s known in women, a cold

The over-exaggeration of their cold-like symptoms, dubbed man flu, rarely achieves them any sympathy from their loved ones. Women have long mocked men for being ‘drama queens’ when it comes to having the sniffles.

Instead of receiving the care they so longingly crave from their partners, they are met with a barrage of abuse for their illness. Thousands of poorly men act like they are on their death bed, while others describe the pain of man flu as worse than child labour.

Here, MailOnline has collected some of the funniest memes posted by frustrated women on the internet to shed light on their so-called suffering. Poking fun at men’s ability to overcome the sniffles, one post jokingly read: ‘It was a cold when you had it madam, but now it’s man flu.’

While another meme read: “I think I’m getting sick” – the most dreaded words a wife can hear from her husband.’ Despite the years of ridicule, scientists have often discovered that man flu may be real, and not the silly myth that women believe it to be.

Harvard University researchers in 2014 found a lack of female sex hormones actually leaves men with weaker immune systems to fight off a cold. And Royal Holloway University experts revealed last December that certain viruses are hell-bent on killing men more than they are women.

One meme read: ‘It was a cold when you had it Madam, but now it’s MAN FLU!’

Is this the end? Cartoon depicts the moment a man flu victim thought he was on his death bed

Not what you want to hear! E-card reveals the dreaded words a wife can hear from her husband

Worse than child birth! Meme jokingly suggests women can get an idea of how painful man flu is when they go into labour

Another cartoon mockingly suggests that poorly men try to make the most of their illness

One clever internet user described man flu as Ecolda – when a man only has a cold but acts like he is suffering from Ebola

A special kind of cold! One post mocks the men who claim their suffering isn’t ‘just a cold’

One jokingly suggests that man flu causes the man to be sicker than anyone else in the house, but is known as just a cold for women

Born survivor: One boredpanda user posted an image of man flu survivor mugs – for those who were on the brink of death

Another meme suggests women have a ‘get up and go’ attitude to having a cold – unlike men


Twitter user @basakED posted an image that read: ‘Man flu (noun), an illness that causes the male to be helpless and sicker than any other family member’

@LorieGZ mocked her husband and said that she has to fend for herself when she is ill

@sapartygirl tweeted: ‘When your husband is home sick & txts “I’m dying”, my response “man dying or real dying”? #bigbaby’ [sic]

@EyeOfTheToddler wrote: ‘Husband has a cold. I know because he’s done nothing but complain about it for two hours straight. If it doesn’t kill him, I might’

Fed up! @Zedamark tweeted: ‘My husband has a cold so I’m officially on the market again’

Blogger Jennifer White wrote: ‘I’ll be on my deathbed and my husband will still say, “Oh man. I’ve got the worst cold ever. The. Worst.”‘

Elizabeth Weitz, who is able to carry on with everyday life despite suffering from an incurable illness, joked that her husband is unable to do anything when he is poorly

@JrHighTeacher joked that they ‘literally can’t stand’ their husband when they are poorly

Rebekah Roberts tweeted: ‘When my husband is sick, I feel so bad for me’

@bailz07 joked that the ‘whole world is supposed to stop’ until her husband feels better

Ali Moss suggested that her husband, who had a cold at the time, complained more than her when she was nine months pregnant

@EricaWhoToYou joked that she and her husband had used Google Maps to plot the quickest route to A&E, in case his cold worsened

Erica also tweeted earlier this year that earlier this year her husband was still talking about how sick he was a few weeks ago

Actor Danny Miller joked he was ‘dying’ and needed Lemsip and a violin when he had a cold

@Kidcowboy2 asked for advice on which coffin to purchase for his bout of man flu

@Snarksy_K tweeted: ‘My husband has a cold… so in other words, he is dying. This is a very difficult time for us all. Send prayers’

@Parkerlawyer wrote: ‘Hubs and I both have the flu. Only difference is I’m cleaning the kitchen and he’s dying’


Ken Curtin tweeted a man flu checklist, which included cough sweets, tissues and driving his wife ‘nuts’

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