The head of a newborn is crusty

Crusts on the head are a very common occurrence in newborns. They do not cause discomfort, do not become a cause of poor health and are completely harmless.  Only in exceptional cases, the crust on the head of a newborn speaks of allergies and becomes an alarm.

The reason for the appearance of crusts

Crusts may appear on the entire surface of the head or in separate areas.

There are several reasons for their education:

  • Maternal hormones. In the womb, the baby grows and develops under the influence of the hormones of the mother. They have an effect on the development of the sebaceous glands of the child, which begin to actively produce subcutaneous fat immediately after the birth of the baby. This leads to the formation of dry outgrowths of gray or light yellow.
  • Allergy. Food allergies are often manifested by the appearance of a crust on the head of a newborn. If there are other symptoms (skin rash, fever, diarrhea), then you should consult a doctor.
  • Improper hygiene. Experts do not recommend the use of detergents for bathing a baby under the age of 6 months. The scalp of the newborn is very sensitive and any exposure to it can lead to the formation of crusts.
How to get rid of crusts?

There is a lot of debate on this issue. Doctors advise removing crusts using special means, and grandmothers say that nothing needs to be done. Who is right? The opinion of both parties is correct, but with the clarification of some nuances. If the crusts are very hard, then it is necessary to use a medication prescribed by a doctor, which softens dry skin when bathing, and then it is removed with a soft brush. Enough 2-3 times for a complete cleansing of the head.

However, the negative effects of various detergents have been proven – their frequent use leads to the appearance of crusts and worsens the condition of the hair. Therefore, if the skin is not very hard, then it is better not to use additional funds for bathing. The crust itself will disappear by about the eighth month of the baby.

Prevention methods

Crusts can appear at any time. To prevent this, it is necessary to bathe the child only with the use of children’s products. You can not wash the baby’s head with adult shampoo or ordinary soap!

The skin should breathe – do not wrap the baby much, especially in warm weather. At home, let the newborn be more often naked, which prevents the formation of sweat and, as a result, crusts.

In no case do not try to clean off the crusts with a fingernail or comb! You will not only hurt your baby, but also damage delicate skin.

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