How to do nipple massage

When the last weeks of pregnancy come, every woman wants to bring closer the moment of meeting with her baby. If there are no symptoms of labor, you can turn to simple methods that will help stimulate the onset of labor.

These include nipple massage. Nipple stimulation is a simple and safe method.

Due to the increased sensitivity, pain appears. This happens due to the preparation of the body for breastfeeding. The milky ducts increase.

During pregnancy, the female breast undergoes a large number of changes, which include:

  • breast enlargement;
  • darkening of the area around the nipples under the influence of hormones;
  • increased sensitivity of the nipples and an increase in their size;
  • vascular darkening due to increased blood flow;
  • colostrum production.

Nipple massage is not only a great way to bring the desired birth closer in the later stages of pregnancy, but also a mandatory procedure for preparing a changed breast for feeding.


Why is stimulation of the nipples to bring about a positive effect? It’s all about oxytocin, which is produced during massage. This hormone stimulates the onset of labor.

Nipple stimulation to stimulate labor can be performed by a woman or her husband. The main thing is that the movements are gentle and careful. Too sharp and strong movements can injure the nipples and cause the development of mastitis in the future.

The procedure consists of several stages. At the beginning, the nipples need to be stroked, and then go to rubbing, kneading. The last stage is movements with stronger pressure – light tapping and vibration. At the end, the massage should end with a light stroking.

In the process of grinding, movements should be more intense in order to thoroughly warm the skin.

Stimulation of nipples for childbirth can occur using hydromassage, which is carried out with the help of a shower. During the procedure, you need to alternate cool and warm water, various nozzles and modes.

Nipple massage to stimulate labor is not the only way to bring labor closer:

  • Sex is the most effective way to provoke the onset of labor. With the onset of orgasm, the uterus is actively reduced, which contributes to the onset of labor. Also, male sperm contains prostaglandins, which soften the cervix.
  • A quick walk, climbing stairs.
  • Eating spicy food, beets and parsley.
  • Castor oil.
Massage to prepare for feeding

At the birth of a baby, the female breast experiences great stress associated with the constant feeding of the baby, so monitoring the condition of the nipples is very important.

To prepare for feeding, vacuum or hydromassage is better suited, because it does not so much stimulate the onset of labor. Mechanical massage is more effective, during which hormones are released. Also, many experts recommend hardening the chest, but best of all, this procedure will be carried out for the whole body, preparing it for a large load.

Vacuum massage is carried out using a special nozzle, which has the effect of a compressor. After it, the metabolism improves.

Special exercises that are aimed at strengthening the pectoral muscles will be useful.

A quality massage throughout pregnancy will improve the general condition of the skin, because in its process blood flow is stimulated and the rush of blood to the mammary glands intensifies. As a result, muscles are strengthened and metabolism in tissues improves.

In addition, massage can be performed during lactation. It will not only improve the movement of milk, but also relieve stagnation in the ducts.

An important part of massage is the strengthening of the nipples. During pregnancy, the skin becomes very tender, which can cause the formation of cracks, which will begin to inflame. In order to avoid this, it is best to rub the nipples and areoles with a natural cloth, and then wash them with cool water.

Such preparation should begin exclusively before childbirth, not earlier than 38 weeks, so as not to provoke a contraction of the uterus and premature birth. You can massage twice a day – in the morning and in the evening. If a woman is not yet ready for the onset of labor and the time allows you to wait, then it is better to avoid nipple massage, and pay more attention to the breast itself. Massage the chest must be smooth and accurate movements, occasionally increasing pressure. This will prepare the mammary glands for the future feeding process.

Water massage

For the procedure, a shower with a flexible hose and an adjustable spray is best suited. Water temperature should be close to body temperature so as not to cause discomfort.

Breast stimulation is necessary in turn, paying attention to each site.


  1. First of all, you need to set up a shower. Water should be warm to make the body comfortable.
  2. Begin the procedure with medium pressure, gradually increasing the flow of water. It is recommended to avoid direct exposure to the nipple area – discomfort may occur due to high pressure.
  3. The duration of each breast massage should be between 3 and 5 minutes.
  4. A contrast shower is perfect for relaxing the muscles of the chest, but do not get carried away with too cold water, because you can freeze the mammary glands, and for pregnant women it is very important to maintain their health. The period of exposure to cooler water should last no more than 10 seconds.
  5. You can perform the procedure every day before bedtime.

Contactless stimulation

Non-contact stimulation includes strengthening of the muscles of the chest, as mentioned above. Athletic tapes, dumbbells, various fitballs are suitable for performing exercises. But we must not forget that weight lifting is very dangerous for a pregnant woman, therefore, all exercises must be performed as carefully as possible and only after the permission of the gynecologist.

Exercises should only be on a hard surface, a bench or floor is best. You can perform workouts from the first weeks of pregnancy, they will help keep your chest in good shape, which will positively affect your overall health. The duration of classes should be 30-40 minutes 3 times a week.

Since pregnant women are forbidden to lift heavy objects, especially in the later stages, the equipment used for classes should not be more than 2 kilograms.

The best exercise is to move your arms with dumbbells to the side. On exhalation, hands should be raised above the head, and then, on inspiration, slowly return them to their original position, pressing them to the body. Repeat the exercise 10-15 times in several sets.

You can also conduct various exercises in which the projectile is not used. To do this, a woman should strain the muscles that are located next to the armpit and raise her arms a little. In this position, you should freeze for 5-10 seconds, then take a deep breath and relax.

Stimulation of the nipples not only helps to stimulate the birth, but also improves the general condition of the breast of the expectant mother. Regular procedures will help to keep the breast in an elastic state and provide a quick flow of milk for feeding.

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