Accelerated childbirth, how and whether it is necessary

All pregnant women have their own problems. Someone has a threat of miscarriage, the cause of which is the hypertonicity of the cervix, and someone just can not wait for this long-awaited day, guaranteeing a successful delivery.

Thoughts on how to accelerate childbirth begin to appear in mothers of the second category: for whom complications during pregnancy were not observed, and the baby was in no hurry to come into the world.

The last days before childbirth are not easy for every woman. And, if the onset of contractions is delayed, then she begins to worry and think about how to accelerate them?

Is it worth it to accelerate childbirth or not?

Before making a decision, first of all, you need to think about heredity. Most physicians claim that ladies who do not feel the approach of contractions have a hereditary tendency to overdo it. If your mother or grandmother bore a child longer than expected, then you can have this feature.

The onset of childbirth is also associated with the girl’s menstrual cycle: if it is more than 30 days, it can affect labor activity in the future. But, if the expectant mother can no longer bear all the delights of bearing a baby, then the process of childbirth can be accelerated. To begin with, it is better to try the long-tried folk and safe methods that our ancestors used.

Relax and wait

Doctors recommend adhering to such tactics of behavior for two weeks after the preliminary date for which the delivery was scheduled. If, according to the results of ultrasound, the amount of amniotic fluid is normal, they are transparent, the child’s heart is normal, and the baby is constantly in active motion, doctors try to wait and not rush with stimulation, which can accelerate the onset of contractions or cork discharge.

It is done only if, for a period of 36 weeks or more, the placenta begins to lose its function, the anatomical fluid gives off a yellow-green color, and there are some disturbances in the baby’s heart. If none of this was revealed, then the expectant mother is advised not to worry, relax and wait for the onset of contractions and the cork to depart. At this time, you can relax and use gentle folk stimulants and methods. It is best for you and your baby when the pregnancy is normal and it is not necessary to resort to the need to expedite delivery.

Accelerating childbirth using folk methods

They are effective if a woman is already completely ready for the birth of a child.

  1. The first way is physical activity, preferably before the onset of fatigue. This time can be spent with benefit: to put things in order in the house, take a walk, climb the stairs, but it is advisable that at this time you are not left alone. In the event of contractions, urgent medical help will be needed. But do not abuse, for example, do a spring cleaning, because by the beginning of the fights you will just be completely exhausted, which can affect not only your health, but also the health of the baby.
  2. A more pleasant way to speed up labor is to have sex so that sperm gets into the vagina. Blood begins to rush to the pelvis, after which contractions may occur or the cork may recede. Sperm also contains prostaglandin, which is absorbed into the bloodstream and accelerates the birth process. It should be noted that sex should not be aggressive, otherwise it can damage the cervix, which is most vulnerable to childbirth.
  3. How to speed up childbirth using the reflex method ! Very simple. Nipple stimulation causes uterine contractions. This method is also used after childbirth, for its rapid reduction. Breast massage is very useful for the expectant mother, because it has a beneficial effect on feeding.
  4. With the help of an enema, leading to a reduction in the walls of the intestine and the onset of labor.
  5. You can include as many dishes with beets and parsley in your diet as possible – this is a harmless tool that can cause contractions and make the cork go away.
  6. A proven remedy is a stimulating cocktail: 150 grams of orange, apricot and peach juice with 50 grams of castor oil. In some recipes, 50 grams of vodka or champagne is provided. This drink leads to an active reduction in the walls of the intestine, and then to the onset of labor.
  7. Often, in order to remove the cork they resort to homeopathy, for example, they use the female root. This drug in a certain ratio is taken 4 times a day. Obstetricians who constantly practice homeopathy claim that it is quite effective, but this has not been scientifically proven.
  8. A good remedy for the onset of contractions is tea made from ginger, cinnamon and cloves. It is recommended to drink it after the 39th week of pregnancy 3 times a day.
  9. To give birth more quickly, and the cork is removed, after the 36th week, you can use acupuncture. Acupuncture massage courses are included in maternity insurance in most European countries. It is proved that this method helps to reduce labor, by about 2 hours.
  10. Mom helps some future feet massage: stimulation of the point located between the index and big toe, kneading the front of the foot near the ankle.
  11. Walking in the fresh air, warm bath – these activities are very beneficial for the health of a pregnant woman. But effectiveness as a stimulator of childbirth, sometimes from them is zero.
Medical Ways

In the event that the folk methods used to accelerate childbirth do not affect the labor activity in any way: the onset of labor, the cork is removed. Moreover, doctors recommend giving birth to a future mother after hospitalization in the hospital, in a hospital setting.

An ideal way to speed up the process is a smooth and gradual delivery, with preliminary preparation of the uterus for opening, by softening the cervix with special medicines, and only then – with the use of funds necessary for stimulation. But basically doctors resort to another method – this is an autopsy of the fetal bladder. Its essence is that after the cork, and, accordingly, the amniotic fluid, the woman’s uterus begins to contract very quickly, and, therefore, the process of labor begins.

Heavy Artillery – Hormones

But in some cases, doctors resort to more radical measures. If the baby’s condition begins to deteriorate rapidly, and there are still no signs of labor, even after piercing the bladder, doctors use the method of artificial stimulation, for example, prostaglandins. This type of hormone in the form of a candle and gel is placed in the vagina of a pregnant girl.

Recently, cases of the use of tampons with a content of prostaglandin, which, after reaching the desired effect on the cervix, are simply removed, have become more frequent. This drug can perfectly stimulate the onset of labor, but to guarantee its intensity – no. Labor activity is very weak, even in cases of normal onset of labor, without any stimulation. And how then to accelerate the onset of childbirth?

In such cases, obstetricians administer oxytocin intravenously. He not only prepares the cervix, but also causes it to open, therefore it is considered an ideal medicine, if during labor the intensity of contractions is greatly weakened.

The main disadvantage of oxytocin is a sharp increase in pain during the birth process, which is unpleasant enough for a woman.

But that’s not all, like other drugs, oxytocin has a number of side effects, namely:

  • hypoxia in the baby;
  • pathology of the central nervous system;
  • circulatory disturbance caused by a sharp increase in the process of labor.

In this regard, this drug is recommended by the Ministry of Health in only 10% of 100% of births. But, unfortunately, it is used much more often, so expectant mothers who dream of giving birth to a strong and healthy baby need to know about the gentle methods used to stimulate the birth.

The most important thing to remember is that during pregnancy you should be calm and monitor your health. Then the stimulation of labor, you may not need it at all!

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