How to care for a newborn girl

When a newborn baby appears in the house, care for his health and care comes to the fore.

When it comes to girls, proper hygiene is especially important. This helps to prevent all kinds of diseases that often arise against the background of a careless attitude to hygiene. Due to their physiological characteristics, newborn girls require more thorough care, unlike boys.

Basic rules of intimate hygiene

Caring for “especially tender” places provides for a number of compliance with mandatory rules:

  • Mom must first wash thoroughly with soap and water.
  • Washing is carried out in the direction from front to back, from the pubis to the anus. At the same time, the girl should be kept face up, while the boy is usually kept face down.
  • This hygiene procedure should be carried out every morning after waking up and in the evening before bedtime. To avoid such a disease as vulvovaginitis, it is necessary to wash the girl and after each act of defecation, when changing the diaper.
  • After washing, do not immediately put on the baby. It is necessary for several minutes to leave it to lie down without a diaper so that the skin can breathe a little.
  • It is recommended to use only pure water, it is possible with the addition of chamomile extract. But the soap should be used only for severe contamination, and it can only be a baby soap.
  • Towel, soap in a newborn girl must necessarily be only her own.
  • Do not use a washcloth when washing. This can damage delicate genital skin.
  • After this procedure, it is necessary to gently wet the external genitals of the girl with a napkin and lubricate with baby cream.
In the first days after birth

Many parents are concerned about the presence of a light gray coating on the labia of the girl. This is a kind of primordial lubricant, which gradually absorbs itself into the skin. If there is too much plaque, it can provoke the multiplication of microorganisms that cause inflammation. In this case, it should be very carefully removed using cotton swabs moistened with warm water.


As soon as the umbilical wound dries, you can start bathing the baby. The first six months of the bath’s life is recommended to do this daily, the next six months every other day, then even less often. You can bathe your baby at any time, but evening bathing before the last feeding is optimal.

A clean, scalded with boiling water, baby bath with a diaper laid on its bottom is filled with warm water. The temperature is controlled by a special thermometer and should be 36.5-37.5 degrees.

The temperature in the bathing room is maintained at least 20 degrees. Detergents (and this is necessarily baby soap or a special foam for children) should be used at most once a week.

5 minutes are enough for the bathing procedure. With your left hand supporting the child in the water by the shoulders, with the right gently with gentle movements you need to wash the head and body, especially all the folds, folds, genitals, palms. After that, rinse with clean water from a ladle prepared in advance, dry with a soft towel or diaper and grease the folds using a baby cream or sterilized oil.

How to clean your ears

When swimming, it is important to prevent water from entering the ears. It is necessary to thoroughly pat the ears with a napkin or a soft towel. Special care is required for the skin behind the ears. In order to avoid diaper rash, you should lubricate it with baby cream. To clean the external auditory canal, it is recommended to use cotton flagella, and it is not worth doing this deeply so as not to injure delicate skin, and especially the eardrum, which is close enough in newborns. Very carefully removed only that sulfur, which is located in the auricle. The flagellum for each eye is used separately.


Nail care of a newborn girl involves the timely implementation of the procedure for cutting the nails. This must be done very carefully, because it is a very thin and delicate fabric. Moreover, all the manicure accessories of the little princess should be individual, no one should use them anymore.

After each use, scissors and tweezers must be thoroughly washed in soapy water. The basic rule that must be observed when cutting nails – on the hands, the nails must be “rounded”, and on the legs to cut in a straight line, that is, exactly so as to prevent the ingrowth of the nail plate. The best time to care for your nails is when your baby is fast asleep.

How to clean baby’s nose

Care for the nose of a newborn girl must be done daily. After all, the baby does not know how to blow her nose, and the dust particles that accumulate and accumulate in the nasal passages, dried droplets of burnt milk greatly complicate breathing, causing anxiety and making breathing more difficult.

For processing, twisted cotton flagella will be required. First, the flagellum soaked in cosmetic oil gently rotates in the nasal passage to soften the crusts. Then a dry flagellum is used to remove these crusts from the nasal passages. In no case do not use cotton buds for this, because there is a high probability of damaging the very delicate mucous membrane of the baby’s nose. Avoid the use of all kinds of children’s nasal aspirators that can disrupt the microflora, which in the future can lead to serious health problems.

Mammary glands – what to look for

Often, young mothers are concerned about swelling in the mammary glands of the baby. In no case should you squeeze and knead these swelling. All this can provoke an inflammatory process and suppuration. You just need to monitor the cleanliness of this area. This usually goes away within a few days. If inflammation still occurs, you should immediately consult a doctor.

It is important to remember – because how competently the care for the little princess will be carried out, the state of her health in the future depends in many respects.

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