Causes of Spontaneous Miscarriage in Early Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the most wonderful period of every woman, but sometimes it happens that the female body decides to get rid of a new life. Usually, this is a miscarriage in the early stages – up to 12 weeks. Today, according to statistics, it happens in every 5 women.

According to medical concepts, a miscarriage is a spontaneous abortion from 1 to 22 weeks. Children born with a weight of 500 grams (after 22 weeks) can still be saved.

Very often, a woman does not even suspect her “interesting situation” and does not notice how a miscarriage occurs. In the early stages – this is heavy bleeding for several days, but it may be similar to menstruation.

A miscarriage is always a physical and psychological trauma. Our body is very “smart” and it knows whether to accept a new life in the womb or not. So if he believes that he is not yet ready for the development of the baby or something is wrong with the health of his parents, then the body tries to “get rid” of “unhealthy organisms”. So, you need to strengthen the body and treat diseases.

Signals indicating a risk of abortion
  1. Allocations. Uterine bleeding is the most dangerous sign of spontaneous abortion. At the beginning, the discharge is brown in color, turning into a bright scarlet color. Depending on when you see a specialist, the future life of the fetus depends.
  2. Pain Be mindful of your body. If there is pain in the back or lower abdomen – this is a signal. As soon as you feel that something is wrong go to the doctor until it is too late to take action.
  3. The tone of the uterus. A bad sign is a strong sensation in the lower abdomen – this is the uterus contracting.
Why does a miscarriage occur?
The first reason – hormonal background is disturbed

This means that the female body lacks the hormone “progesterone.” With timely medical intervention, the threat can be eliminated. Also, the presence of a large number of male hormones in the body of a future mother also refers to a hormonal problem.

The second reason is Rhesus conflict

Rhesus conflict is when a woman’s body perceives the fetus as a foreign body. Why does this happen? If the father has a Rhesus factor negative, and the mother has a positive one and the fetus inherits the Rh factor of the father.

The third reason is genetic disorders

75% of cases of loss of a child are genetic disorders of the embryo. Most often, defects are an accident, that is, they depend on environmental factors. For example, viruses, radiation, etc. Therefore, nature itself knows what to do – after all, a sick child with health complications and pathologies can be born.

The fourth reason is infectious diseases

Many different diseases are transmitted sexually that can adversely affect the baby. The most dangerous are chlamydia, trichomoniasis, gonorrhea, toxoplasmosis, syphilis, etc. Herpes and cytomegalovirus – this is 20% of cases of spontaneous miscarriage in the early stages. In order not to injure your body and psyche with the loss of a child, it is better to be examined and tested in advance. If you have not been examined and treated before pregnancy, then you can do it at the time, only as soon as possible, to minimize the degree of damage to the fetus.

Fifth reason – weak immunity and chronic diseases

A miscarriage can be triggered by influenza, hepatitis or rubella viruses. Even the most common cold or sore throat at the beginning of the first trimester, can interrupt it. But if you are lucky, then the transferred disease can affect the correct course of the entire pregnancy.

Sixth reason – abortion

If a woman already had an abortion before pregnancy, then it is likely that a miscarriage will occur. An abortion is a surgical intervention, stress, which can affect the normal process of bearing a child.

Seventh Reason – Medicines and Herbs

You need to carefully read the instructions for the drugs, because in the first trimester, drugs can leak into the placenta and adversely affect the fetus. Medications can provoke the development of fetal defects, and sometimes miscarriage. Particularly dangerous pills are Postinor. Perhaps at the time of taking this medicine, the woman did not suspect her current situation.

A pregnant woman should be vigilant in everything: certain types of herbs can adversely affect the normal development of the fetus. This is nettle, St. John’s wort and tansy. Even parsley should be eaten carefully – it increases the tone of the uterus.

The eighth reason is stress

Trite, but from the nerves you can lose a child. For example, the death of a loved one, divorce, or simply “strained” relationships in the family or with relatives. If a pregnant woman is stressed, the doctor may prescribe sedative medications that help the nervous system. Self-medication is unacceptable.

The ninth reason is physical activity

Strong physical activity is 5% of all spontaneous miscarriages. To avoid complications, it is not recommended to lift objects heavier than 5 kg.

Tenth cause – injuries and falls

In life, there can be anything – a car accident or just falling, for example, on a slippery floor or on an icy road. The fetus is protected from such situations by amniotic fluid, but sometimes the blow is too strong.

The eleventh reason is a hot tub

Rarely, but it happens that after taking a hot bath, a miscarriage occurs. Therefore, as a warning, do not swim longer than 15 minutes, and the water should not be too hot.

Twelfth reason – smoking and alcohol

The harmful habits of a pregnant woman – smoking, abuse of alcoholic and caffeine-containing drinks can lead to serious complications of the normal course of pregnancy.

You should be very careful about your health during pregnancy planning to prevent serious consequences. Future mothers need to strengthen their body and treat all diseases in a timely manner, then the probability of spontaneous miscarriage will be reduced to zero.

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