Nasal aspirator for a newborn

Every pediatrician, as well as many parents can confirm that an aspirator for newborns is an indispensable thing necessary in caring for a child. The device serves to remove excess secretion from the nasal cavity in order to facilitate breathing.

At an early age, children cannot blow their nose on their own, which causes both the child himself and his parents a lot of inconvenience: the baby becomes moody, sleep and nutrition are disturbed, and breathing is difficult.

It is worth noting that the symptoms of a runny nose can occur in children not only because of the disease. Excessive secretion of mucus is observed during teething, allergic reactions, and also as a result of a child inhaling dust particles. Therefore, a nasal aspirator for newborns should be in every home where there is a baby, even if parents protect their health from infection with various pathologies.

Why do I need an aspirator

The presence in the nasal cavity of a large amount of secretion requires its immediate removal. It is practically impossible to do this without an aspirator for a newborn, because the child is not yet able to blow his nose on his own, and the manifestations of seemingly ordinary rhinitis are a serious threat to children’s health:

  • Secreted mucus makes breathing difficult, resulting in disturbed sleep and nutrition.
  • In children of the first year of life, there is a risk of the rapid development of otitis media, bronchitis, pneumonia. The reason for this is the horizontal location of the auditory tubes, as well as shorter and narrower airways compared with those in adults. Sometimes pathology can develop during the day, so parents need to eliminate a runny nose from the moment it appears.
  • Blockage of the nasal passages can provoke respiratory failure, which is a danger to the health of the crumbs, and often leading to irreversible consequences.

Therefore, an aspirator for cleaning the nose of the newborn and the baby is a necessary attribute, the presence of which is mandatory in every house where the baby appeared. A useful device can be purchased at any pharmacy, choosing the most suitable option.

Types of Children’s Aspirators

Before you go shopping, parents need to find out what kind of appliances are. It is difficult to say which aspirator for newborns is the best, since each person chooses the most suitable and convenient device that does not cause difficulties in use.

Today you can buy several varieties of devices.

A mechanical aspirator  is the simplest device for cleaning the secretion of the nasal cavity of newborns and infants. Many parents believe that this type of apparatus is extremely unhygienic, because it is necessary to suck out the mucus from the mother or father through the mouth through the tube. However, you should not be afraid – there is a special filter in the device. It prevents the secretion from entering the oral cavity of the parents.

The device is a silicone soft tube, one of the tips of which is inserted into the nostrils of the child. Due to the elastic and delicate structure, the risk of injury to the nasal mucosa. After application, all the mucus remains in the reservoir intended for it. This device is easy to use, and its cost is acceptable to every family.

Aspirator for newborns in the form of a pear. The most popular and cheapest type of apparatus.

It is a pear-shaped balloon with a tip made of various materials: rubber, silicone, glass, plastic. The device is easy to use, easy to clean and sterilize.

Vacuum aspirator  for newborns and infants. A more complex device, having the form of a silicone tube with two removable tips, one of which is inserted into the nostrils of the baby, and the second is connected to an electronic device.

The principle of its work is to create a negative pressure, contributing to the rapid cleaning of the nasal passages from excess secretion. This kind of device is very effective, easy to use, and also safe for the baby. The device is durable, easy to rinse and sterilize.

Electronic aspirator  for cleaning the nasal mucus of newborns and infants. The most effective, and at the same time expensive device. Removes excess secretion and dried crusts from the nasal cavity, with minimal risk of injury. The device consists of a soft silicone tip and a transparent container for collecting mucus. They are connected to a small electrical appliance.

Thanks to the secretion compartment, the mother can see the amount of mucus collected, its consistency, color, blood impurities, which is of great diagnostic value. The electric aspirator for newborns is powered by batteries and takes up little space, which allows parents to take it with them to the clinic, for a walk or on a trip.

Knowing all the varieties of aspirators, mothers and fathers still often encounter difficulties during the purchase. They are often interested in what kind of aspirator to choose for a newborn baby, so that it is the safest. Recently, electronic and vacuum devices have been popular, however, even such devices have flaws.

Advantages and disadvantages of aspirators for children

Like any other devices that help care for a child, devices for removing mucus from the nose can be not only beneficial, but also harmful. When thinking about which aspirator is best for babies and newborns, parents must take into account the advantages and disadvantages of each of them.

Type of aspirator Benefits disadvantages
  • Acceptable price.
  • Ease of use.
  • Disposable tips (if any) are easy to remove and sterilize
  • Often the device is disposable, which forces parents to purchase several of these devices.
  • Possible mucosal injury if used improperly
Syringe (pear)
  • Affordable price.
  • Ease of use.
  • There are no difficulties with washing and sterilization
  • There is no special limiter on the tip, which increases the risk of injury to the nasal mucosa.
  • The opacity of the pear-shaped balloon: the mother does not see how much secret is removed, and what color and consistency it is
  • Safety in use.
  • Quickly clear nasal passages of mucus
  • High price.
  • Noise emitted by the appliance can scare the child
  • The ability to clean the nasal cavity from mucus, and from dried crusts.
  • Thanks to the transparent capacity, it is possible to evaluate the remote secret.
  • The ability to rinse the nasal cavity.
  • Ease of use
  • High cost compared to other devices.
  • Short-lived – at any moment the batteries may run out, the device itself often breaks

Having learned about all the positive and negative sides of the devices, parents can think about whether an aspirator is needed to care for newborns and infants, because there is no ideal apparatus without flaws.

But the presence of any type of device is mandatory in every house where there are children, since ignoring the common cold in a child can cause serious complications, often leading to severe pathologies of the respiratory and other systems.

Proper use of an aspirator

Young parents often have questions about how to use the nasal aspirator for newborns. Often, it is precisely the errors in use that lead to injuries, as well as to the inefficiency of the device.

Therefore, when using an aspirator for newborns and infants, the following rules should be considered:

  • No matter how simple the device, carefully read the instructions before use.
  • If the cause of rhinitis is an allergic reaction, it must first be treated with medication: a device for cleaning the nasal cavity from mucus will not give a positive effect.
  • Another important aspect is how often you can use an aspirator, because in infants the mucous membrane is tender, with a large number of blood vessels. The use of such devices is permissible if necessary, when excess mucus prevents breathing. With frequent use, there is a risk of drying the mucosa with causing injuries.
  • To soften the dried crusts, moisten the nasal cavity with saline. Next, suction of the mucus is performed taking into account the rules for using the device specified in the instructions.
  • The nasal passages are cleaned alternately. It is very important that during the manipulation the child does not cry and does not rotate his head, which often leads to a violation of the integrity of the inner surface of the nasal cavity.
  • After use, the appliance must be rinsed and sterilized.

Knowing how to properly clean the nose with an aspirator, the baby helps the child, alleviating the general condition. If you have questions or difficulties in use, you must consult a doctor. He will explain and show how to suck out the contents of the nose, and also determine the frequency of use of the device.

Precautionary measures

It is important not only to know how to clean the nose of a newborn using an aspirator, but also to take into account possible difficulties and complications. Most often, due to the carelessness of the parents, the mucous membrane is injured in the child.

This is accompanied by nosebleeds or the presence of impurities in the excreted mucus. If you find such symptoms, you need to stop using the device and immediately consult a doctor for help.

Most popular fixtures

When buying a nasal aspirator, mothers and fathers are interested in which one is best for newborns. In the ranking of aspirators for newborns, the following devices are the most popular:

  • Otrivin Baby nasal aspirator  for infants and infants. It is a tube with a tip, a mouthpiece and a filter for collecting mucus. This is an ordinary mechanical apparatus. The advantage is the minimum risk of injury. Aspirator “Otrivin Baby” for newborns is popular due to its safety and ease of use. The manufacturer also produces nasal drops and sprays. However, it is dangerous to buy them yourself for the baby – a pediatrician consultation is necessary. You can read about how to use the Otrivin Aspirator for Newborns in the instructions or ask your doctor.
  • Aspirator for newborns “Pigeon”. It consists of a silicone tube with a tip, a mouthpiece with a filter and a container for collecting mucus. The advantages are ease of use, minimal risk of injury and the ability to evaluate the evacuated contents of the nose.
  • Electric aspirator “B. Well “  for newborns and infants. Pretty easy to use, helps remove accumulated secretion and dry crusts. It is also used to rinse the nasal cavity.

Choosing a similar device for a child, one needs to consider not only the cost, but also the complexity of the application. Safety also plays an important role – pear-shaped cylinders often injure the delicate mucous membrane.

Having learned how to use an aspirator for newborns, and which one to choose, parents can help the baby in case of rhinitis. Do not forget that in the first year of life, the child can not blow his nose. Therefore, in order to avoid complications, it is necessary to take care of children seriously, trying to maintain their health.

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