Preschool development

All parents expect from their child’s outstanding achievements, success, but what should I do?

You need to teach, to guide and support the efforts of the crumbs from early childhood.

Psychological readiness of the kid to school

Children are considered as children 4-7 years. Guys 4 years already possess basic self-help skills, able to actively communicate with peers, and at the age of 7 years they have formed psychological readiness for learning.

Better to go to a psychologist to diagnose the level of formation of psychological readiness of the kid, because approximately one-third of parents confronted with the fact that the child was not quite ready to join in the new role.

There are several components of this neoplasm: socio-psychological, intellectual, personal, less physical readiness for school. Psychological willingness to learn must be viewed as a single entity, the totality of the above components, if any of them “sinks”, then “retarded” in General, the formation of readiness of the child to education within the walls of a school.

Preparing for school

Currently developed many special games, books, activities focused on child development! Collect mosaic with him, if he is difficult to work with small fragments of images, create your own, larger. It will help your child to better recognize the shape and color.

Blind along a small wild animal out of plasticine, make a masterpiece finger paints, buy paint. Slim, miniature the manipulation of various objects to improve manual skills of your child, and, consequently, positively affect mental development.

Get educational benefits, appropriate to the age of the child. They will help him to get acquainted with previously unknown actions (e.g., counting, recognition of symbols and letters), will extend his knowledge in various fields. Organize exercises to develop imagination, thinking, attention, and memory baby.

Now modern mom trying to raise his child genius, using a variety of techniques, games, exercises. Trying to their little one before the other learned to write, read. Why? It is necessary to engage in the development of the child, considering age peculiarities, the specifics of the formation of mental functions at certain stages of his life.

Usually with time, accelerated development, parents forget about what to do with the baby need not only in early childhood. Yes, this is certainly important, but if you stop working with him, then gradually his ability will be at an average level. If he had all mastered high school skills, after a few years of schooling it can be the same as everyone else.

The specifics of these changes are easier to explain using the concepts of the zone of proximal and actual development. The first concept shows the potential for baby indicates that he can do with adult assistance. The second concept identifies his real skills, ie that he is able to perform independently.

If the first grade child is more developed than the others, the scope of its potential is wider than the other. He becomes not interested in the lessons because he already knows and can do. He waits until the others catch him, but if you stop doing, then gradually the zone of proximal development of the baby shrink, are equal to those of other guys.

Thus, the process of development is carried out while performing difficult tasks, when it needs to find new ways of solving the task. Simple exercises are available for self-fulfillment only reinforce existing skills rather than help their development.

Save a child’s desire to search for answers and solutions to the tasks, don’t make it right to act according to a precise algorithm. Let him through errors will find, you will discover a little truth. For him, the more valuable will be the new knowledge obtained in the course of a long reflection, because he did it himself! However, do not overload the child, give him the opportunity to enjoy childhood to the fullest.

Take time not only the formation of the essential school skills, abilities (writing, reading, count), but also improving language skills of crumbs. The child should be able to make friends with other children, do not be afraid of new acquaintances and that they need to develop personally.

Kids games

Play activity toddler runs through the whole process of its development. Four years offer him a simple game to improve his attention, skill, thought, because the lesson he will have a long time to focus on certain subjects, subjects. Offer the child the pictures to identify the animal or play with ball.

Then the children begin to like games role-playing character, where for each assigned certain roles. Moreover, they clearly follow the implementation of the rules and do not allow liberties. In 6-5 years the guys have become interested in competitive games.

So do not just intellectual training but also the baby’s development in a personal sense. Try to form a harmoniously developed personality. The child should: be able to formulate an opinion, to justify its position, following rules and to be independent.

It is important that in the process of preschool development of your child appeared: the desire to become a student; the desire to acquire new skills, knowledge, skills and desire to comprehend the previously unknown.

Your toddler will soon become a first-grader. This exciting, landmark event, both for parents and for the child. Very soon he will meet a totally unfamiliar school system. Usually they’re eager to join in the new role, they like to play with the attributes of the student. This is great because you can talk to the child about school and established in her rules in a fun way. In the future it will be easier to get used to new responsibilities.

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