Properly nourished children happier peers

Feedback is also fair – the better self-esteem, the more likely that child will choose the right products. Both according to the authors of the study observed in the case of children from two to nine years.

Proper nutrition and healthy food is useful not only for the physical health of children but also for peace, according to experts from the University of Gothenburg (University of Gothenburg). In children, the parents or guardians which watch over their diet, were more likely to have problems in communication, they are less likely to tease, they have better self esteem and more friends.

All participants were 7675, they lived in eight countries – Germany, Estonia, Hungary, Sweden, Belgium, Italy, Spain and Cyprus. Scientists calculated that for each child an index of healthy eating, which, in particular, was higher if children eat a lot of vegetables and fruits, and the sugar content and fat in their diet was small.

Data were collected from the words of parents who noted in the list of the 43 products that their children ate more often. Than there was an index at the beginning of the study, the better I felt the kids in a psychological sense, two years later. Similar was the case with those whose self-esteem at the beginning of the work was the most appropriate – two years later, their diet was more healthy than those children who had problems with self esteem.

The weight of the children at the beginning of the study both measures were independent – both when observed among children with normal weight, and among those who were better standards. Scientists have noted that, for example, useful for children was fish number two or three dishes per week, whole grains and of course fruits and vegetables.

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