About allergies men to their own sperm

Mysterious flu-like illness that affects men after orgasm, is extremely rare. But scientists warn that its prevalence may be higher than we think — and all this due to difficulties with diagnosis.

Sciense Alert reminds that the condition called postorgasmic pain syndrome (POIS), first began in 2002. However, since there were about 50 cases, each of which was characterized by depressed mood, lack of energy and other symptoms similar to the flu or allergies, after orgasm.

Symptoms that occur within seconds, minutes or even hours after ejaculation, can also include muscle weakness, fever and sweating, irritability, memory problems, concentration lapses and incoherent speech. According to a new review presented by scientists from the University of Tulane (Tulane University) and published in Sexual Medicine Reviews, POIS is a chronic disorder, symptoms of which can disturb the man for weeks after orgasm.

Notwithstanding the above, the scientists complain that we still know about the disease is not enough because there were too few studies on the topic. And given the fact that the syndrome postorgasmic pain (also: syndrome postorgasmic ailments) was officially listed as a rare disorder by the US National Institutes of Health. Probably, the more cases will be registered, the more will be studies of men with this unusual condition. Experts say that POIS is not necessarily arises after sex, this can happen after Masturbation or involuntary ejaculation during sleep.

Of course, the most obvious question about POIS — why does this even happen? According to researchers from Tulane University, a leading hypothesis at the moment is the one in 2002 outlined the Dutch scientists who first described the disease. It is that POIS is an autoimmune or allergic disorder which causes inflammation in the male body in response some the amount of semen.

Simply put, the man most likely there is allergic to his own semen (namely, the substance which it contains) when it comes into contact with the skin. This theory is confirmed by experiments using dermatological test, which involved 33 patients with POIS. The 29 volunteers were identified allergic reaction once under the skin they were injected with their sperm in the composition, while the introduction of serum the placebo gave the same effect.

But even more interesting here is that the original injection, may be able to help deal with the syndrome postorgasmic pain. Thus, in one study where two patients with POIS has done these injections once a month, gradually increasing the concentration of sperm in the serum, men reported reduced symptoms after 15 and 30 months of treatment.

As for the female body, by this point, recorded only one case of POIS in women. However, the researchers do not rule out that women may be affected by the antigen contained in the semen. As, however, that the cause of POIS may be not part of semen, and, say, a chemical imbalance in the brain (another hypothesis) that causes symptoms similar to the excretion of opioids.