Allergies causes, symptoms, prevention.

With the arrival of spring, when nature comes alive, many are anticipating the appearance of Allergy or hay fever. More than 39% of the population suffer from allergies and this figure is increasing. Sick children and adults.

English physician John Bostock first described hay fever in 1819, and detailed symptoms of seasonal allergies, who watched at home. He believed that these symptoms are causing the new-mown hay, and this condition was called hay fever. But later it turned out that allergic reaction is triggered by many kinds of pollen.

Why are allergic to pollen? Tiny pollen into the nose, it settles on the sticky mucosa. From there she moved to the nasopharynx, then she or be swallowed or removed when sneezing – in the body there is no problem.

However, pollen can sometimes cause a reaction of the immune system in people with allergies. Pollen contains protein molecules, and the immune system reacts to a protein as a risk. So the body starts to happen a defensive reaction: mast cells release histamine in large quantities. Histamine dilates blood vessels, they lose density and they become a liquid rich in immune cells that the average person help the body to get rid of the infection. But in the body of a person suffering from an Allergy, pollen is called a false alarm, triggering immune cells to reject foreign substances, even if they are a danger. The result is irritation of the nasal mucosa, runny nose, swelling of tissues, watery eyes.

Why today many people suffer from hay fever? Spanish doctors put forward two versions. The first version – the diesel engines. Particles generated by the combustion of diesel fuel, stimulate an allergic reaction. Allergists say that in industrialized countries, most often in large cities, up to 20% of the population suffer from hay fever.

The second version – the excess of hygiene. Man is born in a sterile environment, sterile eating food, making vaccinations against various diseases, and it is ill – just takes antibiotics. So, for the development of Allergy our immune system becomes fertile ground.

Allergies. Causes of allergies:

More common allergic diseases, residents of large cities, because in the air much salts of heavy metals, and other substances, which together with pollen form a dangerous allergens.

The growth in the incidence of allergies is also influenced by the atmospheric pollution with pesticides.

Cause allergies often are also food products that contain chemical additives and preservatives.

Bedding can also cause allergies.

Allergies can cause household chemicals and the uncontrolled intake of medicines, especially antibiotics, serums and disinfectants.

Allergy in children: Boys up to 14 years suffer from allergies in 2 times more often than girls, and girls after 15 years suffer more often from allergies than boys.

Causes of allergies in children:

The predisposition to allergies is inherited, and often, when children are born during the flowering of plants that cause allergies.

Allergies. Symptoms:

1. Swelling of the nasal mucosa – allergic rhinitis.

2. Eye redness, pain and allergic conjunctivitis.

3. Respiratory system: wheezing, shortness of breath, bronchospasm, asthma attacks.

4. Pain in the ears, hearing loss.

5. Various skin rashes – eczema, dermatitis, urticaria.

6. Headache.

Symptoms of allergies easier antihistamines. If earlier antihistamines caused dry mouth and drowsiness, that the new generation of drugs with fewer side effects.

Allergies. Preventing allergies:

How to prevent the factors that cause allergies?

1. Wash hair every night to do it and your partner.

2. To wear sunglasses.

3. At least once a week to change bed linen.

4. In the bedroom are not allowed.

5. Daily to vacuum the apartment, wash the parquet and tile floors, to abandon the carpets, hang blinds instead of curtains.

6. Stay away from smoke, perfumes, deodorants.

7. Close your car Windows when you are in it.

8. If you are allergic to pollen, trees do not eat pears, apples, nuts, and if grass pollen, strawberries, soy, nuts.

9. With hay fever refuse raw carrots, stone fruit, nuts, especially excavation.

10. With caution use honey – it contains the pollen can cause allergies.

If prevention measures do not help, you must apply the medicine.

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