Causes of blood when blowing nose, treatment

First of all, it is necessary to clearly distinguish between the blotches of blood in snot and nosebleeds. The allocation of the second type are more abundant, the blood in this case, flows in a pure form, without impurities mucus and it is really a threat to adult health.

Nose capillaries located in a large amount is necessary that together with blood actively to supply the mucosa with nutrients, because its main task is to filter the air inhaled by the nose, and protect the body from dust and unwanted vehicles, that is, its activity is active and requires constant replenishment. The dense capillary mesh significantly increases the risk of micro-bleeding. This also contributes to the fact that blowing the nose creates a short-term high pressure in the nasal passages, which can cause breakage of capillaries and blood vessels.

In adults after bismarckiana blood (scientifically this phenomenon is called epistaxis) can appear for several reasons.

These include:

  • the location of blood vessels too close to the surface of the mucosa;
  • the lack of strength of blood capillaries;
  • viral respiratory infections;
  • high-dry air in rooms and offices;
  • prolonged use of vasoconstrictor drugs;
  • the formation of polyps or cysts in the nasal passages;
  • increase in blood pressure.

Especially often red blotches when bismarkian can be detected in the morning during the heating period: modern space almost devoid of natural air circulation, because air masses in them, when heated, becomes dry. It entails the drying of the nasal mucosa, blood vessels and capillaries become very fragile and the slightest pressure (which is bismarckiana) are broken.

Bleeding appear in the following cases:

  • trauma to the head;
  • a sharp increase in blood pressure;
  • a stressful situation, fatigue (this factor can provoke a serious problem);
  • diseases of the heart and cardiovascular system;
  • kidney disease;
  • anemia;
  • low blood clotting;
  • leukemia.

They rarely provoked by bismarckiana, because if blood appears when you perform hygienic procedures, most likely, we are talking about small inclusions, not bleeding.

Why when blowing your nose is bleeding from the nose in children?

Anatomy of a child’s body differs significantly from adult, and the structure of the respiratory system is no exception. At a young age causes for blood when blowing your nose a few more. Children have choroid plexus of Kisselbach that is close to the surface and it are often the source of bloody streaks.

In children a nosebleed when blowing the nose has a number of reasons:

  1. diseases of ENT group if the capillaries are filled with blood;
  2. avitaminosis (specifically, lack of vitamin P and ascorbic acid), or lowered immunity;
  3. vasoconstrictors, are not applied to the user;
  4. injury of the mucosa by mechanical means (putting sharp or small items).

If the child complains of blood appearing regularly and in significant volumes, this may indicate high blood pressure. It is possible in adolescence, but at the duplicate situation it is necessary to consult a doctor to be examined and to determine the exact cause of the disease.

Red strings in the protective mucosal secretions are rarely dangerous to the child only if they appear regularly and in considerable volumes, then this can lead to anemia – deficiency of hemoglobin in the body.

What to do, how to diagnose the cause?

If blotches of blood were once, perhaps, it is not worth attention. But when the situation is repeated, when it is accompanied by symptoms such as tinnitus, dizziness, fever, itching, rashes of unknown origin, it is necessary to consult a doctor. Otolaryngologist and only he can determine the exact cause and find out how dangerous it is.

For a preliminary assessment of health status, depending on the shade of protective mucosal masses can opredelit probable cause:

The color selections Probable cause
Greenish streaked with blood Bacterial infection Staphylococcus or meningococcus. In both cases, needs urgent treatment.
Yellowish streaked with blood Respiratory viral infection, local effects, and General.
Colorless streaked with blood Allergic rhinitis is caused by flowering plants, dust, Pets.

But only a doctor after a complete diagnosis will be able to compare the facts and find out whether there is the presence of blood in bismarkian serious situation (polyps or bacterial infection that can cause numerous complications). In most cases it is a problem of fragile capillaries, and for its elimination it is sufficient to adjust the climatic conditions in the premises where the person is most often, particularly where he sleeps.

Also shows the course of strengthening of walls of vessels or medical treatment by the doctor (this is preparations containing ascorbic acid and vitamin P, since they are responsible for shell strength of blood vessels), or regular rinsing of the nasal passages with saline home or factory production (this tool is not addictive, because it is absolutely safe for both children and adults). Helps to strengthen the walls of blood vessels and balanced diet, with food as the body gets most of the vitamins in natural form.

So, with regular reddish streaks in nasal mucus is to introduce into the regular diet:

  • fruit – grapes, raspberries, apricots, and apples;
  • vegetables – cabbage and tomatoes;
  • cereals – buckwheat;
  • drinks – green tea and decoction of rose hips;
  • oil – olive, sunflower, peanut, almond.

If the blood in nose in morning or evening bismarkian continues to appear, and quite often is a strong argument to go to Laura and find out why this is happening. Treatment of disorders sometimes it helps to establish the presence of tumors or serious bacterial infection in the body at an early stage. Blood from the nose in bismarkian the child may be the consequence of age-related changes processes of the body. And sometimes it turns out that this is due to absolutely not dangerous, and do not worry, once again finding in nasal mucus al “thread”.

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