What is CHLS kidney

About where are the kidneys and what role they play in our body everyone knows, even children, and that’s what the chls of the kidneys? To put it simply, it’s a kidney Cup-pelvis-plating system.

The importance of the chls for the organism stems from the fact that she is responsible for the accumulation and excretion of urine.

If you talk a little bit about the anatomy, the urine formed in the kidneys, and then accumulates in the pelvis. In General, the urine might have an aggressive effect on the pelvis, but it’s not happening because it’s inside is lined with a mucous membrane which is impermeable to urine.

In the pelvis there is also smooth muscle, which like the movement of the waves, promotes urine further in the urinary canal. In fact chls is the most important and well-coordinated system of our body, which works without a hitch. If for some reason some part of the system is violated, it triggered the Domino effect, problems with the urinary canal. Look at the different pathology of chls and analyze what they mean and how to deal with them.

Pathology CHLS

Just like any disease in our body, the problems from the side of the Cup-pelvis-plating system can be either congenital or acquired. If violations occurred from birth, the experts usually speak about the evils and pelvis, and ureters. Both anatomical structures closely related to each other, so vices always affect both units of the urinary system.

There are congenital abnormalities:

  • hydronephrosis. To put it simply, this extension chls. When hydronephrosis occurs diffuse changes in both kidneys. Often hydronephrosis is a secondary process, developing on the background of a stricture, i.e. narrowing of the ureter or enlargement occurs as a consequence of ureteric reflux, when urine is thrown back;
  • stricture. In some cases, chls may be a bit narrow and sometimes there is a complete fusion;
  • doubling chls. The pathological process is related to the fact that the number of the pelvis, ureters and Cup increases.
Dilatation of CHLS

As a rule, dilation as a result of improper formation of kidney is still in utero development of the fetus. It often happens that due to improper location of the kidneys there is a knee that causes the development of stenosis is the main causes of dilatation.

But, statistics show that the pathological process is not always congenital, sometimes the problem can be acquired, for example, due to blockage of the ureter large stones. The result of kidney stones, the urine is not displayed fully, so there are stagnant processes. There are cases when the blockage was triggered by tumors, malignant and benign nature.

The clinical picture

The extension of the kidneys has has no specific symptoms for this disease, but there are some signs that may indicate the development of dilatation:

  • pain in the lumbar or groin;
  • about frequent urination;
  • urine departs slowly;
  • the appearance of blood in the urine;
  • bloating;
  • pain are often of a bilateral nature;
  • in unilateral lesions the pain from the patient’s body will be much more intense.

The treatment begins with an accurate diagnosis, which primarily involves the delivery of blood and urine tests and ultrasonography. Very often the dilation find purely by chance at ultrasound. This study helps to reveal the deformation not only in adult but also in the fetus. It is important to find a good clinic with experienced specialist who will do the correct decoding.

Due to the fact that the pathological process is associated with stagnation, treatment should begin as early as possible. Unexpressed extension to treat much easier. Untreated disease can threaten the emergence of serious complications, among which are: hydronephrosis, pyelonephritis, and even renal failure. So, inactivity can lead even to death.
The therapeutic process is aimed at elimination of precipitating factor that led to dilation

With regard to prevention measures, the experts recommend the following:

  • a proper balanced diet;
  • consumption of sufficient amounts of water;
  • observance of hygienic procedures;
  • herbal medicine to strengthen the immune system;
  • passing screening tests, particularly ultrasound, where you can see the rule or to identify structural changes;
  • to avoid hypothermia.
Doubling CHLS

Pathology is full, which is rare and incomplete. Incomplete doubling of the kidneys become quite common. Doctors do not consider the pathological process to the category of disease, because it has no specific signs. He makes a person more vulnerable to various kinds of inflammatory processes.

If we talk about precipitating factors, the main causes include the following:

  • ionizing radiation;
  • inadequate intake of vitamins and trace elements;
  • bad habits;
  • some of the medications.

People can live a lifetime with the doubling of the kidney and not know it

When formed, the doubling of the right kidney or left kidney, the emptying of the organ, but only partial.

This can provoke the appearance of complications of inflammatory nature:

  • backward flow of urine;
  • the accumulation of urine in the pelvis and its delay.

Doubling on the left or right appears lumbar pain with abnormal side.

In addition, you may experience other symptoms:

  • the increase in body temperature;
  • swelling;
  • frequent colic;
  • increase in blood pressure;
  • General weakness.

With regards to treatment, the doubling of doctors do not cure, but if there are complications of an inflammatory nature, as a rule, is assigned to antibiotic therapy, the antibiotic should be broad-spectrum action. If there is colic, the patients are prescribed medicinal herbs and analgesic. If medical therapy fails or developed hydronephrosis, then you may need surgical intervention.
The splitting of the renal pelvis is a congenital and very rare malformation

The splitting of renal pelvis

If you touch the subject of the anatomical structure, the renal pelvis is designed to accumulate and withdraw the urine. Sometimes the pelvis can split and double up.

Most often pathological process common in girls. Splitting is not accompanied by the appearance of characteristic clinical symptoms.

The splitting of the pelvis can be dangerous the emergence of such complications:

  • hydronephrosis;
  • backward flow of urine;
  • the inflammatory processes.

Another common complication of splitting of the renal pelvis is pyelonephritis, which may appear the following symptoms:

  • swelling;
  • lower back pain;
  • the violation of the outflow of urine;
  • arterial hypertension;
  • hyperthermia.

When splitting is prescribed a course of antibiotic therapy, and symptomatic treatment. In the event of serious complications may need surgery.


Chronic disturbance of outflow of urine causes the development of kidney increase in size.

Aggravating factors are such reasons:

  • urolithiasis, where the stone clogs a Cup or pelvis;
  • the tumor, which can block the lumen of the ureter or to interfere with the normal flow of urine;
  • injuries to the kidneys;
  • running inflammation.

So, what happens if you violate the outflow of urine. It all starts with the fact that the pressure increases in the cups and pelvis, which leads to their expansion. If the process involves renal parenchyma, chls starts to deform and there are irrevocable atrophic changes.

Neoplastic processes

Statistics show that tumors arise in the right kidney. When the tumor is growing rapidly, occurs the expansion and deformation of the entire Cup-pelvis-plating system.

In addition to the lumbar pain and blood in urine experts wary of the intoxication symptoms, namely:

  • nausea;
  • vomiting;
  • weakness;
  • lack of appetite;
  • weight loss.

Ultrasound and CT scan will help to visualize the tumor

To detect the problem and palpation of the study, during which the doctor probes the three-dimensional education. As for treatment, it is selected by the doctor and depends on the stage of the pathological process and which structures are involved.

So, chls is the most important structure of our body, which depends on human health. Unfortunately, for a number of reasons, may develop pathological processes that are often complicated by life-threatening diseases. Early diagnosis is the key to your health. It is not necessary to run the problem as it will only get worse.

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