Characteristics of the disease and treatments of inflammation of the sciatic nerve

The sciatic nerve that runs left and right from waist to toes is the longest in our body. When it is pinched, there is pain from mild to unbearable. Usually pain syndrome is localized in the waist and throughout the leg. Inflammation or pinching of the sciatic nerve also called sciatica.


Sciatica is usually accompanied by paroxysmal pain, which begins in the lumbar region and down the leg to the foot. Typically, this pain occurs in one limb, but sometimes bilateral sciatica.

Symptoms of inflammation may increase in cases of severe coughing, the sudden movements, heavy lifting. Pain when pinching is so strong that the patient cannot move, sit or stand. In the area where the pinched sciatic nerve feels numb or burning. After the attack fails to shoot, it’s temporary relief.

  • a complication of osteoarthritis – diseased vertebrae compress the nerve, causing inflammation;
  • intervertebral hernia;
  • due to the physical effects of the injury;
  • colds and infectious diseases;
  • rheumatism;
  • the presence of arthritis;
  • tumors;
  • prolonged constipation;
  • pinched piriformis muscle.

Patients with back pain radiating to the leg, you should contact a neurologist. Who will conduct the inspection, appoint the General and biochemical blood analysis. Also, when the pinched nerve you need to do MRIs and x-rays. It is possible that you will need to consult professionals such as M. D., vascular surgeon.


This treatment is indicated each patient individually based on the symptoms and course of disease. In order to relieve the patient from acute crippling pain, the doctor conducting the so-called blockade. Alkalive sore spot with analgesics and antispasmodics, blocking time affected nerve endings. The specialist also conducted local treatment. In this case, it is assigned massage with the use of anti-inflammatory drugs irritants and vitamin complexes.

Physical therapy

The patient is prescribed a number of physical treatments such as heating, paraffin compresses, application of phonophoresis and electrophoresis, acupressure. Also doctor prescribes vitamins together with medicines. Such treatment has beneficial effects on the affected sciatic nerve and contributes to its rapid recovery.


A set of exercises, the doctor selects for each patient individually, after establishing the exact cause which inflamed the nerve. You should remember sciatica is pain at the slightest bad movement. So the treatment, which includes gymnastics, the first time should be in the supine position with minimal stress.

In the future the amount of exercises may increase, but everything should be done gradually. Gymnastics takes place in a smooth, slow mode. If you are performing gymnastics had pain and discomfort in the region of the sciatic nerve root. Should immediately stop training.

This treatment must be supervised by an experienced specialist and only after careful diagnosis. Patients with pathology of the intervertebral discs causing sciatica, physiotherapy contraindicated.


Microdiscectomy, such treatment performed by specialists in case of complaints from the patient in unbearable, untreated pain, disorders of the pelvis and pelvic organs and futile conservative therapy.

Therapeutic massage

This treatment is most effective in the remission period of the disease. Massage cupping is recommended with the use of anti-inflammatory and warming ointments. This massage will help relieve pain, improve blood flow to the affected area, will help to restore nerve function and muscles. This method may done at home. Also, with the pinching of the sciatic nerve successfully doing acupuncture, moxibustion, acupressure.

Traditional medicine

There are many popular recipes that will help to relieve the pain with the pinching of the sciatic nerve. But it is worth remembering that the use of this treatment without consulting a doctor is dangerous, because of possible contraindications.

Popular recipes

An ointment made of honey and alcohol. A glass of warm honey mixed with forty grams of alcohol. Using this ointment to massage the sore spot.

A compress of grated horseradish. Heated beeswax to be used as a warming application on the affected area.

The applicator Kuznetsov is applied to the area of inflammation of the sciatic nerve and push to the limit until the patient can tolerate the pain.

Compress on fir oil. Applying it is necessary to monitor the time and keep on the infected place no longer than two hours. Since this treatment greatly heats up and burns the skin. Also will effectively do the massage with this oil.

Black radish grate. Three ounces of radish mixed with half a Cup of honey to spread on your lower back after taking a warming shower.

Cream containing horse chestnut is very effective in the inflammation of the sciatic nerve. Their application massage the affected area.

Tincture of pine buds and ate dandelions and needles is an excellent method against sciatica. Cook it easy. The ingredients pour vodka and leave in a dark place for seven days. Then do massage with the use of the tincture.


Mistakenly believe that sciatica is a disease only people subject to great physical stress. In fact, this inflammation can also appear in those who lead a sedentary lifestyle.

Experts recommend to do exercises, to move more. In any case, do not lift weights. To ensure that the feet are always warm to avoid hypothermia and colds. Inflamed sciatic nerve can also cause frequent viral illnesses.

At the first sign of the disease should seek the advice of a specialist, which will examine and prescribe the appropriate treatment.

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