Back acne in women: causes and treatment

In adolescence, acne on the body, including the back faced the girls and guys. What if my teenage years have long passed, and all the pimples do not disappear from behind the woman? In such a situation it is important to find the cause of the lesions, because this phenomenon may be hiding health problems.

Like pimples on the back?

Acne occurs on areas of the body where there are many sebaceous glands: this T zone on the face, chest, back and shoulders. Under the influence of internal and external factors sebum clogs the skin pore. If clogging occurred in the upper part of the pores, the grease tube is partially communicates with the external environment. When contacting with the air, the tip of the grease tube oxidizes and becomes black. This so-called open.

And it so happens that sebum clogs the skin pore deeply on the inside. In such a situation, the grease tube is “locked” under the skin and not in contact with the external environment. These pimples are called closed comedones. And open and closed comedones can get contaminated with bacteria. In this case, the inflammation. Appear on the skin painful red spots, which soon become pustules.

Causes of acne on back in women

Cause of acne on the back can hide in substandard skin care of the body and health problems. Sometimes the reason is obvious and should make lifestyle changes like pimples are. In other situations, the source of the lesions are not so obvious and may need to consult a doctor.

External causes

Improper skin care is a very real cause of rashes on the body. Acne can appear on the back while ignoring regular hygiene: shower with soap and water. It is also very important to shower immediately after exercise, because sweat clogs skin pores and leads to pimples. But in all important moderation. After taking a shower with soap several times a day can harm the skin and disrupt the protective lipid layer.

On the skin important influence and the clothes we wear. It is known that synthetic clothes are not breathable. The skin under such material sweating, and the synthetic fabric is not able to absorb the sweat. It turns out that the skin is simply “choking” and not breathing. The same effect and close fitting clothes.

Another cause of acne on the back can be oddly long hair. The fact is that flowing hair clinging dust, dirt and bacteria. Therefore, highly undesirable to flowing hair touched with bare shoulders. In summer, the skin of the back and shoulders under long hair, besides sweating. This further contributes to acne.

Internal causes

The skin condition is very effect and what we eat. Thus, the abundance of fatty foods, junk food, flour products, chocolate, sweet beverages in the diet provoke the appearance of acne on the skin. Also acne can be distressing and women sitting on a strict diet. The point is that limiting yourself to certain foods, the woman deprives himself of the necessary minerals and vitamins. So, the pimples on the skin appear lack of vitamins A, E, B2, B3, B6.

Diseases of the digestive system can also be the root cause of acne on the back. The fact is that the digestive organs are called upon not only to extract the nutrients from food and flush toxins out. And when there are violations in the digestive tract, the toxins remain in the bodyIs, of course, affects the condition of the skin. The skin takes on an unhealthy hue and covered with pimples.

Very often pimples on the back appear not because of lack of hygiene, but because of endocrine disorders. Hormonal balance in women is very labile and its fluctuations can cause the appearance of lesions. So many women worry about acne on the back exclusively before menstruation or in postnatal period. This so-called physiological fluctuations of hormone levels. Provoke hormonal disturbances can also stress, strong emotions.

But there are pathological disorders in the reproductive and endocrine systems. So, when polycystic ovaries decrease production of estrogen and increase in androgen synthesis. As we know, androgens increase the activity of sebaceous glands. And so a woman with polycystic ovaries is disturbed by constant pimples on the back.

Acne on the back can also indicate problems with the thyroid gland. Thus, an excess of thyroid hormones observed in thyrotoxicosis, increases heat production. People can not stand the stuffiness and sweating heavily. And sweat in turn clog skin pores, which leads to the appearance of lesions.

How to get rid of back acne?

The only effective way of getting rid of acne is to attack the root cause that caused their appearance. So, if the rash on the back began to bother the woman once she started actively doing sports, need to take a shower immediately after class. And every workout can take a new clean towel to dry them, if necessary.

If the root cause of acne lies in the endocrine or gynecological diseases, need to pass the main course of treatment. Well external treatment will help to get rid of acne as soon as possible.

Medication of acne on back in women

There are various group of medications with which to treat acne. To appoint the necessary and effective drug it can only be a dermatologist. From self-medication to refrain, because by doing so you can greatly harm the skin.

But no fear can be purchased at the pharmacy a special gel containing salicylic acid. This component is well dries blemishes and promotes faster skin cell renewal.

In General, for the treatment of back acne use tools such as:

  1. Antiseptic preparations (salicylic alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, boric alcohol);
  2. Antibiotics (ointment Zineryt, Erythromycin);
  3. Retinoids (Differin ointment, gel Isotrexin);
  4. Probiotics (capsules Linex, natural yoghurt);
  5. The Enterosorbent (Enterosgel).

Quite effective in the fight against acne are talkers, which can even make your own. For this take fifty grams of boric acid and rubbing alcohol, and five grams of levomicetina and aspirin. All the ingredients should be mixed thoroughly until a homogeneous mass. Received means wipe back acne twice a day. This medicinal chatterbox has an antiseptic effect and also dries available rash.

Treatment folk methods

To fight back acne with the help of “folk methods”. Perhaps one of the most simple folk remedies is lye soap. In the soap contains birch tar, which has antiseptic effect. It is sufficient to lather the parts of the back acne and rinse after twenty minutes. Tar soap dries pimples and helps prevent the appearance of rashes in the future.

In the fight against acne can also be very effective herbs. For example, you can prepare a decoction of celandine. For this purpose, two tablespoons of celandine, pour into an enamel bowl and pour a glass of boiling water. A bowl with a lid and insist on a steam bath for fifteen minutes. After that, the broth was cooled at room temperature and after half an hour strain. In the resulting infusion moisten a cotton swab and RUB her back three times a day.

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