What nutritionists say emphatically no

You must admit that it’s hard to resist when you have a seductive-looking cake in front of you. It is difficult for everyone: ordinary mortals and nutritionists.

However, the second, as people professionally versed in the intricacies of compositions, know how to control themselves.

7 foods that nutritionists themselves never eat

It happens that we can not always determine the usefulness of food, therefore, together with here we propose to find out that no specialist will eat

Based on their experience, we will try to figure out what should be abandoned in order to avoid troubles on the part of all body systems.


But not simple, but processed, for example, sausage, sausages and more. You probably know that they are added various preservatives to enhance the taste and preserve the presentation. Additional components are not always useful for our body, the most harmless is an increase in blood cholesterol.

However, despite all the harm, parents continue to feed the children with sausages; in most families, convenience foods are the most popular product. If your child’s diet also has sausages, choose ones that are made specifically for children.

Before you buy, carefully study the composition, the product should not contain a large number of artificial chemical elements and soy. Do not give children and do not eat meat products more often than several times a week. In general, nutritionists have long blacklisted them, despite the popularity of such foods among our citizens.

Ready-made sauces

Fried meat with ketchup is an ideal holiday dish on tables throughout the country. But think about what your stomach experiences after such a gastronomic execution. If you can’t live without tomato seasoning, make it yourself. Or bake meat in the oven with a sprig of cherry tomatoes.

Long-playing Yoghurts

Not all yogurts are healthy, as most nutritionists say. If you prepare this fermented milk product simply from fermented milk with the addition of bacteria, it will taste, to put it mildly, not very. Therefore, manufacturers are sophisticated as they can, flavoring the product with various flavor enhancers, preservatives and flavors.

Bacteria themselves can survive no more than 4 days, but you will not find yogurt with such a short shelf life on store shelves. From this we can conclude that the product is supposedly natural.


Everyone knows about the harm of margarine since childhood, although you can rarely do without it in the kitchen. The thing is that it contains fats, which are unnatural for our body, and therefore poorly or not absorbed at all.

When consuming products containing such components, blood cholesterol begins to go off scale, which leads to interruptions in metabolic processes. The heart and reproductive system in men are the first to suffer.


In appearance, harmless caramel is actually a dangerous product. It contains dyes and food additives that destroy tooth enamel. In addition, after eating such sweets, the child will always want to eat, since the calories in the candies are completely empty.

Gas drinks

Nutritionists on a cannon shot will not fit carbonated drinks. And the thing is a huge amount of sugar, caffeine and many chemical elements that are not compatible with the normal activity of the body.


Oddly enough, such a product can do much more harm than regular sugar. The energy that you get from a substitute must be burned right away, otherwise you will get an unpleasant bonus in the form of folds on your stomach.

Replace this dubious product with a more natural one, such as honey or maple syrup.

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