How to lose weight ballerina

Effective exercises for weight loss. How to tighten the stomach? How to lose weight ballerina?

Science found that systematic exercise,proper diet – protect yourself from many diseases, including obesity.It is known that if low physical activity and overeating are added to the sensory overload and negative emotions in the form of

resentment, fear, anger, jealousy, envy, frustration, in this case, in the body there is a combination of adverse factors, which entails a violation of metabolism, obesity, diabetes and other diseases.

To avoid this, you must know the simple rules and daily, throughout their lives, to observe them:

To start the day is helpful with morning exercises – it gives energy for the whole day.

Useful massage (self-massage), it can be done with his morning exercises.

Brisk walking (100 steps per minute) and a long Jogging also contribute to weight loss.

A good result given exercises with the ball, skipping rope, dumbbells, a chest expander 25-30 minutes.

And remember it is essential to do, necessarily, 3-4 times a week at least.


Here are the most effective exercises for weight loss various parts of the body.

1.Effective exercises for overall weight loss:

– Pushups.

I. p. down on the floor, hands put at a distance from each other in the 40-45cm. The breath goes down, chest touching the floor-exhale – straining the pectoral muscles, return to I. p. and for a second longer. Then back down, repeat 20 times. Make 4-5 approaches. This is an effective exercise involves all muscles of the body significantly increases metabolism and promotes overall weight loss.

– Exercises with a rope for weight loss.

How to choose the length of the rope? With the growth of 152 cm rope length 210 cm, height from 152 to 167 cm – rope length 250 cm, height from 167 to 183 cm rope length 280 cm, height more than 183 cm – the length of the rope 310 see No need to jump high. While jumping only work wrist, forearms and legs. The torso is in a certain position. Initially training with rope jumping. Then, every day to jump for 10 minutes a day. Approximate speed of 100 jumps per minute. Exercises with a rope must be combined with rational diet, 1 day a week to do fasting. The effect of weight loss will increase if after class to drink herbs for weight loss and green tea.

2. Effective exercise for weight loss hands and firmness of the Breasts.

Hands with dumbbells bend your elbows tight and close together in front of him. Then slowly spread them apart. Do 20 times, 3-4 approach. This exercise improves the shape of the bust and helps to lose weight hands.

3. Exercise for slimming the waist.

I. p. standing, feet shoulder-width apart, hands with dumbbells are lowered. Do slow tilts from side to side, 35-40 times for 3-4 passes.

4. Exercise for weight loss legs and buttocks:

– Lunges with dumbbells. Standing with dumbbells in hand, you need to make a big step forward, squatting on that leg below the knee turned a right angle. For a second hold and return to I. p. Do the same with the other leg. To run 25-30 times, 4 sets each leg. This is an effective exercise for weight loss legs and buttocks.

– Squats with dumbbells. Stand up straight, dumbbells in hand, feet shoulder width apart. Squat to bend at the knees formed a right angle. For a second hold this position and straighten up. This exercise is effective for gluteal muscles and leg muscles.

5. Effective exercises for weight loss legs and thighs:

Exercise for quick weight loss thighs. Standing on tiptoes, hands on his belt. Twist the ankles left to right as you can. To make some approaches.

– Leg swings back. Standing, hands up, one foot to put back a little. Do Mahi foot back, simultaneously dropping his hands. To be done 3 times each leg.

– Leg swings forward. Standing, hands up parallel to the floor. To do the swing leg forward, trying to reach his toes. Repeat three times each leg.

– Squats. Alternate squats with outstretched hands in front of him, and touch the floor.

– Jumping on the spot. Jump on both feet, then on each foot separately. 4 jump on two legs and 2 on each jump. Do several approaches.

Performing these effective exercises for slimming, try to stick to a low calorie diet, then it will be a great result.

HOW TO TIGHTEN THE STOMACH? Effective exercises for weight loss:

Look slimmer and younger will help the original exercise method Lotte Berk. They allow you to strengthen and stretch every muscle, tighten the belly and get rid of excess weight.

Exercises to strengthen abdominal muscles is a well-chosen combination of elements of many sports disciplines, including Hatha yoga, modern ballet, curative and rehabilitative physical education:

1. Initial position (I. p.) is sitting on the floor. Left leg straight, pull the front, right-hand bend in the knee (the foot is on the floor). Grasp right thigh with your hands, raise your elbows as high as possible.
2. Rounding the shoulders, slowly lean back until your lower back touches the floor.

3. Extend hands forward and hold for 10 seconds in this position.

4. Return to I. p.-change position of the legs, do the exercise again.

Repeat these exercises for tightening the abdomen as many times as you can.

HOW TO LOSE WEIGHT BALLERINA? Effective exercises for weight loss:

1. This exercise is excellent strengthens the muscles of the hips, legs and back. Lie on your back, legs bend at the knees and twist “Bicycle”. The head at the same lift and extend hands forward. The effect will be greater if you will do this exercise with weights, picking up a small dumbbell and tied to the feet of the special weights (you can buy them in sporting goods store or make your own, filling sand bags made of thick fabric). Starting with a weight of 200 g, gradually increase the load.

2. Exercise will help you to maintain or regain a “wasp” waist. Lying on your side, lift your straightened legs up, preferably with weights. Then, turning to the other side.

3. Exercise for the muscles of the neck, back and buttocks. Lying on his stomach, his head up, turning it. Lift and lower both right hand and left leg slowly for a count of 4. Then the same with her left arm and right leg.

4. Exercise effectively tightens the muscles of the buttocks, eliminates ugly “breeches”. You need a rubber bandage with a width of 5-6 cm and length 2 m (you can buy in the pharmacy). Loosely tie legs at the ankles and lying on her belly, try, pushing one leg toward the floor, lift the other up as high as possible. Then the same, changing the position of the feet.

Perform each exercise as many times as you can, and once – through power. The number of repetitions gradually increase. Regularly performing them, you will not gain weight.

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