Proper nutrition for weight loss

Proper nutrition for weight loss include a diverse, well-composed menu of specially selected products that promote painless parting with excess weight, and total caloric daily intake should be less than the amount of calories spent per day. Today, the majority of those with excess weight tend to lose weight correctly and effectively, while not damaging its priceless health and achieving maximum long lasting result.

There is need just enough to cover the cost of energy, not forgetting about daily biorhythms – owl drink the morning Cup of coffee, “the lark” would you prefer Breakfast tight. Great to start the day with “elixir of health” – 0.5 liters of broth of vegetables (potatoes, carrots, parsley, dill). Don’t forget that food eaten without appetite, less useful. Because appetite is a habit, and instinct. It can not be considered. However, as with their internal biological clock.

For example, if at 8 o’clock in the morning, you will take alcohol, the liver will strike a crushing blow. But if you sit at the table in 15 hours, you get the greatest pleasure from food, because at that time the senses are sharpened to the limit, especially sense of smell and taste.

Is snacking every two hours and preferably every day at the same time that the body automatically produces the necessary digestive components to specific times. Special attention should be given to the first Breakfast. But why we have to have Breakfast first time in the summer to 7, and in winter to 8 o’clock in the morning? Imagine the dawn.

The basics of proper nutrition for weight loss

Remember how suddenly nature wakes up: motley polyphony are filled with birds, animated the vegetable world, your dog or cat, waiting, when you Wake up, eagerly rushes to the kitchen, looking ahead.

A new day begins, a new life. Don’t listen to those who say that the body has to “earn” his Breakfast. Believe me, he owes you nothing. Only you and him. That he suffers all the bullying and still manages to work in unison. So Breakfast at a specified time to discard the night toxic bile, which absorbed the negative results of yesterday’s food, and many other “feats”.

About product compatibility. The most compatible vegetables, fruits, honey. Although acidic and sweet fruits should not be consumed. Plant foods with vegetable oil, only enhances its medicinal properties. It’s not in character only melon, as a kind of “nurse”. It is necessary to eat as a separate dish, so as not to cause a strong putrefactive processes in the intestine.

The base of the diet should be vegetables and fruits. Moreover, you need to lean at first since they contain less sucrose. As for fruits, special emphasis should be put on the citrus – grapefruits, oranges, and pineapples. Vegetables, like fruits, contain large amounts of fiber as well as vitamins and minerals.

You need to drink more. Usually, sabugalite for everyday chores, we drink so little that the skin begins to fade, eyes to fade, there is constant fatigue and even problems with digestion. So take it a rule to drink at least eight glasses of water per day, or about two liters. Can be a little bit more, if there is a need, but to get drunk is not worth it – after all the swelling had not been excluded. For effective weight loss is to abandon sweet and even sugary aerated drinks, coffee and strong tea. Best friends slim and healthy woman – mineral water, green tea, natural fruit drinks, compotes and jellies.

It would be desirable, but for a slim waist and graceful hips will have to abandon the simple carbohydrates – and this is our favorite cakes, pies, candies and other pleasures of life. However, make an exception to the rule: once a week you CAN treat yourself to something from the banned list, but not often. In General, very uplifting and bittersweet chocolate (which, incidentally, allowed) or grapefruit.

Best Breakfast – the good old porridge.Like it or not, but porridge is a great source of vitamins and minerals as well as fiber. Although you can sometimes find statements that cereals contribute to weight gain, this does not apply to those that are welded on the water without butter. In General, great Breakfast (including the royals in England) – oatmeal with bits of dried fruit, bananas or apples. Also useful cereal for weight loss – rice with pumpkin or pineapple with a light roast carrots and onions.

During a meal with no distractions. Oddly enough, very few during the meal focus on what you eat. But even the ancient philosophers said in their treatises about what food you need to consume thoughtfully, slowly, carefully chewing and thinking about the good or, at least, neutral. As a Tibetan Lama and did chew every bite (wow!) 40. By the way, it is proved that the feeling of hunger is present in the first 15 minutes since the beginning of the meal, so the less you eat during this time, the faster it will load up. Conversely, in a hurry you can eat much more than you need really.

Model the usual harmful products for useful. How it works: the sugar substitute with honey, fat pork, lean beef, sunflower oil change to more healthy olive fat sour cream or cream – low-fat yogurt.

For a beautiful toned figure have to give up alcoholic drinks, especially sweet liqueurs and Beers. The fact that they are quite high in calories, but in addition, and appetite, and that we do not need. In an extreme case you can afford a little red wine, but to get involved in, you know, to his own detriment.

Self-deception, or rather reduce the portions. And do this not only are actually eating 150 grams instead of 200, but visually, replacing the huge plates on small. One and the same portion will look like a drop in the ocean on a big dish and a very decent lunch on a little plate.

BEANS, PEAS, BEANS, LENTILS blended with only herbs and vegetable oil.

EGGS can be eaten with greens, vegetables. It is better to use after 14 hours and to reduce the number of summer diet. They should not be combined with butter, because they make the body an excessive dose of cholesterol.

The MEAT goes well with greens and red vegetables. Not hold water the meat with the dough: dumplings, pies, pasties. Inconsistent PROTEIN FOOD of different origin: meat, milk, eggs, meat and cheese, meat and nuts.

PROTEIN FOODS (meat of all kinds, poultry, fish, eggs, cottage cheese, cheese, milk, nuts) and STARCH (bread, flour products, cereals, potatoes) should be consumed at different times of the day. Even a bird pecking grain and catch insects at different times of the day.

FRESH MILK does not combine with anything and is generally poorly absorbed in the adult body. It is useful only to children and the elderly.

SUGAR does not mix well with protein and starchy food, because it does not require digestion in the stomach, and once absorbed in the intestine. And eating sugar with protein or carbohydrate food leads to fermentation and its delay in the stomach, and, as a consequence, sour belching, heartburn.

Under normal conditions, SALT is better not to use because the need for it arises only upon the depletion of the adrenal glands.
Lovers of plant foods should know that VEGETABLES are better to cook in small quantity of water. The main thing – not to combine in one meal the fruits that grow on trees, those that grow in the beds. The only exception is lemon, you can add it to any vegetable dishes.

Every food product has its energy. But if a bad mood, it is better to take a shower, light music and happy to start cooking, so as not to take away energy from foods. Otherwise, instead of real vitamins and other essential substances our body to a lifeless mass.

And probably we need to prepare those meals that are like family members. Because if the mother makes the child eat what it is easier and easier to make, and not what he likes, 15-16 years it can cause chronic gastroduodenitis and cholangitis. Food preferences are not capricious in nature, and the genetic memory of sorts.

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