Be careful with UV

A golden tan adorns any appearance – the skin seems to be highlighted from the inside, acquires a healthy appearance, and a muscular relief is drawn on the body. True, as in any business, in the process of tanning you need to know the measure. here gives useful tips that will help to “brown” safely.

Clean your skin

Before flying to the sea, we advise you to make skin peeling with a scrub with a fine abrasive – sea salt, soda or artificial polymer. As part of a cosmetic product, also look for base, essential oils, vitamins and emollients – silicones, glycerin and more.

The scrub will remove dead cells from the skin surface and moisturize it in deeper layers. Fold a soft washcloth with you in your suitcase – it should rub your skin starting from 3-4 days, when it will lightly tan and stop blushing in the sun.

SPF factor

For the first 3-4 days of vacation, buy a sunscreen with a protection factor of 50 for hot countries and 30 for places with a familiar climate. Before going out in the sun, apply the cream to areas sensitive to ultraviolet – face, shoulders, chest, calves. Refresh the cream every 2-3 hours or more often, if you swim a lot – water rinses off the protective film from the skin.

A few days later, you can sunbathe without a protective cream, although you should only do this in the morning (from 8 to 11) and in the evening (from 15 to 18) hours. Once your skin has a golden hue, you can use suntan oil. A mixture of basic olive or coconut oil with carrot and black cumin oil, as well as vitamins A and E, is best suited – they are responsible for cell renewal and firmness.

Active lifestyle

Do not spend all your time on the sunbed – a vacation is better spent on getting new experiences. When swimming or walking fast, the skin becomes wet: the sun’s rays pass through the drops and intensely act on the skin, accelerating the production of protective melanin. Do not forget about proper nutrition – it is better to give preference to unsaturated fats from avocados, fish and nuts, as well as red, orange and yellow vegetables – they have a lot of vitamin C, E and A.

Moisturize your skin

Be sure to buy aloe gel or panthenol before vacation. Under the influence of sunlight, moisture evaporates from the skin, so it becomes dry and inelastic, which means it gets older faster. Use moisturizers every day after a shower – these cosmetics will soften the skin. The glycerin and oil contained in creams will make the skin surface smooth – this means that during wear the clothes will not rub the skin inflamed after the sun, causing severe irritation in the form of peeling and crusting.

In pursuit of a golden skin tone, you need to know the measure. It is better to sunbathe all year round in small “portions” than to try to find a chocolate skin tone at a time. Remember that doctors advise you to sunbathe no more than an hour a day – ultraviolet accelerates skin aging. Take care of your health and well-being while in the sun.

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