Simple Chronotype Test

However, it is useless to argue with the biological clock – the body of each person sets a comfortable time for awakening and going to bed. And the energy consumption does not at all resemble the way it is usually described – it is not a smooth rise, peak and descent, but a zigzag broken line.

Doctors and psychologists unanimously echo: the brain needs rest, so it is advised to observe the regimen. Early rise, the performance of work duties in the morning, hobbies and time with the family in the afternoon, at the end of the day, be sure to go to bed before 12 o’clock.

Answer simple questions to find out your personality type. he knows who doesn’t have to get up at sunrise and go to bed before midnight

Take the test to find out your daily routine:
  1. In the evening you need to set an alarm at 6:00 in order to have time to get ready for work…

A. I wake up the first time and stretch out sweetly… Energy of the sea, it’s time to start productive work! By the way, where is my nutritious and delicious breakfast?

B. Taaaaaak… You need to set at least five alarms – 6:00, 6:10, 6:20, well, a maximum of 6:45. Although to whom I’m lying… Anyway I’ll oversleep and will gather in a hurry.

B. I wake up with the first ring of the alarm, but I’m lying in bed a little. I wonder what’s new in my Instagram feed? You can also check mail and messages on social networks, so as not to fall asleep.

  1. Friends invited to a home party – we will watch a movie, at the same time we will have dinner

A. Most likely I agree, but I will nod – I’m very tired for the day at work. Hmm, the movie shows a bed scene. What have I not seen among the actors? But the bedding is wonderful, now go to bed…

B. Hooray party! We’ll arrange a movie marathon, prepare dinner together, and after home gatherings we’ll go to a bar or club. The evening will be wonderful, because friends are so much fun!

B. An interesting idea. I just wanted to watch a new comedy… The main thing is to return home by midnight, so as not to fall asleep along the way.

  1. The husband is late at work – again they are handing over the annual report

A. I won’t wait and go to bed. I myself too early to get to work tomorrow. Dinner on the stove, the shirt is ironed – he can handle it.

B. It’s a pity that we won’t go anywhere today… While I wait for him, watch a movie or go to a manicure, I still can’t fall asleep alone.

B. Probably I will wait when she comes home. It’s time to relax in a foamy bathtub to your favorite calm music, make a face mask and moisturize your skin with cream – you will get an excellent spa program!

  1. How long have I not been in the gym! But spring is coming, it’s time to get in shape…

A. Take a daily subscription. I will walk in the morning while no one is there. In the evening after work, there is still no strength to do. At the same time I will save a lot of money!

B. It’s good that there is a 24-hour room next door. I’ll walk closer to midnight – the children will just go to bed, and I’ll complete all my household chores.

B. I’ll have to make a schedule to find a place for sports in my busy schedule. It’s great that in the evening I am as energetic as in the morning! I will be engaged at different times when it works out.

  1. In the evening, time flies so fast… I do not have time to fully relax.

A. This is not about me! I do everything on time, in the morning I do most of the work. In the evening I manage to stay with my family and watch a movie.

B. As if they described me! Oh, that would be the 25th hour in the day, preferably in the evening, when I have the strength to do things.

B. Yes and no. Every day I feel differently – sometimes I’m awake until the evening, then there’s absolutely no strength.


More A. Lark. A comfortable regimen for you is to wake up early and go to bed at about 21-22 hours. In the morning you are incredibly awake, but in the evening you feel very tired. Doctors call this regimen the most appropriate for health – at night, during sleep, the hormone melatonin is produced in the body, which helps to renew skin cells and reduces stress levels.

More B. Owl. You like to wake up no earlier than 10-11 hours, and go to bed well after midnight. You feel especially cheerful towards the end of the evening – you are ready to carry out a general cleaning, to complete all work duties and to do creative work. Doctors advise adhering to the regimen so as not to disrupt biorhythms, but go to bed no later than 1 am.

More B. Dove. A full charge of energy for the whole day and a desire to turn mountains is exactly about you. You love to soak up the bed, but wake up easily with the first ring of the alarm clock. In the evening, you want to spend more time with your family and go to bed closer to midnight. Observe a comfortable rest regimen in order not to overwork – with age, energy becomes less and less.

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