Mederma or Contractubex, the choice of drug

Both remedies have an anti-scar effect, so any of them can be used to remove scars that have arisen after injuries, burns, surgery, traces of acne. People who have severe contracture of joints and tendons due to scars are recommended to use Contractubex.

The gel is convenient to use at home, and the patch can be used at work: it does not stain the skin and the effect of it lasts up to 6-12 hours.

Despite the fact that the funds can be purchased without a prescription, they can not be used without prior consultation with a specialist.

To get rid of keloid scars and scars after surgery, injuries and burns, Mederma and Kontraktubeks drugs have been developed. Let’s try to figure out which medication is better?


Mederma is available in the form of a transparent gel, with a light plant aroma. The action of the drug is explained by tsepalin and allantoin.


As additional ingredients, the gel contains:

  • Fragrance.
  • E200.
  • PEG-4.
  • E218.
  • Xanthan
  • Water.

The active components are able to dissolve blood clots that form inside the vessels, stop the inflammatory process, they help restore the original structure of the skin.

Cepalin exhibits antimicrobial activity, it causes the death of pathogenic microflora, allantoin helps maintain optimal moisture balance in the skin.

Mederma smoothes scars and scars, removes striae that have arisen after sudden weight loss, gestation and breastfeeding, restores skin after laser therapy, and restores its original structure. The gel softens and smoothes collagen fibers in the structure of scars and scars. Its active components slow down the pathological formation of collagen, inhibit allergization and tissue proliferation.

The gel is recommended to be used to improve the condition of the skin and remove:

  • Scars after operations.
  • Small but deep scars that appeared after abrasions, cuts and scratches.
  • Stretch marks after sudden changes in weight, pregnancy and lactation.
  • Scars after burns of various origins.
  • Traces after mixing tattoos and laser therapy.
  • Scarring after acne, removal of warts, wen and nevus.
  • The consequences of cosmetic procedures: chemical, mechanical and laser peeling of the skin.

Kontraktubeks is a German medication that is available in the form of a long-acting patch and a matte gel with a specific odor.


The patch as an active ingredient contains allantoin and zepalin.

The therapeutic effect of the gel is explained by heparin, allantoin, onion extract. In addition to them, the composition of the tool includes the following additional components:

  • E200.
  • E218.
  • E415.
  • E1521.
  • Water.
  • Flavored oil.

The color of the gel is from pale yellow to pale brown. After its application, it inhibits the growth of scar tissue, stimulates the process of cell regeneration, while not causing hyperplasia. The active components of the gel have the following effects:

  1. Allantoin helps exfoliate dead epidermal cells.
  2. Heparin reduces the formation of blood clots, it penetrates in 4 hours into the connective tissue of the dermis, which is promoted by allantoin and an extract from onions.
  3. Onion extract has a fibrinolytic effect, relieves inflammation.

The drug with external application is not absorbed into the bloodstream.

The patch is a thin, soft plate that can be used on the entire surface of the body. It prevents the formation of scars, and smoothes them when they have already appeared, protects delicate skin in the area of ​​scars from aggressive environmental factors.

Kontraktubeks is used for the following health problems:

  • Hypertrophic and keloid scars that appeared after surgical treatment, trauma, burns and amputations.
  • Palmar fibromatosis.
  • Ankylosis of the joints.
  • Tendon contractures caused by injuries.
  • Striae after pregnancy.
  • Atrophic scars that remain after acne and boils.
  • Prevention of the appearance of pathological scars after surgery and an accident.
What are the drugs like?

Mederma and Kontraktubeks have the following similarities:

  1. They can not be used with intolerance to their compositions.
  2. The funds do not affect the ability to drive a car, so they can be used by drivers without any restrictions.
  3. The effect of drugs during pregnancy and breastfeeding has not been studied.
  4. Both products are manufactured in Germany.
  5. They can not be applied to open wounds and inflamed areas. They can be used only after completion of the skin epithelization process.
  6. To achieve the best effect, the use of Mederma and Kontraktubeks gels can be combined with physiotherapy: electrophoresis and phonophoresis.
Comparison and differences

Between the gels Mederma and Kontraktubeks have the following differences:

Mederma Contractubex
Release form Gel. Patch and gel.
Adverse reactions With intolerance to the components of the gel, it can cause allergies, which is manifested by itching, irritation, redness, peeling of the skin. The tool rarely causes local unwanted reactions, such as pain, swelling, peeling at the site of application, irritation of the skin, contact dermatitis, rashes, burning sensation, impaired sensitivity.
Pediatric Use The gel can be used by children under the supervision of adults. The patch is contraindicated in children under 3 years of age. The gel can be used in children’s practice.
Drug interaction Preparations for external use can reduce the effectiveness of Mederma gel, so before applying it, you need to cleanse the skin of other medicines. Not studied.
Storage conditions The gel does not lose its properties at a temperature of + 5- + 25 degrees. It must not be frozen. Contractubex should be stored out of the reach of children at a temperature not exceeding 25 degrees.
Shelf life The gel is valid for 24 months. The gel is suitable for 4 years, the patch – 3 years.

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