Jeanine or Klaira, drug choice

Both drugs are equally reliable in protecting against pregnancy, but each of the drugs has its own characteristics that should be considered when choosing.

Initially, using the results of analyzes, it is necessary to evaluate the hormonal background. Jeanine is a monophasic agent, its tablets contain the same amount of active components in its composition. Taking this drug, a woman receives the same amount of hormones throughout the cycle.

If normalization of the hormonal balance in the body is required, then Klayra is prescribed, each group of tablets contains different combinations of hormones, mimicking the natural phases of the cycle. Take this tool should be strictly according to the scheme.

Janine and Klayra differ in the content of the dose of estrogen in the composition.

Klayra is a microdosed product suitable for young, nulliparous women with regular sex life, as well as mature women after 35 years.

Janine is a low-dose drug, the estrogen content in it is greater than in Claira. It is prescribed to young women who have not yet given birth, in case the microdosed agent does not fit. It is also suitable for late reproductive age and women giving birth.

It should be remembered that the selection of oral contraceptives should be trusted exclusively to a specialist, since birth control pills have a significant effect on hormonal balance. Therefore, before you stop choosing a specific drug, you need to study the individual characteristics of the body.

Janine and Klayra – combined contraceptives. It’s very difficult to choose the right hormone. Before you make a choice which pills to take, you need to evaluate all their advantages and disadvantages in a particular case.


This is a contraceptive that contains a relatively small amount of hormones. The composition includes estrogens and gestagens, which reproduce the natural physiological phases of a woman’s menstrual cycle. The dosage form is available in the form of dragees containing the same amount of active substance. The drug includes 0.03 mg of ethinyl estradiol and 2 mg of dienogest.


The contraceptive effect is achieved by suppressing the ovulation process, increasing the viscosity of the cervical secretion, as well as changing the inner layer of the uterine wall, which impedes the introduction of a fertilized egg.

In addition to the contraceptive effect, Janine is able to positively influence the regularity of the cycle, reduce pain during menstruation, and reduce blood loss, thereby reducing the risk of anemia.

In order to maximize the contraceptive effect, you need to maintain the concentration of the active substance in the body, taking pills at the same time.


Klayra is a microdosed combination drug that prevents unwanted pregnancy. Contains different doses of the hormone in each of the 26 colored tablets. The constituent components are gestagen and estrogen. The drug is taken without interruption, as there are two inactive tablets in the package. Contraceptive properties are based on changes in the density of cervical mucus and inhibition of ovulation.


Klayra has a beneficial effect on the endometrium, positively affects the duration and pain of menstruation, and reduces the risk of cancer.

Jeanine and Klayra. What common?

Both drugs have one manufacturer – the German pharmaceutical company Bayer. A similar pharmacological group, in the compositions a combination of gestagen and estrogen is presented.

Tablets have similar contraindications and side effects.


  • High sensitivity to the active components of the drug.
  • Thrombosis (arterial, venous), a history of thromboembolism.
  • Heart attack, stroke.
  • Headache combined with neurological symptoms.
  • Cardiovascular complications of diabetes.
  • Pancreatitis with high triglycerides in the blood.
  • Impaired liver function due to damage to the parenchyma.
  • Suspicion of the presence of hormone-dependent malignant tumors.
  • Pregnancy and the lactation period.
  • Vaginal bleeding of unknown etiology.

With caution, assessing the potential risk and the expected benefits of the use, drugs are prescribed in the following conditions:

  1. Factors contributing to the appearance of thrombosis and thromboembolism.
  2. Violation of microcirculation and peripheral circulation.
  3. High blood glycerides (triglycerides, neutral fats).
  4. The postpartum period.

Common side effects:

  • Migraine.
  • Pain in the abdomen, diarrhea.
  • Nausea, vomiting.
  • Increased appetite, weight gain.
  • Decreased mood, depression, irritability.
  • High or low blood pressure.
  • Acne, alopecia, itchy rash.
  • Infectious and parasitic diseases (vaginitis, vulvaginitis, fungal infections).
  • Hypersensitivity of the mammary glands.

Janine and Klaira contain dienogest, which has an antiandrogenic effect and prevents the appearance of hormonal disorders.

What is the difference?

The composition of Zhanin includes ethinyl estradiol as an active component, and estradiol valeriate is present in the composition of Klayra.

Indications for the use of Janine is contraception. Among the indications for use, Klaira has therapy for prolonged and painful menstrual bleeding. She also worked well in the treatment of endometriosis.

The dosage form of the drugs varies. Janine is made in the form of smooth white tablets, each of which contains the same amount of active ingredient. Packaging Klayra consists of tablets of five different colors containing different concentrations of the active substance.

Comparing these contraceptives, it can be noted that Zhanin has more absolute contraindications for use, for example: surgery with prolonged immobility, the presence of nicotine addiction over 35 years old, arterial hypertension.

The methods of application differ. Zhanin take one tablet a day, in one pack twenty one tablet, followed by a break for seven days before taking the next package. Klaira is taken within twenty eight days, and a new package begins immediately after the previous one.

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