Mastering qigong, ancient gymnastics

Visitors to city parks are likely to see groups of people who synchronously make smooth movements. Ancient qigong gymnastics is becoming increasingly popular, especially since no training aids are required. Qigong practice instructor Ekaterina Varlamova conducted a small introductory course for MK-Boulevard.

We tell you what qigong is and how to carry out exercises correctly

There are a lot of myths and mysticism around qigong. While in pure form, this practice is purely applied in nature. The word “qigong” consists of two words. “Chi” is the energy that exists at every point in the universe. “Gong” is the work that needs to be done to learn how to manage something. That is, in this case, the word “qigong” can be translated as “work aimed at managing qi.”

It is with qi energy that a lot of misunderstanding is connected, which formed the basis of a huge amount of speculation and quackery. At the moment, scientists do not have a sound theory explaining the existence of qi, the functioning of energy vessels and their localization. Although in recent years, the view of Western science has more and more turned to such studies.

We can definitely say that the practice of qigong favorably affects many spheres of human life. Despite the fact that we still do not know exactly how this influence occurs. However, modern living conditions are pushing us to search for new, more advanced and efficient ways of distributing our internal resources. To search for an internal, not an external source of these resources.

If you study this practice from just such an angle, then for every practitioner, qigong opens up exactly those opportunities that a person’s attention is directed to. This can be health, increased stress tolerance, the search for inner harmony, spiritual development and many other aspects.

It is for this reason that for those who would like to practice qigong, there are no age or other contraindications and restrictions. Each person is able to take from this practice the aspect that is relevant to him. There is only one condition: regularity. If you observe it, qigong will open its treasury to you.

Morning exercises
  1. Put your legs slightly wider than your shoulders. Try to roll from socks to heels and back, then make the same movement, but from side to side – transfer weight to the left, then to the right. Try not to bend your knees, move your whole body.
  2. Put your feet together. Do a shallow squat, and then straighten your knees, try to bend them a little in the opposite direction. After ten repetitions, proceed to the next part: knees in a bent position, try to outline them with semicircles, first in one direction, then in the other.
  3. Stand upright, fold your arms behind your head, spread your elbows wide, and then slowly rotate your hips five times in one direction five times in the other.
  4. Stand upright, try to bring your shoulders as far forward as possible, then raise them and pull them back. Perform no more than ten times.

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