What foods will strengthen the immune system, and will not let me get better

The fall season is not in vain called mushroom. Therefore, the autumn plate can not do without forest mushrooms. The main advantage of this product is that, with the balanced presence of proteins, fats and vitamins, mushrooms are 90% water.

“Mushroom” vitamins of group B, vitamin A, D and PP strengthen the nervous system, have a beneficial effect on the skin, and improve the condition of nails and hair.

Pumpkin is a staple vegetable product. It is ideal for all categories of dishes. Moreover, pumpkin not only has a rich flavor, it is also a storehouse of nutrients and vitamins. Eating it as a food, you will not only see better, because pumpkin contains vitamins A, E, B6, B12, zinc and carotene – it improves gastric motility, helps fight edema, cleanses the liver and has a mild choleretic effect. Pumpkin is also very useful for other diseases: insomnia, colds and nervous disorders. Moreover, it is useful to eat not only pumpkin, but also seeds, as well as drink juice from it.

Porridge with the addition of pumpkin pulp will serve as a wonderful breakfast. Pumpkin soup has long won the love of followers of the first courses and is served in almost all cafes and restaurants. A pilaf with pearl barley and chicken or turkey, which is served in a completely baked pumpkin, will be an excellent main course. Salad with pumpkin and crispy onions is incredibly good.

Baked pumpkin with cinnamon, apple and honey will delight you as a dessert, and pumpkin cheesecake or muffins with pumpkin and spices will satisfy even the most demanding sweet table lovers.

Porcini mushroom soup on chicken stock is very aromatic and healthy, dumplings and cakes of spelled flour with mushrooms will be a great addition to vegetable salads with the addition of soaked mushrooms, and beef stroganoff with mushrooms will be an excellent main course. Rice or buckwheat noodles with mushrooms is an excellent side dish.

Walnut grows in abundance in Ukraine, it is rich in vitamins, minerals and useful substances for our body, improves memory and removes toxins from the body, strengthens the immune system, reduces blood sugar and normalizes the nervous system.

Walnut is perfect for snacks and goes well with dried fruits and other types of nuts. A celery salad with walnuts is also very beneficial with few calories, and morning cereals with it will become tastier and healthier.

Fresh figs contain proteins, carbohydrates, fiber, organic acids, vitamins A, C, group B, macro and microelements. By the amount of potassium, figs are second only to nuts, and there is more iron in it than in apples. Figs have a good “peeling” effect for our intestines. Figs help get rid of overwork, reduce blood cholesterol, improves skin and hair.

Try figs with prosciutto, spelled bread and soft cheese, add it to a salad with baked duck or wild rice risotto.

The beneficial properties of these fish are due to the presence of a variety of vitamins and minerals. The protein contained in anchovies is almost as good as animal meat. Also, the advantage is a fairly low calorie content. There are vitamins in them – A, B1, PP. The presence of a large amount of potassium and sodium normalizes the water balance in the body, which in turn has a positive effect on the activity of the heart and kidneys, as well as the nervous system. Anchovy meat has calcium, which improves muscle function, fluoride, which stimulates the immune system, and iodine, which is necessary for the normal course of metabolic processes.

Incredibly spicy sandwiches of sandwich bread with salted or pickled anchovies, delicious and healthy are stuffed with ricotta and zucchini anchovies. Whole-wheat spaghetti with tomatoes, anchovies and capers can be a great main course.

It’s not for nothing that the earthen pear is called the “solar root” – it has a record amount of nutrients. Also useful properties of Jerusalem artichoke are associated with a high content of inulin in it, which removes pesticides, toxins, salts, heavy metals and radionuclides from the body.

To taste, this root is very similar to cabbage stalk, so in raw form it can become the basis of tasty and healthy salads – be it a warm salad from toasted Jerusalem artichoke with lemon and garlic or a fruit and vegetable mix of Jerusalem artichoke, carrots and apples. A chops or fritters of Jerusalem artichoke with carrots can qualify for a full breakfast.

But it is worth paying special attention to several rules that are especially relevant:

✔All proteins, fats and carbohydrates that we have in our diet should be free of preservatives, emulsifiers, flavor enhancers and trans fats. Therefore, it is necessary to exclude from the diet industrial sausages, pastes, mayonnaises, “light” oils, sweet soda;

✔ A necessary component of diet products should be omega-fats of fish and vegetable origin – avocados, olive oil;

✔ Sources of protein should be diverse, so the diet should not be limited to chicken breast;

✔ Mandatory foods rich in vitamin C and B vitamins;

✔ Fat-soluble vitamin D is especially relevant from October to April, and its deficiency leads to poor mood, insomnia and weakened immunity;

✔ All drinks and dishes of our diet should be warm or at room temperature and then they will be assimilated without difficulty.

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