Invigorating drinks that wake up better than coffee

You always want coffee, especially in the cold season. There is nothing surprising, because there is no sun, shorter daylight hours, little energy, and we are trying in every possible way to cheer up and keep warm.

If you do not idolize coffee, but drink it just to wake the body, then the following information will be useful to you. Do you know that coffee is far from the most reliable alarm clock for a tired body? Do not believe, then read.

Useful energy sources for the whole day
Ginger Tea

Tea with ginger is an unrealistically healthy drink, which is not just a natural energetic for your body, but also a source of eternal youth and beauty. Only the smell of such tea will make even a brown bear wake up in the coldest winter. And its properties do not stop only at an alternative replacement for caffeine.

Firstly, tea with ginger is the first and last drink for everyone who is trying to lose weight, because ginger helps to speed up the metabolism and quickly breaks down fats. Ginger also helps our immunity to resist seasonal diseases. And besides the above listed abilities, ginger is also very useful for people who are engaged in mental work, because it helps to focus.

Water with lemon

For people who follow a healthy diet, it has long been known that starting your morning is worth a glass of warm water with lemon. Such a drink is not only capable of invigorating the body, but also has a host of other abilities.

Firstly, it helps to lose weight and speed up the metabolism. Secondly, it perfectly cleanses the blood and copes with high pressure. And finally, it gives your skin beauty and a fresh look, it helps relieve fatigue.

Pomegranate juice

Pomegranate juice in terms of potassium many times wins not only in coffee, but also in other juices. It is able to tone the body with health benefits, because unlike tart coffee, it does not accelerate the heartbeat. Also, pomegranate juice is very useful to drink even for pregnant women and young children.

Green smoothies

Any green smoothie copes with the role of a refreshment drink. You can make them with parsley, cucumber, celery, kiwi, broccoli, spinach, apples, in a word, from any green fruits and vegetables.

Such a healthy drink saves all models from a constant feeling of hunger due to its rich composition. By the way, when preparing it, you can add honey, cocoa and even banana to your taste.

Match Late

This healthy drink came to us from China and Japan, where everyone drinks it – from small to great. It acts like coffee, but imagine with a longer lasting effect.

Matcha green tea helps remove toxins from the body and reduce weight. It starts the natural metabolism and helps burn unnecessary fat reserves with ease.

Green tea

There was a time when green tea just came to us, as something fashionable and modern. And only thanks to its real benefits, it replaced many morning drinks from our diet.

Green tea not only gives energy to the whole body, but also has many antioxidants that cleanse the blood and give a stream of energy. Also, its advantage is that its taste can be varied with no less useful additives: lemon, ginger, mint.

Nut Smoothies

Walnut smoothies are not only healthy, but also incredibly tasty. Cooking them is also quite simple with a blender. You can choose any nuts, add honey, cocoa and even milk there.

Such a storehouse of health significantly improves brain function and relieves fatigue. In addition, children will like it very much.

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