A hair’s breadth from falling

Increased hair loss is a real scourge of the 21st century. According to statistics, 96% of men and 79% of women face this problem with age.

Particularly painful about this, women, because hair – is an integral element of beauty and an indicator of the health of the whole body.How to solve the problem of hair loss, so that the result is pronounced and long-term? 

Women, faced with this problem, share their feelings:

Natalia, an economist, 34 years old: “There are problems with the hair, and you immediately think that something is sick.”

Veronica, secretary, 26 years old: “A man without hair can survive. Now it’s almost even fashionable. And for women’s beauty, hair is everything. I do not know what’s more important.

Anna, housewife, 38 years old:“You see that this is your hair. And for the moment nothing can be done about it. And in general you are afraid of combing them. And after a while it starts to annoy you. Hair is everywhere. Start your family to notice. ”

Is this a terrible problem? What do experts recommend in this case?

Hair loss can be caused by external factors (stress, avitaminosis, damage to hair staining, bad habits), heredity, or be a signal of various diseases (violation of the hormonal background, chronic infections of the nose, throat, teeth or gums). Therefore, the main thing is to take timely measures, consult a specialist, find out the true reason and follow the recommendations exactly.

The key to success is the elimination of the factor that caused the loss, and the use of modern means against hair loss. Despite the fact that today in stores an assortment of fortifying agents is quite large, preference should be given to the drugs represented in pharmacies. Leading experts who solve the problem of hair loss,

What is covered under such an unusual name for the philistine “potassium channel activators”?

Activators of potassium channels are active substances such as minoxidil, pinacidil, aminexil and their analogues. For the first time, the property of potassium channel activators to influence hair growth was discovered in the 1980s with the clinical trials of minoxidil. This drug was originally created to treat hypertension. However, doctors noticed a curious side effect of its use – increased hair growth. Since then, the ability of potassium channel activators to extend the growth phase of hair follicles has been used all over the world to combat hair loss and increased hair loss.

The target of the activators of potassium channels is directly the hair follicles, which are complex effects:

  • the nutrition of the hair is improved due to the activation of microcirculation in the scalp;
  • sensitivity of follicles to dihydrotestosterone decreases;
  • most hair goes into a growth phase.

As a result of the use of potassium channel activator drugs:

  • excess hair loss stops;
  • hair becomes more viable;
  • increase the diameter and length of the hair;
  • the growth of new hair begins.

The most affordable and popular remedy on the basis of the potassium channel activator group component is ALERANA® balm-spray.

The ALERANA® series is specifically designed to prevent hair loss and growth. The composition of the series includes balms-sprays to solve the expressed problem of hair loss and preventive means for strengthening hair and care for them: shampoos, balm rinse and mask. In the formulations of the series, modern active components with clinically proven efficacy are used.

During October, medical consultants of Vertex pharmaceutical company worked in the largest pharmacies of Novosibirsk city, who answered visitors’ questions about the problem of hair loss and the products of the series. Buyers of ALERANA® funds told about why they chose these means against hair loss.

Raisa, accountant, 42 years old: “I came to a pharmacy to choose a remedy for hair loss, consultants gave details about ALERANA® products and about clinically proven effectiveness. I decided to try ALERANA® balm-spray. ”

Anastasia, 34 years old, head of the personnel department:“For the first time the brand ALERANA® was recognized at the exhibition” Siberian Watercolor “, where she received a diagnosis of the scalp and received a consultation from a trichologist. At me just then there was a strong hair fall on a background of stress. First I used ALERANA® balm-spray, now I have got shampoo and mask for prophylaxis in the off-season. ”

Olga, housewife, 29 years old: “I got a shampoo, a rinse and a mask ALERANA®, although I never had a problem of falling out, just my hair is dyed and very thin! My friend advised me to strengthen. “

Experts recall that the solution to the problem of hair loss should be complex: together with the use of effective means you need vitamins, massage, a balanced diet, coping with stress – and then the result will be pronounced and long-term.

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