Buffet and idleness on vacation lead to a set of excess weight

Even if the ideal hips and watermelon buttocks are seen by the elite only under the clothes, and the joy from the almost scandalously low figure on the scales is not shared with anyone at all, the idea that summer will come and you swim princess swim on the beach and everything will turn bad for women from envy, to men too, – sets the tone for the whole winter pursuit of the ideal.

Prepare for the summer begin in the fall – training in the hall or at home on the floor, diets, anti-cellulite creams, massages fill the life with meaning and purpose.

And then you come to the beach, everyone gasped, everything turned up: the splashing of waves, the splashing of champagne, the smell of shish kebab, but now you are already at home and on the scales your entire vacation is reflected. She learned about how to spend it without sacrificing the figure and the efforts expended on her.

The formula for supporting the figure in an ideal shape is as old as the world and does not change from the circumstances – it’s physical load plus rational nutrition.“If you decided to rest on vacation and to save yourself from the burden, then there is only one way out, however sad it may be: you need to re-evaluate the food, limit yourself”, draws sad pictures of Olesya Shorin, a beautician, a figure correction specialist at the center “Sante Estetic”.

But how many do not give in to desires to go into all serious? Few, especially if you take into account two factors. “People are gaining weight on vacation from the fact that the mode of activity is changing: the head, hands are not occupied with anything, it’s unusual and you want to fix it, and the easiest way to take yourself is to eat,” explains Olga Poznyak, a dietician at the Siberian Federal Center for Healthy Nutrition. “Plus, especially when the all-inclusive system is working.

Just try

Holidays – a time of pleasure, and deprive yourself of joy, watching others sit up to their ears in a creamy cream and purr with joy – a mockery that will not outweigh any concern for the figure. But there is an exit, and it is elementary – just try it, do not eat whole portions! Olga Poznyak wrote a plan of action to the SHE correspondent for those who are threatened with the strongest test – a buffet:

“Do not go to a buffet table hungry – better half an hour before you eat fruit, drink juice to reduce zeal. Look around the table – note for yourself what you would like to try, and estimate how fat or sweet this dish is.

If there is a danger – put yourself in just a little bit, on trial, and make an emphasis on fresh vegetables, meat or fish cooked on an open fire or grill without adding fat, eat more greens, but avoid the appetizing hot sauces. “

Destroys people

In general, the role of food, its quality and quantity – the main thing in the play called “Extra kilograms.” And not only food – alcohol, which has a significant contribution to the joy derived from the holiday, is no less heavily invested in body shapes. “It would be correct to reduce the amount of alcohol consumed in a holiday, because it is very caloric and definitely affects weight gain, and it’s also worth revising the attitude to carbonated drinks, ice cream, sweets, baked goods – all this is nice, but not useful,” Olesya Shorin concludes.. But it also suggests a way out – it is better to consume high-calorie foods in the morning, and in the second half of the day it will be limited to vegetables, lean fish, still water.

Of course, drinking alcohol in the morning is even more harmful than in the evening, and it is clear to everyone that without a night’s feast with shish kebab and wine, vacation is impossible. What to do? “Arrange the next day for a day of food, drink plenty of water or green tea,” Olesya Shorina says.

A shish kebab in itself – protein, it’s not so scary, much more dangerous fatty and salty sauces and marinades – salt delays the water in the body, which is not useful and leads to edema, but it’s not necessary to explain fat. 

By the way, those who are going to live on fruits – with them, too, you need to be more careful. “Many of them have a high glycemic index,” says a figure correction specialist. This is especially true of exotic tropical fruits, which are in the same risk group for the figure as white bread or sugar.

Who walks – he eats

Now about the second component of success – physical exertion. Regular active swimming can be equated to them, lying on the beach with a rare set of water in the waist – you can not. If you decide that rest is nothing, then, as already mentioned, you will have to revise the diet. When there is no physical activity, the appetite also does not arise – usually eat on the beach from boredom, so take a book, and in the evening eat half the servings.

But it’s quite another matter when rest for you is a change of activity, when, tired of sitting at the computer, you dedicate a vacation to a hike with tents, rafting, horse riding, climbing high mountains to explore the surroundings or ancient ruins. “Energy costs must be met,” Olesya Shorina is sure. – If you are actively moving, then you can eat as much as the body requires. But again – without fanaticism:

What is included in the summer diet? “Fish, seafood, vegetables,” says the figure correction specialist Olesya Shorina. “Lean meat, greens,” – adds nutritionist Olga Poznyak. Not the most difficult to perform and even a pleasant option. In addition, the balance for which you are bored, will not take revenge for a long separation, and maybe even make a surprise, showing an unexpectedly pleasant figure.

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