How to cleanse the body, undergo a preventive course of treatment and relax

In the spring, it is especially difficult for the body to fight chronic diseases and restore strength after a long period of cold. Go through a course of treatment, cleanse the body of toxins and toxins and just have a good rest, Novosibirsk can near the city – in the health complex “Birch”.

What will we treat?

Beryozka conducts specialized courses of treatment for patients suffering from cardiovascular, respiratory, nervous, musculoskeletal disorders. Individually selected procedures are combined with restorative: various types of hand massage, aromatherapy, hydromassage, Charcot shower, exercise therapy.

After the examination, the doctor of the health complex appoints a treatment program. Patients during their stay in Berezka can also receive advice from a urologist, andrologist, physiotherapist and physician of restorative medicine, who is also called a “doctor-conductor”, which brings together all treatment methods and recommendations of narrow specialists into a single complex.

In “Birch” you can not only undergo a course of restorative treatment, but also cleanse the body of toxins and toxins. Bad ecology, malnutrition, stresses lead to the fact that almost every human being is slagged and needs “general” cleaning. It is impossible to carry it out at home, but you can easily entrust this procedure to the doctors of “Birches”.

How to clean?

Specialists “Birches” perform a gentle cleansing of the body without resorting to drug treatment. The purpose of this program is to activate the reserve capabilities of the body to combat toxins and toxins. The emphasis is on the work of the gastrointestinal tract, specially selected cleansing herbal collections and water procedures. Required components – low-calorie salt-free diet and cleaning procedures. The patient will not have to starve, it’s just that all harmful products will be excluded from his diet, and those that contain the maximum amount of vitamins are added instead.

“Birch” does not announce a decrease in body weight as a result of this program, however in 95% of cases the patient loses 2-3.5 kg in 7-10 days. By the way, it is exactly such courses that doctors recommend for the complete purification of the body, but for busy people it is practiced and express treatment in 3-5 days. The procedure for purification experts advise to spend 3-4 times a year, otherwise sooner or later slagging the body will make itself felt. Many doctors consider the purification of the body the prevention of cancer.


The number of rooms “Berezki” will allow you to choose a room to your liking. There are superior rooms – after major repairs, with luxury equipment, family rooms and economy-class lodgings. However, it is unlikely that you will want to spend your free time (and there will not be too much of it – the saturated treatment program) within the walls of your room.

The wellness complex is located in the picturesque Zaeltsovsky Bor, on the banks of the Ob River. Clean air, filled with the scent of pine trees, proximity to water, make treatment not a boring obligatory procedure, but an interesting holiday. In the winter in “Birch” you can use the rental of skis, skating rinks, and in summer – a place for unforgettable fishing, games on the tennis court, badminton.

Doctors “Birches” even conduct health walks in the open air – terrenkury – with a special footage, pace, breathing.

At parting

Once, having visited the “Birch”, you will want to return there again and again. In order to keep you healthy and healthy during the breaks between the treatment courses, the doctors of the health complex will determine the effect of the program and give recommendations on the lifestyle and nutrition. The geographical position of Berezki – 15 km from the city center – allows for outpatient treatment.

Such programs, the content of which varies depending on the desire and free time of the patient, will suit businessmen and managers with high employment, as well as people who would like to try certain procedures – for example, massage or a circular shower.

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