7 Easy Steps To Finding Happiness

You can find happiness if you start acknowledging the positives in your life and pay no heed to the negatives. There are schools of thoughts-one that says the more we chase something, the more it will elude us, and the other says that the more we chase something, the more we get closer to it.

Does this ring a bell from your childhood days? Happiness was so easy back then, wasn’t it? But, as life goes on, we realize that happiness isn’t just about filling colors in the coloring book, and just like that happiness becomes expensive. With each passing year, we level up our standards for our definition of happiness.

Happiness belongs to the second school of thought. Trying to be happy is like trying to be tall, says a psychologist. Maybe you can’t grow any taller than what you are today, but there are heels and stilettos, and a whole world of shoes to make you taller. Similarly, if you aren’t happy with the current situation, don’t despair. Happiness is attainable. You just need to look around for it.

If you often find yourself reminiscing about the good old happy days, we are here to help you find happiness in your present. It’s easy! The first step is to read this post:

1. Go Off The Social Media Radar

Remember the first day you hopped onto the bandwagon of social networking sites? Did you ever think that you would be giving these sites the power to dictate your mood? The damage has been done. Social media makes you sad, and studies have proved this. So, if you don’t believe us, believe the researchers. The more time you spend online, the lonelier and depressive you get. Get offline, and don’t let the black hole of social media engulf your happiness.

2. Give In To Your Cravings Occasionally

No, we’re not saying eat tubs of ice-cream every day. That will just give you diabetes and probably even make you pile on a few kilos. But, we’re talking about the days when you’re really eyeing that bar of chocolate in your drawer. Just go for it. Maybe your body is asking you for some happy food. Chocolates (dark chocolate) have endorphins and they make you happy. Eating certain kinds of foods releases the happy hormone in your body-dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin, etc..

3. Sweat The Sadness Out

Do you like to move it, move it? If your work demands you to plonk yourself on a rolling chair for hours together, the only time you move is probably when you swing your chair around the office. But, here’s a secret- exercise makes you happy. When you move that body, your brain releases endorphins, the feel-good hormones. The next time you think of drinking away your sorrows, walk yourself to the gym, dance the night away, or just punch away the sadness.

4. Turn Up The Music

Music is magical, isn’t it? Even if we fail to remember the answers to questions in our exams, we surely remember the lyrics to a song we once heard in the club. You know why? Music has the ability to lift up your mood, help you deal with stress, and it can even be a band-aid to a broken heart. It’s like therapy. Studies suggest that listening to happy music can instantly brighten your day. So, turn up that volume and dance to the tunes of happiness.

5. Believe In Karma And Be Kind

Even when you think that no one’s looking, there is this one eternal spy that knows everything you do and keeps a track of everything you say (nope, not the NSA). We are talking about Karma – the law of cause and effect in the universe. Karma is basically what holds us responsible for our words, actions, and gestures. Remember when you were rude to that shopkeeper? Maybe that’s exactly why your boss snapped at you the next day. So, just be good, spread positivity, and you will see yourself thrive in the positive environment that you have created around you.

6. All The Boys And Girls Put Your Hands Up And Say Om Shanthi Om

We are not talking about Shah Rukh Khan singing his heart out (well, that can make you happy too), but we are talking about meditation. Like they say, whatever your poison is-yoga, laughter therapy, silence-take it as you please and let your happy hormones do the happy dance (9).

7. Are You Happy? Say Thank You

Whatever you are, wherever you are, be grateful for it. Thank the lord, thank your parents, and just be thankful for all the good things you have been blessed with (you can thank us too). 

Don’t you worry, don’t you worry child, see heaven’s got a plan for you! The greys of materialism or the hues of emotions, whatever you dip your paintbrush in; you should make sure that your painting is a happy rainbow.

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