Is it possible to run a patient with a herniated lumbar spine?

Is it possible to run with a herniated lumbar spine? Hernia of the spine refers to a category of serious diseases of musculoskeletal system. Improper treatment or the neglect of the patient’s symptoms can be total or partial paralysis.

Experts are still arguing about conservative methods of treatment and prevention of the disease. Osteochondrosis physical activity is shown to enhance blood circulation, strengthen a muscular corset, to stimulate the metabolic processes. But is it possible to run with a herniated lumbar spine?

Is it possible to do active sports?

In defense of running there are many theories as physical exercise with their own weight are considered beneficial to the human body at any age. One of the arguments is associated with the anatomical structure of intervertebral discs. They have no blood vessels to cause blood with nutrients to this zone, it is necessary to stimulate the surrounding areas of the body. This is easily achieved through simple exercise.

The best results are obtained by intensive walking and Jogging, when these processes are working all muscle groups. But keep in mind the peculiarity of such diseases as hernia. It occurs as a result of destruction of cartilage and deformation of the intervertebral disc, fibrous ring loses its original shape, the cloth increases, and the nucleus pulposus is exposed to danger. When the degenerative process is well developed, reckless or intense mechanical loading is able to enhance the destruction.

Spine with degenerative disc disease Jogging can be useful there as the muscles fill with blood, warm up, supplied nutrients to the injured area of the vertebrae. But in the case of a hernia it is necessary to consider these loads in the context of the anatomical features of the disease. On the back, even during normal walking is a heavy task to carry the load of the body. Injured hernia the lumbar area can not fully cope with its task, so it is important to revise the loads, not to hasten the onset of the critical stage of the disease. The damage that may cause improper running, more than the benefits from the proper performance of this sports process.

If the patient has not previously engaged in athletics or sports under the supervision of the coach, the doctors are recommending on the stage of treatment to run. Since running is a cyclic sport, it is necessary to consider separately the phase movements when running to understand whether you can run. At the stage of landing, the pressure that the man on the running surface, is greater than its own weight 5 times. This means that when a man weighing 60 kg runs along the path, in the phase of landing, he weighs 300 kg.

Despite the fact that the short-term phase, the load on the spine is tremendous. And if a single run may not give a negative effect on the injured hernia or degenerative disc disease of the spine, the systematic effect is clearly harmful.

What you need to do in order not to load the spine?

However, it is necessary to consider all cases individually, many factors, explicitly prohibit to run only when the indication for surgery. If the doctor allows the patient the opportunity to be regularly engaged in Jogging in the fresh air, it must consult about the correct execution of all movements in the presence of a hernia.

The best coating for Jogging is fresh grass or soil. A soft surface has excellent cushioning properties, due to this, the low back load is reduced. To run on hard surfaces such as on asphalt road, at least not as useful.

An important role is played by the shoes. It must be specialized and adapted for running, fit special running shoes support the foot with a rigid form and softening elements on the sole. Task shoes – depreciation to push and the landing was not given into joints and lower back.

Herniation of the lumbar spine before the morning run should always be to do medical gymnastics. They warm up the muscles, preparing them for the burden, relieve morning stiffness, and run metabolic processes. When you mashed the back the risk of injury is minimized.

Other types of gymnastics

If you have a complex form of hernia in the lower back, doctors recommend not to risk and to stay on therapeutic massage and simple exercises, to exclude running, hernia and a sports walk for a period of treatment. All patients older than 40 years, the experts strongly recommend to abandon regular run in favor of the more gentle sports.

Great yoga, Pilates, stretching, therapeutic exercises. Most people are running incorrectly, because in this process it is important, as is the foot relative to the surface, at what angle and with what amplitude moving the hip, etc Improper movement leads to extra strain on the lower back, despite the fact that by itself, running her loads.

Is it worth the risk and continue Jogging with a diagnosed hernia of the lumbar spine? Rather no than Yes. This risk is rarely justified. Specialists agree that for those patients who can not imagine their life without sport, it is better to replace running to walking.

To walk less traumatic in nature, because the spine is not getting the overload due to the lack of phase of flight and landing, it doesn’t stretch, and muscles contract much less. From walking occurs a stretching of muscles of the legs, the spine moves, but without jerks, but the main danger is transferred to the knee joint.

Safety equipment

If the doctor admits running exercise for the patient should pay attention to the technique. First and foremost for the safety of the lower back need to make sure the spine is not swayed. This process is associated with the placement of the feet. Need to keep the inner portion on the same line. When running between the front part of one and the other feet the angle should be small, so that the main load of tremors was on the area of the thumb. When the phase of the landing the load must assume the entire surface of the foot movement should be rolling from heel to toe.

Length of step in running process depends on the individual characteristics of the body structure, but the General recommendation is to do not too wide and not too narrow step. To put legs wide not worth it, not to stumble on the straight leg, but a narrow step causes the foot to experience additional pressure. Correct running convenient for the person, all the movements are natural, smooth. Lumbar and spine when running, it is important that the upper body is not swayed forward and back and side to side. It is necessary to keep the body straight, avoiding tilting in any direction, but the position should be natural, it is not necessary to keep the back as straight as a stick.

An inexperienced person when herniated it is better to walk a lot.

The lower back suffers less, and the result is comparable to Jogging workouts. In fact, walking uses all the same muscles, for it too there are specific techniques and rules. Spinal injury – not the best conditions to do sports. You should make a choice in favor of soft classes or simple exercises at home.

A herniated and degenerative disc disease, it is important to get professional help and advice from professionals, as in order to benefit, not harm, you need to follow the rules. Doing therapeutic exercises, you can achieve great results and to speed up the process of recovery and rehabilitation. With herniation in the lower back should be especially careful as any sudden movement can aggravate the problem and lead to loss of mobility.

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