How to treat protrusion of intervertebral disks at home?

This disease of the intervertebral discs is not independent, and only one of the stages of development of such serious diseases, as an osteochondrosis, and at advanced stages, and in the absence of treatment it can transform into a hernia. By itself, the protrusion is a pathology that represents a simultaneous reduction of the distance between the vertebrate disks, and protrusion of them from the spine.

In this disease, as protrusion of the intervertebral discs, the treatment at home can be an effective additional measure to eliminate pain and prevent further development of disease. Usually the treatment is complex, to reduce inflammation and restore all the function of the spine in full.

What are the types of diseases?

Types of this disease there are several. To suffer from protrusion of spinal discs can any it Department, for example cervical or lumbar. In severe cases, affected several sections.

The following types of diseases:

  1. 1Diffuse protrusion of spinal discs occur when a circular them down. This disease causes a sharp increase in the load on the joints, and pinched spinal nerves, and various neurological symptoms. In most cases, this disease progresses slowly and leads to a decrease of work capacity, and in very advanced stages, when the patient did not receive necessary treatment, even to disability.
  2. 2Local protrusion, symptoms of which depends on the location of offset disks, is divided into 3 types:
  • lateral, when the intervertebral disc is shifted left or right, causing herniation;
  • median when the disc bulges into the canal of the spinal cord, so it is very difficult to detect, if we are not talking about the protrusion of the cervical spine, where symptoms manifest before all;
  • posterolateral in which the disk moves to the area of the openings between the vertebrae, and this kind of protrusion of the discs of the spine can be considered the most dangerous due to the fact that it can cause compression of spinal roots and pronounced symptoms of neurologic nature.
Methods of treatment of diseases

How to treat protrusion, the patient must explain the doctor. This is a serious disease, self-medication which is not allowed, the consequences can be absolutely unpredictable, up to the critical deterioration of the patient’s condition. To date, the most popular and effective methods include the following options:

  1. 1Massage combined with therapeutic activities helps to establish blood circulation, relieve acute pain.
  2. 2Acupuncture, also used in the complex.
  3. 3General correction of the posture of the spine, is particularly effective when the protrusion of the cervical, reducing the impact force on the outer wall of the disc and helping to restore normal joint mobility.
  4. 4Drug treatment is needed for relief of pain syndrome in case if pronounced neurological disorders.
  5. 5Physiotherapy.
  6. 6Physical education medical used as a preventive measure at the stage of remission. Knowing how to treat the protrusion of exercise, you can significantly alleviate the condition and to recover more quickly.

These methods are quite effective, especially if the treatment is proceeding on several fronts, using different means, such as physical therapy and medication chosen by the attending physician taking into account the nature of the disease of a particular patient. Restorative treatment of protrusion of lumbar spine, as well as other departments, will have the fastest positive result if the patient complies strictly with all recommendations of the doctor, not self-medicates, not abused, with physical loads and coordinates all further measures with the medical staff in accordance with the diagnosis.

Home remedies to restore the spine

Protrusion of the cervical, lumbar, thoracic, in addition to traditional methods of treatment designated medical institutions, quite successfully can be corrected with the use of popular recipes. Of course, the treatment of the spine folk remedies will be most effective when the drive is shifted only slightly, and the disease is in the Bud. If the doctor approves the use of additional tools, assessing the overall condition of the spine, there are no obstacles to their use.

At home, most often to treat protrusion try herbal teas, bathrooms with special additives, medicinal rubbing, medicinal poultices, and mild exercise.

To popular folk remedies include herbal teas and infusions, wraps, and there are several recipes that are time-tested and operating almost flawlessly.:

  1. 1horsetail and nettle 1 tablespoon added to a Cup of boiling water and we chill. Drink the infusion 2 times daily in the amount of 1 Cup.
  2. 2100 g sage leaves and 50 g of chamomile, horsetail and peppermint mixed in a bowl, then pour a small amount of hot water and insist under the lid. Tolerated the present “ointment” on cloth made of natural fabric, canvas applied to the affected area for 50-60 minutes.
  3. 3fresh Stinging nettles lashed to the sore area, accelerating the flow of blood to regenerate cells.
  4. 4a Fresh cut leaf of Kalanchoe pulp apply to the sore spot all night.

It is important to notice the symptoms of the disease and immediately consult a doctor. Lost time is fraught with degeneration of the protrusion in the intervertebral hernia, to treat which will be much harder. In the treatment of protrusion is important not to neglect prevention methods, since their observance is the key to successful recovery and restoration of health.

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