The symptoms and treatment of protrusion of spinal discs

Treatment of violation of the integrity of the disk passes through conservative methods, but this does not make the disease safe. Protrusion of the nucleus can lead to further displacement and the formation of a herniated disc.

Protrusion of intervertebral disc is offset outside of the spine. At risk for this disease include people over the age of 30-35 years, regardless of gender or race.

The causes of the disease

Protrusion of spinal discs can occur for a variety of reasons.

Sometimes the disease is a complication of degenerative disc disease. In addition, there are other reasons for his appearance:

  • sedentary lifestyle, lack of physical activity, office work;
  • strong physical load is one of the spine;
  • scoliosis;
  • poor development of the supporting muscles of the back;
  • damage, the injuries of back and cracks;
  • pathology of metabolism;
  • other back trouble, for example, osteoporosis.

Usually the appearance of protrusion of intervertebral disc is observed in people with excess body weight and physical inactivity.

Treatment, primarily requires control of the cause of the development of the protrusions.

Existing classification

Experts klassificeret protrusion of intervertebral discs into four kinds according to the criterion responsible for the direction viaturas parts of the joint:

  1. 1side (Lateral) type of the disease. In this case, the protrusion of the vertebrae moves the disc to the right or left of the spine. This may give a strong pressure on the spinal cord, a pinched his roots. This problem is only diagnosed in 8-10% of clinical cases of disease.
  2. 2Zadnelateralnuu type. The vertebra not only sideways, but also backward. The spinal cord is almost always under pressure.
  3. 3the Central. The shift occurs in the direction of the canal of the spinal cord. Such a protrusion of the discs of the spine can occur without symptoms and not be diagnosed, but it can also affect the spinal cord.
  4. 4Rear type. This problem means the displacement of the disk in the external (back) side of the spine. The impact on the spinal canal in this case there is always, therefore, such a protrusion of intervertebral disc accompanied by striking clinical picture.

When the diagnosis of protrusion of intervertebral disc, treatment is largely determined by the direction of displacement.

Classification of the disease also involves its separation into local and circular. The first type means that the localized protrusion in one of the divisions of the back, the second covers the entire perimeter of the spine.

The characteristics

The disease may long be asymptomatic. The clinical picture protrusion, symptoms of its occurrence arise only at the moment when the offset region starts to affect the spinal canal. Because of this, when the disc protrusion treatment often begins at a late stage of the disease and has a low efficiency.

The clinical picture of the problem can differ depending on where localized protrusion.

Cervical spine

Rozpoznana protrusion of the cervical may have the following symptoms:

  • aching discomfort in the neck area with chronic in nature;
  • the pain is worse when turning or tilting the head;
  • weakness of the upper extremities, numbness and tingling;
  • pain in arms, shoulders.

This type of disease is dangerous because besides affecting the spinal cord, it can also cause ischemia (impaired blood supply) of the brain. As a result, a person develops lack of oxygen, and ischemic stroke. The development of such complications may be tracked by headaches, migraines and weakness and hallucinations.


Protrusion of the spine in the thoracic is also accompanied by characteristic signs:

  • Pain in middle back.
  • The weakening of the abdominal muscles and the press.
  • Ailments in the abdomen and chest, of the chest, between the ribs.
  • Violation of motor function.

This type of the disease occurs rarely, as in the thoracic vertebrae are less mobile than others.


Displacement in the lumbar spine are more frequent than in cervical or thoracic. The signs of the disease may vary depending on the type and severity of protrusion.

Allocate following clinical picture:

  • sharp or aching pain in the lower back, with chronic in nature;
  • violations of motor activity;
  • ailments aggravated by bending, torso twists;
  • weakness of the lower extremities, numbness, tingling from the thighs to the feet;
  • difficulty urinating.

Symptoms of disc displacement in the lumbar spine similar to the clinical picture of sciatica. Therefore the disease can easily be confused. You can not do that, because the protrusion of the spine – a dangerous problem that requires more intensive treatment.

Diagnosis of the disease

To diagnose the problem use a variety of research.

The diagnosis can be confirmed using:

  • MRI (magnetic resonance imaging);
  • Computed tomography;
  • Ultrasound (ultrasonography);
  • ECG (electrocardiogram).

Diagnostics specialist examines the clinical picture of the disease, the patient may be given blood tests and other laboratory tests.


In the case of confirmation of protrusion of the intervertebral discs, the treatment is aimed at elimination of possible causes of the disease. Physical activity during treatment should be reduced, however, to continue a sedentary lifestyle is also impossible.

Medication problem taking anti-inflammatory and analgesic drugs. In the treatment of spine effective are:

  • intramuscular injections of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (ketan, I);
  • local administration of chondroprotectors (Traumeel);
  • receiving funds to stimulate circulation (cotecxin) and improved muscle tone (b vitamins);
  • local therapy with ointments and gels, which aims to eliminate swelling, pain and inflammation (troxevasin, lioton, voltaren).

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Compared with medication, the procedures with the protrusion show greater efficacy.

These include:

  1. 1Physiotherapy (ultrasound or laser treatment). Help relieve pain, improve blood circulation.
  2. 2Acupuncture. Also relieves pain, eliminates swelling and inflammation.
  3. 3Massage. Improves blood flow to the spine.
  4. 4Chiropractic. Reduces the load on the spine and soothing the skin.
  5. 5Osteopathy. Restores mobility of the joints.
  6. 6physiotherapy. The complex events thus selects the treating physician. In the moderate view of such a load improves blood circulation and returns joint mobility.

In the most advanced cases of the disease the patient can be appointed surgery. The operation consists in removing part of the intervertebral disc, which presses on the spinal roots.

The prognosis of the diagnosis of the disease in 90% of cases favourable. A sound approach and a good combination of treatments can eliminate the protrusion of spinal discs over a period of two weeks to several months.

It is very important that the treatment was comprehensive, i.e. included both medical and procedural means, and the change in the lifestyle of the patient.

In 10% of cases when the offset does not have a favorable prognosis, the disease leads to disability. To avoid this, the protrusion is necessary to diagnose and not to run its development to severe stage.

Preventive approach

The protrusion is difficult to treat, therefore it is considered that it is a disease, the appearance of which it is better to prevent.

As prevention can be used the following measures:

  1. 1Need to make moderate physical activity. This load can be a morning or evening walk in the fresh air.
  2. 2the Rejection of a sedentary lifestyle. Even with a sedentary job every few hours you can get up and walk around the office.
  3. 3the Rejection of high heels in women often helps to eliminate the risk of diseases of the spine.

When the pain in the spine or injuries is impossible to ignore the expert advice. Treatment at home has low efficiency. Problems of the spine can put bad mark and restrict patient movement for the rest of my life, so to diagnose and treat them is needed.

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