The definition of symptoms and methods of treatment of herniated cervical spine

No need to wait that the resulting protrusion will pass by itself. But to try to reduce a prolapsed disc, inconsistently performing various kinds of exercises, is not worth it. This can severely hurt yourself and worsen the situation. Read our review of what can and should be done before visiting the doctor, if shifted vertebra.

If a person has a hernia of the spine symptoms cervical is an emotional topic. Today, it is relevant to many. What is a hernia of the cervical spine? Of course, means a herniated disk in a vertebral segment. If the load on the spine excessive or unevenly distributed on all sections of the spinal cord, there is rupture of the fibrous ring of intervertebral disk and flows purposee core. This is a herniated disc.

The causes of herniation in the cervical spine and the possible consequences

Any pain syndrome associated with the back, is a concept dorsopathy, that is, degenerative-dystrophic diseases of the spine and surrounding tissues. The basis for the development of this disease are, as a rule, disproportionate burden, the violation of the trophic or even mechanical causes of damage to these structures.

The causes of herniation in the cervical spine may be:

  • incorrect position of the head relative to the body in the posture;
  • the wrong exercises for neck, resulting in trauma to this part of the spine;
  • degenerative processes in the vertebrae and their gradual degeneration;
  • traumatic injury neck;
  • the consequences of inactivity;
  • sedentary work and long periods at the computer.
  • incorrect methods of lifting heavy objects;
  • old age.

In addition you need to add that Smoking, alcohol consumption, lack of exercise, reluctance to carry out restorative exercises increase the risk of developing pathology. If you don’t include certain exercises in the morning exercises, the muscles will gradually weaken. Thereby increasing the risk of bulging of the disc.

The consequences of this disease are usually haphazard frequent headaches, dizziness, pain in the course of the strangulated nerve root. In advanced cases, with numbness of the fingers, and weakening of the muscles of the arms and shoulder girdle are other, less severe symptoms.

Associated symptoms

The first symptom in herniation in the neck is sudden and severe (often unbearable) pain in my neck and shoulders. There are persistent headaches without clear localization, possible dizziness. Obligatory symptom is limited mobility in the cervical spine and reducing the radius of rotation of the head.

If you do not take any measures, the headache gradually subsides. This is due to the compensatory capabilities of the human body.

When the hernia in the spine and, in particular, with symptoms in the cervical spine, a lot depends on what specific segment originated lose. For example, an indication of the formation of protrusions in the 4-5 segment of the cervical spine is the pain of the deltoid muscle and the increasing weakness of the muscles of the forearm and Hernina at 6-7 cervical segment will be accompanied by weakness of the triceps and numbness of the middle finger of the hand.

The main common symptom is pain and a stiff neck.

Diagnosis and treatment of the disease

The symptoms and treatment of disease are closely interlinked. In this therapy, the identical treatment of osteochondrosis any other Department Columna Veryebralis. Diagnostics is not anything complicated. Moreover, often the symptoms and course of the disease is characteristic symptoms

We have described the main symptoms. Often for a more detailed diagnosis, the doctor sends the patient for an MRI and/or CT scan of the cervical. It is impossible to do in such cases and without a standard x-ray in frontal and lateral projections. At the initial examination the doctor will determine the specific location of the lesion and prescribes treatment.

A good therapeutic effect of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, vitamin preparations, light rubbing ointments containing snake or bee venom. Excellent results makes use of the collar Trench for the temporary discharge of the neck muscles and their recovery. Therapy at a later stage of the disease includes, in addition to medications, exercises for strengthening muscles and increasing their elasticity.

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