Characteristics of the disease, the median-paramedian disc herniation L5-S1?

If you are overwhelmed by severe pain when you turn or tilt your head, it may mean that you have a median-paramadina a herniated disc L5-S1. In this disease, even when lifting a small weight can appear pain. It is therefore very important as soon as possible to detect the disease is to start treatment and not let the symptoms escalate.

The clinical picture of the disease

Parmegianno emergence of organs from the cavity is a condition of the intervertebral discs, when the part moves inside the spinal canal and causes compression of the spinal cord.

Usually a herniated disc L4-L5 is formed as a result of other diseases, such as scoliosis, osteochondrosis, etc. are Also causes of this formation may be traumatic injuries. This type is very dangerous for human health because of a hernia can easily cause compression of the spinal cord or nerves, sometimes causing disability.

Under the hernia usually refers to serious disorders (shifts) of the intervertebral disc. It consists of a core, which generally surrounds the fibrous sheath. In the event of its destruction for any reason, all that is contained in the kernel comes out or is delayed in the spinal Department.

Median-paramedian education have a noticeable difference from other pathologies. They are situated inside the vertebral canal lumen and grow into the center of the disk.

The type of extrusion can be divided into 3 major growth:

  1. 1Coloradony (the median).
  2. 2Zadnescheinah (paramedian).
  3. 3Posterolateral (dorsally).

Depending on which part of the body occurred on the protrusion, is characterized by the disease. Compression of the L5-S1 may be in the region of the cervical or in the chest area and in the lumbosacral.

Consequences of pathology

The main damage to the herniated disc affects the disruption of the conductivity of nerve endings, and they, in turn, is responsible for the movement function.

At this point in the human body disappears, the signal, which leads to disastrous consequences:

  • lost control of the lower extremities;
  • problems while urinating;
  • potency is drastically reduced;
  • manifest pain in the lumbar spine and hip.

For violation of a herniated disk L4-L5 how would flattens the lumbar lordosis. This factor causes the spine to deviate to the other side, leading to curvature. Therefore, the main indicators include severe pain with every movement.

Paramedicine herniated disc always lets you know when there are problems that are formed in the rear part and usually pointed at the center of the spinal canal. All this is very dangerous for vessels, and nerve endings. If the hernia grows larger, people may become disabled.

If you feel even slight pain in the spine, then immediately consult a doctor who will prescribe a course of recovery.


To start treatment need best on early stages of the disease. Only if the intervention occurred in time, we can hope for a quick recovery. Sometimes procedure recovery disc painful and does not preclude surgical intervention.

In the prevention welcomed by conservative methods of treatment. This technique is created in order that the patient could get rid of all the causes associated with diseases of the spine. Very much depends on the duration of the disease and correct diagnosis.

For many years, designed different types of treatment.

They are all aimed at that person is completely rid of the disease.

  1. 1initiation of treatment. During the several days necessary to observe strict bed rest. Later it is possible to slightly weaken, allowing the patient to move around a bit. The supine position relaxes compensatory spasm of the muscles of the spine and reduces the pressure level in the area. As a physical action effective acupuncture treatments, chiropractic or physical therapy. However, any physical impacts can lead to an improvement in the patient’s condition.
  2. 2Program of studies. Physiotherapists have created a full program, a positive influence on overall health.

Specifically this was developed for the activities that you can perform in the gym or at home:

  1. 1Take a lying position on the back. Bind hands into the lock and attach to the back of the head. Simultaneously raise the leg and head, by doing a few swaying movements. The recommended number of repetitions – about 7 times.
  2. 2In a standing position, reach hands to feet, without bending his legs. No need to try to get to the floor, all you need is a bit of a stretch the back muscles.
  3. 3Lie on the floor and place your hands at your sides. Gently lift each leg without bending. You can then lift both legs together. To do so you need 12 times.
  4. 4Useful exercises using wall bars or horizontal bar. Hang on the bar, try to lift your feet as possible without bending them. Overwork is not necessary, enough to do 5-6 reps.

In addition to this, we are currently actively used high-tech devices, namely wave and laser therapy.

Don’t rule out medications that help numb the pain, relieve swelling and reduce inflammation.

In pharmacies can find a medicine that relieves muscle spasm.

The operation is last resort when herniated disc L5-S1. It is characterized by the complexity of implementation and long-term amendments. Surgical intervention is necessary when the anatomical changes in the spine and lesions of the pelvic organs.

Any damage to the body leads to dysfunction of the whole body. Do not delay prophylaxis for later. As soon as you can take action and consult a doctor.

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