Dimia and Yarina, the choice of drug

These drugs are indicated for use by girls and women who want to prevent conception. In addition to its direct purpose, contraceptives, due to the progesterone component, improve the appearance of the skin, help reduce edema, and normalize the functioning of the sebaceous glands.

There are conditions in which you can not use medicines of this group.

These include:

  1. Any liver disease with impaired organ function. Liver tumors, even healed.
  2. Pancreatic dysfunction with a clear increase in blood triglycerides.
  3. Tendency to thrombotic reactions, changes in the coagulation system towards hypercoagulation.
  4. Postponed vascular pathologies such as strokes, heart attacks, deep vein thrombosis.
  5. Severe varicose veins.
  6. Active smoking by women over 35 years old.
  7. An increase in body mass index of more than 30.
  8. Long stays in a sedentary state, for example, during fractures or after operations.
  9. Uncompensated diabetes.
  10. Malignant hormone-dependent tumors of various localization.
  11. Pregnancy or doubts about its absence, lactation.

Whatever drug is chosen to prevent pregnancy, you must first visit a gynecologist. The doctor will get acquainted with the results of blood tests, assess the likelihood of thrombotic complications, and ask about cases of vascular diseases that relatives have. Inspection in the mirrors will not be superfluous to exclude inflammatory diseases, taking a smear and tissue sample of the cervix. The doctor will advise which tool to choose, tell you how to take it correctly, what to emphasize.

Ideal when pregnancy occurs at the planned time. A woman has the right to choose when she is ready to have an heir. Among many contraceptives, hormone pills have the highest reliability index. The modern generation of such drugs contains the minimum doses of synthetic hormones, as close as possible in structure to their own. Consider two representatives of this pharmacological group under the names Dimia and Yarin.

Dimia – easy to follow schedule

It is made in Hungary. A storage case and a blister are included in the package. There are 28 tablets on a silver foil blister , 24 of them are white, the remaining are green. The back side of the blister is marked with numbers from 1 to 28 and arrows. Tablets begin to be taken in the prescribed order, moving behind the pointer.


Active white tablets contain two types of hormones – drospirenone and ethinyl estradiol. Green dragees – dummies – contain safe fillers.

Dimia is taken without interruption, first one active tablet, then comes the turn of dummies. Skipping even one day dramatically reduces the effectiveness of the drug and increases the chances of pregnancy.

Yarina – classic style

Available in Germany. A cardboard case with a logo and a blister are included in the package. The cells placed 21 tablets of light yellow color. On the opposite side of the blister, under each tablet are marked the days of the week. Reception of Yarina for convenience begins on the corresponding day of the week. Each dragee contains an equivalent dose of drospirenone and ethinyl estradiol.


The drug is used for 3 weeks, then a pause is made for 7 days. Next, the reception of the next package begins. It is important to strictly follow the schedule, maintaining a high contraceptive ability depends on this.

What do Dimia and Yarina have in common
  1. The drugs belong to the group of monophasic hormonal contraceptives, that is, they contain equal doses of hormones in each tablet.
  2. The main components of the dosage formula are drospirenone and ethinyl estradiol.
  3. The contraceptive mechanism is identical in both drugs: they inhibit the production of hormones by the ovaries. The menstrual cycle is interrupted, the output of the egg stops. In addition to the lack of ovulation, the consistency of the mucus produced by the glands of the cervix is ​​modified.
  4. Side effects are similar: headaches, irritability, discomfort in the mammary glands may appear, sexual desire may decrease.
What is the difference between Dimia and Yarina

Considered contraceptives are almost identical both in terms of composition and mechanisms of influence. Side effects are the same, as well as conditions in which taking medications is not recommended or even prohibited.

The main difference is the form of issuing funds. For comfortable use, placebo tablets are enclosed in Dimia’s packaging, allowing the woman not to count the days when a break in the use of contraceptives is usually taken.

Yarina contains only hormone pills, a woman independently controls the duration of the interval without contraceptives.

Dimia’s formula includes a slightly smaller amount of ethinyl estradiol – 0.02 mg versus 0.03 in Yarina. The drospirenone content is identical – 3 mg.

At the price, the preparations also differ: German quality Yarins will cost more.

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