Noopept or Glycine, the choice of drug

Noopept and Glycine are both composed of organic amino acids, which are practically harmless. The drugs are well absorbed by the body, quickly penetrate the brain tissue and exert their effect.

Both drugs help calm the nervous system, relieve anxiety and normalize sleep. And after a while they improve brain activity and concentration.

They are sold in the public domain in the pharmacy network without a prescription. They drink them in courses of 1-2 months.

Noopept consists of two amino acids, one of which is Glycine. The effect of the drug is wider and more effective. It has a greater effect on the functioning of the brain, and the effect comes faster.

Also, it does not inhibit the functioning of the central nervous system and does not cause drowsiness, unlike Glycine. Therefore, there is no decrease in concentration and speed of reaction when driving a car. It is indicated for monotonous mental work requiring increased brain activity.

Noopept and Glycine have a similar effect on the body. It is used to improve brain activity and increase concentration. Also for stress and after injuries. Almost no side effects and contraindications. But for health complications or after injuries, it is preferable to take Noopept.

The whole mental process is based on the work of the brain. Thanks to him, a person perceives information, analyzes and, if necessary, remembers and transmits. The speed of the brain and the ability to remember a certain amount of information depends on genetics, nutrition, constant training and an active lifestyle.

At some points in life, there is a desire to speed up the brain. This is necessary before passing the exam or the upcoming task of performing a large amount of work in a short time. And also if there is a desire to increase overall performance.

There are drugs that are part of the group of nootropics that can speed up the brain, improve memory and increase the level of understanding and processing of information. These include Noopept and Glycine.


Noopept consists of two amino acids: glycine and proline. They are interconnected by peptide bonds and form the active substance cycloprolyl glycine.


Noopept is available in tablets. Take it whole, swallowing it completely. Absorption of the drug occurs in the intestine.

Indication for the use of Noopept:

  • Memory weakening.
  • Headache.
  • Decreased attention span.
  • Speech impairment.
  • Distraction in old age.
  • The period after experiencing severe stress.
  • Fatigue, weakness and constant drowsiness.

Also, the drug affects the restoration of the brain after suffering a traumatic brain injury and stroke.

It has the following beneficial effect:

  1. Restores impaired blood circulation.
  2. Reduces heart rate.
  3. Increases oxygen access to the brain.
  4. Protects brain tissue from exposure to toxic substances.

The effect of the drug occurs within 7-10 days after the start of administration. First, there is a slight calming and reduction of anxiety, mood is normalized, the process of falling asleep improves, and the quality of sleep improves.

After three weeks, the concentration of attention increases, the perception of information improves, and the process of memorization accelerates. The amount of stored information is also increasing.

Contraindications: allergy to one of the components, increased blood pressure in patients suffering from severe hypertension, and headache.


Glycine consists of one essential amino acid of the same name. Participates in cellular metabolism. Available in tablets. It is completely absorbed under the tongue or upper lip.


Indication for use of glycine:

  • Hyperactivity.
  • Neuroses of various origins.
  • Decreased mental activity.
  • Deterioration of the process of falling asleep.
  • In times of stress.
  • The presence of vegetative dystonia.
  • Past ischemic stroke and traumatic brain injury.
  • Aggressive behavior in children.

The drug has a wide effect:

  1. Soothing.
  2. Improves blood circulation.
  3. Normalizes the emotional background.
  4. Restores sleep.
  5. Reduces existing brain disorders.
  6. Improves social adaptation.

The effect of taking the drug occurs after 4-6 days. It manifests itself in mild mental and emotional sedation. After half a month, brain activity and concentration are improved.

Contraindications: intolerance and allergic reaction to amino acid.

Comparison and difference of two drugs

Both drugs have a few differences:

  1. Their intake is different due to the specificity of absorption. Glycine enters the body only when absorbed, and Noopept when swallowed. In terms of convenience, Glycine loses, as it takes some time to resolve and attentive to the process. The main thing is not to forget about the pill under the tongue and not to swallow it.
  2. Glycine can be taken with other drugs to treat the nervous system and psychoemotional state. It enhances their effect and improves the quality of treatment. Noopept is advisable to take on your own.
  3. When taking Noopept, you can take alcohol. Its action is aimed at protecting the body from toxins. The decay products from alcohol can not damage the cells of the brain and nervous system, they are neutralized by the drug. Glycine, by contrast, is not recommended for combination with alcohol. The effect of the latter is aimed at reducing cravings, and the combined use of the drug and alcohol only enhances the effect of the latter. Faster intoxication and intoxication with the decay products of the drink.
  4. Noopept, unlike Glycine, reduces headaches, eliminates dizziness and reduces high heart rate.
  5. The action of Noopept is aimed at adapting the brain to unfavorable factors that interfere with concentration and the process of thinking. Increases its ability to process, store and retrieve information. Glycine has a slightly different effect. Improving mental abilities occurs due to the influx of oxygen and a sedative effect.

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