Ribomunil and Bronchomunal, the choice of drug

By effectiveness in treatment, both immunostimulants are called effective. Both one and the other can be prescribed as prophylaxis and with complex treatment during illnesses.

But due to possible side effects, one of the drugs may be prescribed. For example, if a patient has problems with the gastrointestinal tract, he will most likely be prescribed Ribomunil. But if he has a disease of the autoimmune system, then Bronchomunal will be prescribed.

Parents are afraid of such a side effect of Ribomunil as an increase in temperature, therefore they prefer it to Bronchomunal.

If, before the onset of the cold season, an adult or a child has weakness, poor health, then it is better to prefer Ribomunil.

Bronchomunal is advised to start taking from the summer period before the season of colds. Ribomunil – at any time, but summer is preferable.

Sometimes the issue of choosing a drug is solved by individual intolerance to the components of the immunostimulant.

Despite the fact that Bronchomunal can be purchased without a prescription, you do not need to take it without consulting a doctor. Any immunostimulant that was selected without a specialist examination can do more harm than good. Also, do not abuse such drugs, because in addition to stimulating the immune system, division of abnormal cells can occur, which will damage health.

Respiratory tract disease is one of the most common in the world. Often at risk are children and the elderly. For treatment and prevention, experts advise taking immunostimulating drugs. This is usually Ribomunil or Bronchomunal. But which one is better and will help faster?

General information

Ribomunil and Bronchomunal belong to the group of immunomodulators of the immunostimulating type (there is still an immunosuppressive type). Immunostimulating drugs (immunostimulants) help the body strengthen immunity to suppress infections.

The history of immunomodulators begins in the 60s of the XX century in the field of transplantology. They were created to prevent transplant rejection. At first there were immunomodulators of the immunosuppressive type, after the 70s, immunostimulatory. The former suppressed the body’s immunity so that it did not fight against itself, while the latter strengthened it.

Immunostimulants come in natural and synthetic origin. Both drugs belong to the first type.


Ribomunyl consists of ribosome infections saturated with bacterial antigens that provoke respiratory tract diseases. This forms immunity in the body against these pathogens. It works like a vaccine. Ribomunyl activates the work of T- and B-lymphocytes and the production of serum and secretory immunoglobulins. It is aimed not only at strengthening immunity, but also at long-term maintenance of remission.


It is prescribed in cases:

  • ENT infections (tonsillitis, pharyngitis, laryngitis, rhinitis, sinusitis).
  • Respiratory diseases (tracheitis, bronchitis, pneumonia, infectious bronchial asthma).

Usually it is recommended to use it during periods of seasonal colds, to people with weak immunity and to those who live in poor environmental conditions. Sometimes it causes side effects in the form of fever, allergic cough and rhinitis, rarely – gastrointestinal problems.


  • Do not take to people suffering from autoimmune diseases (theory, AIDS, etc.)
  • Individual intolerance.

There is no exact information on whether it can be used during pregnancy, since no relevant studies have been conducted.

Release form:

  1. Tablets: 0.75 mg or 0.25 mg in 4 and 12 pieces per pack.
  2. Powder: 1 sachet 500 mg (4 pieces per pack).

Usually Ribomunil is taken before meals 1 time per day.

Ribomunil, basically, has positive reviews from experts. It can be purchased by prescription.


Bronchomunal is an immunostimulant of bacterial origin. The active substance is a lyophilized lysate of 8 types of bacteria, a kind of complex of neutralized bacterial cultures. This helps strengthen immunity against these pathogens. It works on the principle of a vaccine. It has a quick, but short-lasting effect, therefore, annual prophylaxis with this medication is required.


Assign in cases:

  • Respiratory tract diseases.
  • For the prevention of chronic respiratory infections and bronchitis.

It is suitable for the treatment of the disease in the acute period and with complicated viral diseases. Among the side effects, severe weakness, headache, allergic cough, gastrointestinal problems are observed.


  • The first trimester of pregnancy.
  • Lactation period.
  • Individual intolerance.
  • Children’s age (up to 6 months).

Release form:

  1. Capsules for adults: 7 mg (10-30 pieces per pack).
  2. Capsules for children (Bronchomunal P): 3.5 mg each (10-30 pieces per pack).

It is taken in the morning before meals 1 time per day.

In general, experts give positive feedback to Bronhomunal. It can be purchased without a doctor’s prescription.

Similarities of immunostimulants

Ribomunil and Bronchomunal are immunostimulants of natural origin. Increase the activity of immunity. Both are well tolerated and rarely cause side effects. Sometimes, in the absence of one medicine, it is replaced by another, unless this applies to childhood. Both medicines can be combined with other medicines, including antibiotics.

For an effective result from taking immunostimulants, doctors recommend maintaining humidity in the room so that the mucous membrane does not dry out on the surface of the respiratory tract. It is there that antibodies are formed that help cope with the disease.

But still, the different active ingredients of the drugs can play an important role in the prescription of the treatment of diseases.

The difference between immunostimulants

There are few differences between them. They are often called analogues. However, due to the fact that Ribomunil and Bronchomunal have different substances, this nevertheless has an uneven result in strengthening immunity. After applying the first, a persistent barrier against infections forms for a long time. The second stimulates the development of only specific immunity, which needs preventive support.

According to the manufacturers, Bronchomunal has a good effect in the acute period of respiratory diseases or in advanced forms. Ribomunil is preferred to be prescribed in combination with other drugs in the acute period of bronchial disease.

As a prevention against seasonal exacerbations of respiratory diseases, it is recommended to use Bronchomunal.

Ribomunyl has a complicated dosage regimen that must be strictly observed. Bronchomunal is the easiest to take.

Side effects are also different. Ribomunil causes allergic reactions, while Bronchomunal has problems with the gastrointestinal tract and weakens overall well-being (fatigue appears).

Ribomunil is produced in tablets for adults and powder for children, and Bronchomunal – capsules for all ages, but with a different dosage.

Ribomunil will come out at a cost much more expensive than Bronhomunal.

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