4 innovations that facilitate medication

The treatment, which doctors prescribe to their patients, will be effective not only in the case if the therapy is properly administered. Important is compliance – patient compliance.

So there is a combination of drugs because one pill is easier than three or five.

Change is painful and unpleasant injections come in tablet medicine instead of capsules, which are difficult to swallow, pharmaceutical companies are developing syrups with a pleasant taste.

Edible gel instead of pills

American heart Association (American Heart Association) has estimated that nearly one-third of patients who have had a heart attack, stop to drink the recommended medicines a month after discharge from the hospital.

Often this is simply due to the fact that people have to drink too many pills every day that’s not too easy for them.

Specially for these patients the professionals of the company Panaceutics together with scientists from the Department for innovation development at the hospital of Florida have developed edible gel, replacing numerous pills. One dose of gel is packaged in airtight packaging – it is convenient to take along and take medication in any suitable location in any suitable time.

Smart cap

It is known that people are often mistaken, dosing liquid medications. In some cases, the dosage is smaller than required, and in others more. At the same time abandon syrups and medicines, tablets replacement, not everybody wants. This dosage form is much more convenient tablets, especially for small children.

To solve the problems of incorrect dosage can help LiDoCon “smart” cap for the medication, which you can use to quickly and accurately measure the required amount of medicine.

He is put on medicine bottle so you can dispense exactly the amount of the drug necessary, and further the bottle securely closes to prevent pouring the medication and getting into a vial of dirt, dust and debris. Due to the special design of the wash cap is also not necessary.

Cap LiDoCon was created by an employee of the Indian branch of Abbott, whose child had asthma. The man needed regularly to give his son drugs, measuring the right amount of syrup and constantly washing dosing caps.

A gel that does not stain hands

Anti-inflammatory drugs are often used in gels and ointments: they must be applied on a particular part of the body. Specialists of the pharmaceutical companies GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare found that nearly one-third of patients using local media, not like to apply creams and ointments, as the face feeling sticky, oily and dirty hands. About 10% of patients and refuse to use medication in this form, choosing pills.

To solve the problem of dirty hands will help cover special applicator, which can be used to apply gel drug on the surface of the skin. Experts GSK has provided this cap drug Voltaren emulgel and hope that the novelty will make the use more convenient and simple.

The medicine that will appeal to children

It is no secret that to get the child to drink the medicine, can be a daunting task. The original solution was proposed by British experts from the Agency Cambridge Design Partnership, who created the packaging BeeBetter.

Medication in liquid or gel form is in the bag with the neck – it should be easy to drink, clutching the pack and squeezing the contents in his mouth. With this the child can cope on their own. The end is not the most pleasant procedure, it will be a surprise – at the bottom of the bag is honey, which a baby can “eat” medicine. Eat it before a drug is impossible, but its presence may encourage the baby to finish the medicine entirely.

The developers explain that this packaging is suitable for elderly people who find it difficult to cope with “smart” caps, or measure the required dose of medication.

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