Orsoten or Orsotin Slim, which is more effective

If we consider the drugs from the perspective of the manufacturer, it is difficult to say which of the drugs is better and why. But it is for this that there are reviews of people who have tried the drug, as well as doctors.

If you look at the reviews, you can see that the majority chooses Orsoten, and not Orsoten Slim. When taking the first drug, side effects can be noticed much less often than when taking the second. Based on the reviews, it can be understood that Orsotin Slim causes very acute side effects, an upset digestive tract begins and the stool becomes so frequent that people do not leave the bathroom almost all day.

Also, people taking one and the other drug noticed that the effectiveness of Orsoten Slim is several times lower than that of the usual Orsoten. Also, people recommend buying a regular drug because of some benefit, so the dosage of Orsoten is 120 mg, and Orsoten Slim is 60 mg, but it is worth noting that while eating, one way or another, you need to use 120 mg of the drug, therefore, Orsoten Slim consumption is much higher.

The drug is approved for people of any age, but is recommended for people over 14 years old. Pregnant and lactating women can take them safely, but only after consulting with their doctor.

In general, in order to achieve some result and really lose weight, you need to play sports and adhere to proper nutrition, various nutritional supplements help only superficially, and they cannot completely help lose weight. Therefore, when consuming Orsoten, you need to adhere to a diet recommended by your doctor, in which it is possible to take a large amount of fatty food inside, as it causes side effects.

About 40% of people living on earth suffer from extra pounds. Therefore, a large number of companies are inventing more and more new drugs for weight loss, but not all of them are really effective.

To choose the right drug, you need to pay attention to all the features of your body, for example, allergic reactions, etc. In this article we will talk about effective drugs for weight loss “Orsoten” and “Orsoten Slim”, their comparison, difference and much more.


Orsoten is a white capsule that promotes weight loss due to orlistat inhibiting gastric and pancreatic lipase, as a result of which there is a violation of the breakdown of dietary fats and they begin to come less from the gastrointestinal tract. Capsules are taken no more than 3 times a day during meals or no later than an hour after a meal.


The drug, like everyone else, has side effects, which are expressed in frequent stools, in “fat” stools, fecal incontinence, as well as oily discharge from the rectum and more.

Side effects are reduced if the food contains a minimum amount of fat. If there is a large amount of fat in food, then side effects will begin to manifest themselves more carefully.

Orsotin Slim

Orsoten Slim is a hard gelatin capsule, yellow in color, which also contribute to weight loss on the same principle as regular Orsoten. The drug should be taken three times a day with meals or no more than an hour after administration.

Orsotin Slim

Since Orlistat, which is present in the composition, is not absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract at all, due to this it practically does not have a resorptive effect, that is, it is not absorbed into the blood.

During weight loss, you can notice that various diseases caused by obesity are treated. Such diseases include: diabetes mellitus, arterial hypertension, lipid metabolism is restored, various toxins and toxins leave the body, etc.

General indicators between Orsoten and Orsoten Slim

Based on the information above, we can conclude that the drugs are completely identical to each other and as such they have no differences at all.


  • The function of the drug. Both of them are for weight loss and perform the same function, and performing exactly the same actions.
  • Method of application. Both drugs should be taken no more than three times a day, with meals, as a normal dietary supplement.
  • Side effects. Since the drug affects the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, one can notice more frequent trips to the toilet, not quite the usual feces, and in some cases even incontinence.
  • Indications for use. It is recommended to be used only for those people who are prone to obesity or already suffer from it. Before using the drug, in any case, you need to consult a specialist.
  • Contraindications. It is contraindicated only if there is an increased sensitivity to the orlistan contained in the composition.
Comparison of drugs and their difference among themselves
  • The first and main difference between these two drugs is that Orsoten can be bought at a pharmacy only with a doctor’s prescription, since it is prescribed to people with obesity. Orsoten Slim can be bought without a prescription, so many people abuse it and, so to speak, take it because they don’t see the result they need after a certain time.
  • The second difference is the dosage of the active substance in one capsule. In Orsoten, the dosage is 120 mg of Orlistan in one capsule, and in Orsoten Slim, the dosage is halved and amounts to 60 mg per capsule.
  • The third difference is the presence of side effects. In the case of the usual Orsoten, they are practically not observed, but from Orsoten Slim you can notice a completely different thing. It is not clear because of what, but Slim leads to an uncontrolled chair. People who took Orsotin Slim write that they almost did not leave the toilet, because the urges were so frequent that they could not be in time.
  • The cost of the drug. If you buy a course of ordinary Orsoten, then it will turn out to be more profitable than Slim, since due to the dosage of capsules Orsoten Slim will require much more than usual.

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