Lantox or Botox, the choice of drug

“Botox” and “Lantox” are two drugs that need to be focused on when choosing a procedure. Each of them is endowed with pluses. Therefore, only the position of a cosmetologist, with the selection of the ideal option for solving specific problems, in this case will be correct.

Once the correct answer to the question of what to prefer – Lantox or Botox, no. They have an active component in common, produce a similar effect on wrinkles. As a result, trust in a highly professional cosmetologist is the main solution to this issue.

Botox is a universal remedy that is suitable for virtually everyone. In addition, it is used for a large amount of time in aesthetic surgery. Therefore, all its characteristics have long been studied, and the risk of negative consequences has been nullified. But Lantox is not far behind, having its advantages.

In addition, there is a point of view that Lantox is better tolerated, due to the lack of protein compounds, the effective effect of this drug is longer noticeable, but studies on this subject have not been conducted.

It should be recalled that botulinum toxin is a very powerful poison. In order to avoid adverse effects, it is necessary to pay attention to contraindications.

Spring is the most suitable time for practicing good looks, beauty, and personal care. The cosmetology market offers a wide selection of drugs to preserve youth. The most common and effective anti-wrinkle remedies are botulinum toxin injections. But it is better to approach injections with certain knowledge, having understood the question: what is better to use – Lantox or Botox?

The appearance of Lantox

The first tool, which was based on botulinum toxin, was developed by American doctors to combat muscle spasms. The results of subsequent studies showed that it also affects the fight against facial wrinkles. The 21st century has become the era of the use of substances in cosmetology. Developments of this kind were simultaneously conducted in Europe and China, after which a drug called “Lantox” went on sale. If there is no mistrust of European counterparts, then most of the Chinese are biased. Is it justified?


Lantox contains a toxin, the pharmacological effect of which is based on the blockade of the nerve and muscles, leading to relaxation. Comparing with other drugs, it has the lowest price policy. In dermatocosmetology, it is applicable to eliminate:

  • Nasolabial folds.
  • Wrinkles of frontal, periubical, decollete and neck.
  • Facial assimilation.
  • Sweating of hands, feet and armpits.
Action “Botox”

Butolinic toxin contains bacteria in minimal doses, which are activators of food intoxication. After entering the human body, it affects the nerve endings, blocking all muscle impulses of facial expressions. Thanks to Botox, there was a positive change in the existence around the globe of a huge number of people with incomplete paralysis and facial paralysis.


The claimed drug is effective in combating:

  • Headaches.
  • Squint.
  • Gnashing of teeth.

However, Botox does not have a positive effect on all types of wrinkles. The wrinkles formed over the years have not succumbed to him.

Using Botox

Relative drugs

After analyzing the funds, we can call them related, thanks to the relaxing effect on the muscles. But in no way are the twins, even though they have a similar powdery appearance, requiring dilution with physiological saline before the injection.

The essence of both one and the second medicine is one, thanks to the common active component acting on the nervous system. An overdose of enough of this poison will easily lead to death. But proper cleaning and administration in small doses under the skin can give excellent results. The blocking effect of the toxin, at times improves the quality of the skin.

The direction of action of Botox and Lantox is also similar, by injecting a syringe with a very thin needle under the skin. The value should be determined by the doctor, taking into account the severity of the transformations in the end. When Botox acts on the ability to transmit signals from the nerve root to the muscle, the cells are not damaged, so the effect of the composition is reversible.

Minor Features

Differences of the preparations are reduced on the production technique, the dose presented, the container size, storage requirements, additional components. In the medicinal composition, various stabilizers are used. In Botox, this is a human immunoglobulin ; in Lantox, gelatin of animal origin.

To make a choice, it is important to listen to the recommendations of professionals in this field. Since, in one case, one drug can prove itself on the good side, and in the second, another can be significantly effective. In addition, the individual characteristics of patients play an important role.

Both Botox and Lantox have been praised by many people. In practice, unsuccessful cases are also implicit, but their origin boils down to unskilled specialists and allergic reactions.

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