Cyclovita or Time Factor, which is more effective

It is not possible to clearly answer this question, because the drugs are very similar to each other. It is worth noting that Cyclovita is very suitable for women of age, so they are better off choosing it. Also, Cyclovita helps restore hormonal levels, reproductive function and help restore the course after various serious illnesses.

If the cycle went wrong due to stress or an improper diet and rapid weight loss, then Time Factor can be dispensed with, especially since it will help hair and nail growth well.

Also, if you look at some reviews, you can see that in some cities the Time Factor is much more difficult to meet than Cyclovita. It is not clear how this is explained, but most likely due to the untwisted Cyclovita.

Do not forget that before using any drug, you need to consult a doctor based on the results of the analysis of the patient, his personal preferences, intolerance to some components and much more, the doctor will make the choice in favor of one of the drugs.

The share of women’s life has come that comes every month and is called critical days. But not everything is so easy, because in some women the cycle is completely irregular for some reason. For example, due to hormonal disruption, due to childbirth or due to various diseases of the female organs.

Regular menstruation is a very important thing, because it is they that remove from the body all the substances accumulated during the month that are unnecessary for the body, which can cause various diseases. To restore the regularity of the cycle, you need to choose a special effective drug. The article will discuss two such drugs, namely, “Cyclovite” and “Time Factor”.


Cyclovita is a regular biological supplement, available in the form of ordinary white tablets, it is a multifunctional product consisting of vitamins and minerals that are designed specifically for the female body. The tool is intended to restore regular critical days, as well as to get rid of premenstrual syndrome. During the use of the drug, you can notice an improvement in the quality of hair and nails, as those vitamins that were lacking in the body are replenished.


Tablets should be taken every day, one at a time, for two to three months, in order to achieve a result that will consolidate and hold on without causing any relapse. The tablet is taken with meals and washed down with plenty of water. The optimal course duration is one month, but for the full result 2-3 months.

It has several side effects, they include:

  • Itchy skin all over the body.
  • Swelling of the mucous membranes, for example, in the mouth.
  • Allergy-related cough.
  • Skin rashes.

It is forbidden to pregnant women, before taking a doctor’s consultation, although the drug can be bought without a prescription.

Time Factor

Time Factor is a complex of vitamins, which consists of 4 types: pink, yellow, orange and beige capsules, which should be taken sequentially one after another, without interrupting the course and without interrupting the course of treatment. The first and last blister is used 2 tablets a day, and the second and third one 1 tablet, the drug must be taken with food and drink it with plenty of water, like any dietary supplement.

Time Factor

Time Factor is an excellent drug that was created to normalize the menstrual cycle, regulates the duration of the cycle and normalizes it, and regulates hormonal balance during premenstrual syndrome. Great for women of reproductive age, as their cycle is very confused, and this causes problems. The drug, like the first, is prohibited for pregnant women.

The recommended course duration is 28 days, but in some cases the course is extended for another 28 days to achieve a better result.

The drug does not cause any adverse reactions, except for an allergy to elements from the composition, therefore, before use, you need to read the composition and understand your intolerance to certain elements.

What are the similar means

Although the drugs are identical to each other, there are some differences. Similarities include:

  • Function of food supplement. Both drugs act to restore the regularity of critical days and to relieve syndromes during premenstrual syndrome.
  • Method of application. Both drugs should be taken at a time when there is no menstruation, that is, on those 28-30 days between critical days. During menstruation, treatment should be discontinued.
  • Contraindications. Both drugs are prohibited for pregnant and lactating women.
  • Indications for use. These drugs are great for women who have menopause or who gave birth to women who can’t recover their menstruation after giving birth.
  • Composition. Preparations are composed of vitamins and various minerals, which are necessary for the proper functioning of the body.
  • Cost. Both drugs are in the same price category, so you can choose any of them without fear of overpaying.
Comparison and differences
  1. The main difference between these two drugs is that Time Factor can get an overdose if taken incorrectly, so this is fraught with consequences.
  2. Efficiency. According to reviews, we can conclude that Cyclovitis is a very strong and effective drug, it helps to restore the cycle after serious diseases.
  3. The time factor is great as a complex of vitamins, since after it nails and hair begin to grow very quickly, and their condition becomes much better. The time factor is also suitable in cases where the violation of the menstrual cycle is due to stress or diets.
  4. The Time Factor also has some additional components in the composition, so it is more effective for health.

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