How to take Zistan cystitis and kidney stones

Zistan cystitis is a multicomponent drug, which has two simultaneous effects: nephrolithiasis and antimicrobial.

Neolitichesky effect is manifested in the following: dissolution of stones from kidney, excretion of salts, which contribute to the formation of stones (phosphate, urate, oxalate). Antimicrobial effect is manifested in suppressing the growth and activity of pathogenic microorganisms, which are responsible for the appearance of infectious-inflammatory process. The drug is used not only for therapeutic but also for preventive purposes.

Dosage form of the drug

Currently the drug is available in one dosage form, namely tablets for oral administration. Pills manufactured in India the company, which is famous for the use of plant raw materials and plant components.

Due to its natural composition, zistan cystitis is often called, drug remedy, and herbal remedies.
Zistan called vegetable pills

What is included in cestona?

The herbal extracts included in the composition of the drug, have a unique ability to dissolve the stones and remove sand from the body.

Cystone active components are those components:

  • dvouplotna tabulkovy;
  • reed saxifrage;
  • serdtselistny madder;
  • filmy of sign;
  • rough Solomonic;
  • prisvetlaya onosma;
  • ash vernonia.

In addition to these extracts, there are other components that are processed over the steam:

  • fragrant Basil;
  • seeds horse beans;
  • bashful Mimosa;
  • fragrant pavonia;
  • field horsetail;
  • teak wood.
Therapeutic effect

Thanks to its unique composition, zistan from cystitis has a number of therapeutic effects:

  • diuretic,
  • neolitichesky,
  • anti-inflammatory,
  • antimicrobial,
  • antispasmodic,
  • antiseptic.

It is impossible to ignore the instruction manual, it contains important information

Let us consider in detail each of these steps.

A diuretic, or, simply, the diuretic effect helps to eliminate stagnation of urine and ensures its timely excretion from the body. In the end, salt is not deposited, are not converted into crystals, so in turn, the stones from which formed.

As for nefroticescom effect, even in the presence of already formed of stones of large size, the drug is capable of dissolving them, and stones of smaller sizes to split and display in the form of sand.

Between the substances that form stones, there is a chemical and physical connection, so the drug just weakens these ties are breaking off. As a result, the stone is much smaller.
Also, do not forget that in urine there are various substances which contribute to the formation of crystals and later calculi, so zistan just neutralizes these veesta. In fact, the drug is a good preventive measure, eliminating the factors that could in the future result in kidney stones.

Zistan from cystitis effective because it reduces the severity of the inflammatory process, and completely suppresses it.

Antispasmodic action is another important point in the treatment process. The drug relaxes not only the bladder but also the urinary tract, the result is discomfort when urinating.
Zistan from cystitis quick relief of pain and burning, which appear when urinating

Finally, the ability to destroy pathogenic microorganisms that cause the inflammatory process, reducing the disease.

You can highlight the main pharmacological properties of the drug:

Regardless of the acidity of the urine, the drug provides its therapeutic effect. No need for acidification or, on the contrary, the alkalinisation of the urine.

Applications Cystone

A drug is designated as a comprehensive treatment of the following pathologies:

Tablets are taken after meals, drinking plenty of water


Pills should not be crushed or chewed, they are swallowed whole. There are cases when people simply can’t swallow a pill, in this case, exceptionally, it is possible to divide the drug into several portions, which should be swallowed one by one.

During the reception cystone you should not forget about fluid intake. Should be consumed up to two liters of fluid a day, it is possible to consider not only natural water, but also teas, fruit drinks etc. But the fluid which is the food already here not taken into account.
Zistan effective for stones of various compositions in the kidneys

All is desirable to use a drug, if the stones are made up of very large size, because in this case, their progress can clog the ureter, and will cause severe problems with urination.
Do not expect that after the first application the condition improves and the disease will retreat. It is important to understand that, like any other plant-based medicine, Zistan will operate slowly and gradually. Maximum pronounced therapeutic effect is observed after about two weeks after the start of treatment, therefore, make the drug better at least two weeks.

Over the next two to four weeks after the treatment, the drug continues to maintain its therapeutic effect.


Make the drug to be in accord with the medical appointment, which may differ depending on such factors as:

With the appearance of acute pain, the drug should be suspended

For example, cystitis and pyelonephritis adults are assigned the following course: three times a day two tablets, children up to eleven years is one tablet three times a day.

The duration of treatment in infectious-inflammatory processes of the urinary tract ranges from one week to a full recovery.

In urolithiasis, the dose is about the same, except that the duration of treatment is increased to one month or even more.
If zistan is prescribed to drink in the prevention, it is necessary to take one tablet three times a day for five months. This dose is assigned to all patients, regardless of age.

Features of treatment in pregnancy

The drug consists of purely herbal ingredients that can’t harm neither the child, nor the woman, so zistan can be safely used in pregnancy and during lactation.

The drug is prescribed during pregnancy not only for infections of the urinary tract, but also in difficulties with urination, caused by the following reasons:

Zistan not affect the reaction and concentration, therefore, in parallel with the treatment you can safely operate the vehicle and any mechanisms that require attention

As to dosages, they are the same as for all adults. Women in this period is not necessary neither to reduce nor to increase the dosage of the medicine.

Action medications cystitis

The tablets have a number of actions for inflammation of the bladder, namely:

Zistan may not be the only and main treatment of cystitis, it is used as a Supplement to uroantiseptiki drugs.
The drug is not administered to children up to six years, as well as people with hypersensitivity to the drug

Side effects

Zistan well tolerated by patients and rarely have side effects.

All documented cases of allergic reactions:

Contraindications and danger

Medicinal plants have long been used in folk medicine because of its unique abilities, yet they have another side of the coin. As recent studies show, many plants have a rather complex structure, and every time open new properties, so many of them are still unexplored.

The composition of medicinal plants includes biologically active substances that can provoke the development of Allergy.
As indicated in the instructions for use, the drug should not be taken in renal colic. Some make a serious mistake when seeing cystone ability to exert antispasmodic effect on your own risk you begin to use remedy for colic. These actions of these patients only waste valuable time and often lead your body to develop serious complications, because in order began to operate the drug, it will take time.

The kanefron or zistan?

And kanefron, and zistan is a herbal remedies which have in their composition of extracts of medicinal plants. If zistan is an Indian invention, that kanefron is a German drug.
One fits more kanefron, others – zistan, it all depends on the individual characteristics of the human body

Both medication used in the treatment of infectious-inflammatory processes, as well as to reduce the size of kidney stones and prevent their occurrence. It turns out that their popularity is due to a wide range of therapeutic effects.

Some differences among these drugs have. For example, in cystone contains more herbal components, which explains the documented cases of allergic reactions, whereas in the case of kanefron such messages.

We would like to say about the ability of the kanefron to reduce the amount of protein in the urine during pregnancy. Zistan such a property is not.

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