Dangerous to use the towel several days in a row

The scientists said what kind of bacteria accumulate on the fabric and is it worth it for them to worry.

Not so long ago there was a study claiming that the use of towels that weren’t washed for a few days, it is dangerous due to the large number of bacteria. According to the author of this work in about two days on a hand towel, more of coliform bacteria than in the toilet. However, all is not so bad.

There is no evidence that people are getting from your own towels. Our bodies are adapted to live in an environment full of bacteria. If between usages towel time to dry completely, likely to transmit to someone’s own bacteria are almost there.

The towels have bacteria because they are everywhere.

“Think yourself, where your towel bacteria, if not with yourself,” says microbiologist mark Martin (Mark Martin).

According to him, studies that detect E. coli and other coliforms usually are looking for only gram-negative bacteria. But they are not necessarily bad for us.

In General, there is no evidence to prove the harm of these bacteria on the towel. And no one checked whether this is enough to get sick.

Martin himself washes towels once a week. To do it more often doesn’t make sense, unless you wipe your eyes and mouth with a towel, which share with the person suffering from intestinal infection.

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