Immediately after childbirth, start playing sports

During the period of gestation, the woman’s figure changes dramatically – new fat cells appear, leading to a rapid gain in weight. On average, for the entire period of bearing a child, future mothers gain from 10 to 15 kilograms. Which, of course, is very strongly reflected in the figure after childbirth.

But there is nothing to be done, it is so inherent in nature. Gaining excess weight only says that a woman after childbirth can provide not only her body with vital substances, but also the future baby. Of course, you can not argue with nature, but after giving birth there is a sagging stomach, stretch marks, sides, etc.

Naturally, this is very frustrating for a woman, she begins to be visited by thoughts that she has ceased to be sexy for her second half and that she urgently needs to return to her former weight and adjust her figure.

However, returning to its former forms is not so easy after childbirth. There is no question about various express diets and fasting, as this can cause the loss of breast milk, which is necessary for the baby during the first months of his life. Heavy loads are also dangerous for the body in the postpartum period. That he needs to recover at least 4 – 5 months. The first six months, the muscles are very vulnerable and the likelihood of stretching them even with small loads is very high.

Sport is the only option that will quickly bring the figure in order. But here, one should adhere to the recommendations so that sport after childbirth is to the benefit, and not to the detriment.

When to start?

Before you begin to actively engage in sports, you must make a trip to the antenatal clinic and get medical approval. The recovery period after childbirth is individual for each woman. Someone needs 2 – 3 months before starting to run, and for someone 5 months is not enough for this.

But experts say that you can begin to engage in light gymnastics a few weeks after the birth, gradually increasing the load. Clothing should be comfortable, not hamper movement and support the chest. Only 10 – 15 exercises per day will help the body tune in to more serious loads.

Light gymnastics includes squats, turns the body to the left, right, forward and backward, an exercise called the “mill” and walking in place.

What sports can I do right after birth?

In the postpartum period, it is recommended to avoid strong physical exertion. Therefore, to bring your forms in order, such sports as walking, pilates, aqua aerobics or swimming, belly dancing are suitable.

Water sports interact with all muscle groups, while the body does not feel tired at all. Moreover, you can engage in swimming or aqua aerobics 2 to 3 months after giving birth. In addition, you can visit the pool with the baby, teaching him swimming from an early age, which will affect his health very positively.

Aqua aerobics includes four phases: warm-up, warm-up, intense part and relaxation. It should be practiced regularly, at least several times a week, performing exercises sequentially. At first, it will be enough to perform each exercise 5-8 times, then gradually increasing the load.

Learning the technique of belly dancing, you can quickly remove the sides and stomach. You can start classes already after 4 – 5 weeks after childbirth. Regular exercises will tighten the skin of the abdomen and remove the orange peel from the buttocks (cellulite). Also, belly dance has a beneficial effect on the body and the body as a whole. Posture improves, muscles of the buttocks and abdomen strengthen, and the hormonal background of the body is improved after childbirth.

What kind of sport you should not get involved in

Naturally, after childbirth, one should not be carried away by those sports that put a large load on the body. The hormonal background of the body has not yet been rebuilt, there is a huge load on the heart. And besides, this does not favorably affect lactation – the amount of milk can significantly decrease or even disappear. And breastfeeding the baby in the first months of life is simply necessary.

Such sports include: running, cycling, weightlifting and athletics, tennis, volleyball and others. Giving such loads to your body should be in 10 – 12 months after birth and only after the approval of the doctor.

How to increase the load

To achieve your goals, for example, to lose weight or increase body tone, playing sports, you must constantly increase the load on the body. This increases the efficiency of classes – the weight goes away faster, and the body tightens.

The female body after childbirth is weakened, so the increase in physical activity should be gradual. Classes should begin with the regular implementation of 5 – 10 exercises per day for one week. Then, every 7 days add 1 to 2 exercises to gradually increase the load and achieve the goal.

Most women in the postpartum period are depressed due to changes in hormonal levels. Therefore, it is very difficult for them to make themselves move. However, even the implementation of the simplest exercises will allow women to feel a surge of energy and, as a consequence, will tune it to a serious fight against extra pounds.

How to combine physical activity and child care

If you think that playing sports and caring for a child are two incompatible activities, you are mistaken! On average, it will take you about 20 to 25 minutes to complete the exercises. Therefore, you should find time for playing sports. You should not run to cook or clean immediately after the baby falls asleep. You can put off household chores or ask relatives to help you.

Today, there are a huge number of fitness schools for young mothers, where classes take place directly with the child. Classes in schools will allow you not only to get in shape, but also to spend more time with your child.

If you don’t have the opportunity or desire to visit the gym, you can find video tutorials on the Internet and do sports after childbirth on your own.

Walk with your baby more often, alternating between walking fast and slow. A 20 minute walk burns approximately 150 – 200 kcal. Therefore, walking in the fresh air with the baby, you take another step on the road to success and provide yourself with a good mood for the whole day!

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