Doing sports after cesarean section

Any woman wants to be slim and, looking at her reflection in the mirror, feel admiration and like herself. For the sake of this, many diets and exercises were invented, playing sports and taking care of yourself is considered a good form, but after childbirth, and especially after childbirth with the help of cesarean, this becomes a problem.

No matter how much the new-born mother would like to regain her form faster, she is forced to be careful, take care of herself, be afraid, no matter how the seam is opened. Anyone understands that sports after cesarean section can be simply dangerous.

But it is impossible to completely deprive oneself of physical activities and sooner or later the moment will come when it will be possible to begin to perform physical exercises – first soft and gentle, then at full strength.

When will this happen?

The first six weeks, a woman is not interested in purposeful sports – after a cesarean section, the body has not yet recovered, he needs a sparing regimen. However, there are simple recommendations that will help return the muscles to a minimum tone and prepare themselves for these loads.

So where do you start?
  1. First of all, with the fact that it does not apply to exercises directly – with the help of the skin. After the operation, it is stretched, which means that you need to help her acquire a normal tone. To do this, you need to drink more fluid, wear a postpartum bandage and lubricate the skin with olive oil or special ointments.
  2. When walking with a child in a stroller, you should not just sit on a bench in the park and indulge in dreams. It is better to walk along the tracks with a quick step – this increases the overall muscle tone. Walking is generally one of the mildest physical exercises; after cesarean, it is quite acceptable.
  3. Light gymnastics is permissible as soon as a woman feels ready for her. No exercises on the press, only body turns, squats and soft swings with arms and legs – you should not thresh the air as a personal enemy, it is better to raise your arms and legs smoothly and leisurely.
  4. You need to try to keep your back straight all the time – this helps to develop good posture, and your stomach will tighten.

Important : the caesarean suture during the performance of these physical exercises should not hurt and pull – otherwise you need to stop them immediately.

Where to go next?

The main thing in any sports after cesarean is to listen to the sensations and stop them at the slightest pain – it is best to visit a doctor to find out the reasons. When a woman feels strong enough after cesarean to move on to more substantial exercises, she can start jogging and walking, or turn her attention to some quite gentle sports.

Sports that you can practice.
  1. Pilates. This area of ​​fitness is considered the safest – to get injured in it, you need to try very hard. It is based on all sorts of stretch marks, slow and smooth movements. Exercises of this system will return to a woman after cesarean grace and smooth movements, will help develop flexibility and bring muscles to tone.
  2. Water aerobics. This is also a very safe sport – it is prescribed even for pregnant women in the later stages, and after giving birth it will not hurt. The loads in it are almost imperceptible, and the benefits are visible to the naked eye.
  3. Yoga. It is best to enroll in a postpartum group and practice under the supervision of an experienced instructor. It will also help you learn how to breathe and regain flexibility.
  4. Aerobics and dancing. If a woman studied them before childbirth, she can return to classes after six months of rest. Of course, before this you need to consult a doctor and a trainer.

Sport after cesarean section is by no means a myth. You can take care of yourself and be afraid of any physical exertion, but this will not benefit the body. It is better to act gently, thoughtfully and carefully – and gradually regain its former physical shape.

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