Eksmo presents a series of educational games

Intelligence games are the most promising trend in the education of primary school students. In response to the high demand for “smart” games, Eksmo publishes a completely new product – a series of educational board games from Julia Shkolnik.

During the game, children easily learn educational material, develop strategic thinking, logic, communication skills and memory. Teachers and parents note that the game is a very effective way of presenting information, and they are increasingly introducing game elements into the learning process.

Julia a schoolboy is a teacher, professional artist and author of books of the famous cycle “Complete Encyclopedias”, more than one hundred thousand copies of which are sold annually throughout the country.

Julia created new intelligence games together with professional game designer Dmitry Trubitsin and consultants – candidates of sciences. The games were tested in target groups and received the most enthusiastic reviews from children.

What are game sets?

The series “History in Faces”, “Animals”, “Underwater World” and “Wonders of the World” have already been released in the series. Each set includes seven games: on the development of memory, speed of thinking and reaction, team play, quiz, bluff game and allied game.

Games are designed for players over seven years old. A variety of tasks and the presence of difficulty levels for a long time supports the interest in the game and allows you to completely immerse yourself in the field of study.

Intelligent games of Julia Shkolnik will help to consolidate the school curriculum and broaden one’s horizons. You can play with the whole family, large and small companies, and even arrange team competitions.

Games are aimed at developing memory, logic, strategy, and reaction. They help to unite the children’s team.

In each box you will find:

  • 78 thematic cards;
  • profession cards that give the player unique abilities;
  • playing fields;
  • chips;
  • tokens;
  • detailed illustrated rules.

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