Parenting mistakes that prevent a child from becoming successful

All parents want their child to grow up successful. But often desires diverge from actions – mothers and fathers create conditions that prevent the baby from becoming ambitious and inquisitive. We understand the main parental errors so as not to repeat them ourselves.

Two by two is four

There is nothing more destructive for a child’s imagination than ready-made answers to any question. Of course, this does not apply to some difficult phenomena that should be explained. But in general, this leads to template thinking and blocking the ability to independently think and analyze events, situations. For example, you are asked why the kettle is hot. Do not rush to explain, it is better to push leading questions into the correct conclusion.

We read and write in three years

After listening to the enthusiasm of friends and acquaintances about the successes of their babies, some mothers decide to teach their crumbs to reading and writing too early. At the same time, forgetting that such skills at such a tender age are completely superfluous. It is much more important to communicate with peers, practice speech, run, jump, play. There is not a single adult who has not mastered the alphabet, but a three-year-old child spends too much effort on this, and the development of key skills for this period is inhibited.

We thought, and I decided

Often, mom and dad, using a child, want to realize their own dreams. They bring him to music school, although he dreams of a football section. Or they record immediately in many circles, and the child is overloaded. As a result, there is no return from classes, problems with academic performance begin, the child becomes a hostage to parental desires.


Caring is wonderful, but when it develops into total control, does not even let you breathe imperceptibly, it becomes uncomfortable. The child is convinced that he can do nothing himself. And if at first he still protests, then over time he even stops trying. Self-doubt, indefatigable shyness, inability to make decisions and be responsible for their actions contribute little to success in the future.

For the desk!

In the 19th century, they entered the gymnasium from the age of 10. Of course, education at that time had its own characteristics, and such an age qualification was justified. Today, parents send their children to school at incomplete 7 years, taking natural talent and quick wit for maturity and willingness to study.

There are cases when a student who has studied one quarter of the six-year plan is recommended to bring in a year later, since the child was not ready psychologically and emotionally for learning. At 6-6.5 years, the brain still withstands such loads, children quickly become tired, tired. Studying turns into a heavy duty, motivation gradually disappears.

Redundant help

Homework is a checklist at home. You don’t need to sit with your son or daughter over your soul until grade 11, they must learn to cope with tasks, exercises, drawings themselves. And moreover, you cannot do this work for them.

Little movement

It has been experimentally proved that mental activity directly depends on motor activity. The more the child moves, the more impulses and oxygen the brain receives, so if the child is guilty, punishing him with a walk is a bad idea.

You are the best!

Encouragement and incentive are undoubtedly important and necessary. But children should not be too lavish. This creates a false sense of omnipotence and an illusion in the style of “I know everything, I have nothing to learn.”

We say one thing, do another

You can talk about how good a healthy lifestyle is, that older people need to be respected, and read more. But if an adult, say, smokes, allows himself to be rude to someone’s address and has already forgotten when he was holding a book for the last time, then it’s strange to expect a student to pursue a goal. We teach children by setting an example. A discrepancy between words and deeds confuses all cards, and not in a positive way.

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