Finished mashed potatoes, a good choice for the baby

Oh, this moment of introduction of complementary foods! Before each mother, the question certainly arises: ready-made baby food – to be or not to be ?! We found 5 reasons for mashed potatoes and juices for kids.

1. Even dad can handle

It is very rare to meet a dad who selflessly prepares puree for a child and squeezes juices. Usually, mom deals with such matters. And if she is not nearby? Help out tasty and healthy mashed potatoes from a jar! Any dad will definitely be able to feed them a baby.

2. Roadside picnic

It has long been known that kids receive the most powerful impetus for development on their journey. And to carry suitcases with zucchini with you, it’s quite inconvenient to cook, steam and grind in a blender on the road. The jar can be taken with you on a trip, guests, for a long walk, to the clinic and to any other place. The baby will always be full. And this with minimal effort – to bring a compact jar and bring it to room temperature.

3. Product sterility

Both at home and on a walk, you can be sure of the sterility of canned food. It passed the appropriate test. But the “personal” jars and kulechki… And if at home animals and other children?

4. What are we cooking from?

Actually, this is the cornerstone about which the adherents of “their zucchini” stumble. The myth that when we cook ourselves, we know from what, is completely dispelled at the very moment when the speaker talks about purchased fruits and vegetables. With pumpkin and zucchini grown in your garden, it still makes sense to torment, but zucchini from the vegetable market or supermarket, crushed in a blender is a bad alternative to canned food.

You know as little about this zucchini as you do about a jar. But the jar is checked, its contents meet the standards of baby food for a certain age. In other words, it is safe for a small person. In addition, canned food contains all the necessary nutrients, vitamins and trace elements in the right amount. Whether purchased broccoli or pumpkin meets these requirements is a big question.

5. Served to eat – a varied and full menu for crumbs!

Canned food provides the child with a full and varied menu at any time of the year. The baby can receive vitamins and minerals (such important for growth and development) from tropical fruits – mango, papaya, banana; vegetables and fruits of our strip, regardless of the season (and parents do not need to spend time and energy on preserving products). The consistency of mashed potatoes strictly corresponds to the age of the baby – you do not need to consult with specialists and adjust the degree of grinding products.

Of course, when choosing a ready-made baby food, you need to know the safety rules and strictly adhere to them:

  1. Keep track of the date of manufacture and the expiration date of the product. We will not explain why.
  2. Check packaging integrity. If the jar is damaged or the lid is deformed, you can’t buy such food.
  3. Observe the age limits described on the jars. If you buy mashed potatoes for an 8 month old baby, do not give it to a 5 month old baby.
  4. If the child has an allergy or food intolerance to specific foods, strictly monitor the composition of the diet.

If there is a desire and strength, prepare a crumbs of goodies with pleasure and good health, but mashed pots, in addition to being healthy and tasty, also make life easier for parents!

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