The best means for healing of wounds in children

In the period of childhood, no child without small wounds and skin injuries. For proper treatment and healing of these wounds, prevent infection and suppuration, scarring and scarring use certain drugs. The minimum required set of these tools should be in every medicine Cabinet.

Treatment and healing of wounds

Immediately after injury, the skin and underlying tissues need to properly handle. Apply hemostatic drugs, as well as means for washing wounds and antiseptic, then bandage (if necessary). Small scrapes and wounds sometimes can only be treated with antiseptics.

In the presence of seams, serious wounds and burns apply a wound-healing agent that helps restore the integrity of tissues and prevent or minimize the development of scars. They sterilize, stimulate epithelization and cell division, restore the structure of tissues.

Options for healing wounds and their treatment

There are several variants of development of events in the healing of wounds and skin injuries. If the edges of the wound tightly touch each other, there is no infection with bacteria, then the healing occurs by primary tension, and such damage is almost not leave scars and traces.

If the wound edges are uneven, they are loose to each other, they penetrate infection, then healing occurs by secondary intention. Inflammation and suppuration of the tissues, formation of areas of dense granulation tissue filling the defects. Then the wound shivsena for a long time, can form a scar. Is the case with lacerations, bite, have not undergone processing or tech, which children injure, tear crusts or seams to bother you.

Superficial abrasions and wounds usually heal under a scab (crust). It protects new skin cells against external influences and damage, allowing to restore the structure of tissues.

The period of tissue regeneration is very important – the formation of new cells of the epidermis and underlying tissue is lost and corrupted, which requires the body elevated cost of energy, a sufficient level of blood flow in the damage area, higher amounts of protein and vitamins. These substances are part of drugs that help heal wounds.

Rules for the treatment of wounds and injuries

Without a doctor at home can only heal small wounds, sun burns or household surface, as well as the scratches or abrasions.

Attention! If the bite of any animal, the wound contaminated with earth or a deep, wide burn has an area of more than 3 palms toddler (3% or more), or that second and higher degree, need to immediately consult a doctor. Dangerous burns with blisters, chest, groin face. This is necessary for proper treatment of wounds, tetanus prevention, and bites animals – and even rabies.

Prior to application of wound healing drugs damaged areas are treated with antiseptics – 3% hydrogen peroxide, an aqueous solution of potassium permanganate (0.1 to 0.5%), or a solution Miramistina. It is necessary before any manipulations wash hands thoroughly with soap and water.

For dressings only used gauze or bandages, cotton wool is not imposed on the wound as the fibers dry to the wound and hinder the healing. They are difficult to remove, they injure the area of epithelialization.

If the dressing adhere to the wound, it is impossible to tear off or to remove, applying force, it will bring pain and traumatize the wound. The place where it sticks, moisten with hydrogen peroxide, and then gently remove the gauze.

The necessary amount of funding for wound healing applied on the tissue or on the wound, but we must never touch the hands or the tube edges and damaged tissues. Open the tool store in a cool place tightly closed, open packing suitable for up to 4 weeks. As healing apply gels, creams or ointments, can be applied film or aerosols, lotions and other formulations.

Drugs with dexpantenola for children

Some of the leading remedies for healing wounds are the drugs on the basis of dexpanthenol.

They are sold under different brand names and in several different forms:

  • Ointment for external use, has a thick oily basis
  • The cream has a light texture
  • Skin lotion
  • Solution for use externally
  • Aerosol spray for the treatment of skin contact.

The basis of all of these drugs – the provitamin B5 or dexpanthenol, possessing wound-healing effect due to the participation in the processes of metabolism and energy for the cells. On the background of tissue damage the body’s need for it increases. It also stimulates the growth of epidermal cells and the healing of the mucous membranes, has weak anti-inflammatory effect. Its use accelerates the process of wound healing, reduction of dryness and tightness, discomfort in the region of the tissue, pain. If applied well and quickly penetrates deep into the skin due to its physico-chemical properties. Approved for use from birth safe, has no side effects.

Methods of application depend on the dosage form of the drug:

  • use cream: daily care for dry and prone to cracking skin, softening of avetranesi skin, treatment of minor injuries and abrasions, sun burns, redness and irritation of the skin. When applied quickly and easily absorbed without leaving marks on clothing and body. You can use long, put not more than 2 times a day.
  • ointment: for the treatment of diaper rash, minor abrasions and injuries, abrasions of the skin, minor burns, skin irritations. It accelerates epithelization of wounds under a scab, helps treat and prevent diaper rash. Can be used under bandages or applied to an open wound.
  • use of lotion: treatment of small areas of the skin without damaging the integrity of the epidermis (sunburn without blisters). Has a slight cooling effect. Applied with a swab to dry skin.
  • aerosol spray with the formation of foam is applied to the area of the wound or injury immediately upon receipt. It has analgesic and eliminating itching effect does not hold when you burn the heat, coating by spraying is painless. Spray it so that the entire wound surface was covered with foam, before use, the bottle is shaken.
  • solution for local and external use: helps in the healing of wounds and damage to the mucosa. It is diluted with warm boiled water half and applied a gauze pad to three times a day.

These types of drugs is well tolerated, rarely can give allergic reaction in the form of itching, then they need to cancel. Contraindicated in the treatment of contaminated and septic wounds.

Ointments and creams for treatment of wounds

If there is a risk of contamination of the wound or infection, apply the cream Bepanten Plusadditionally containing chlorhexidine (antimicrobial component). It helps in regeneration of tissues and destroys dangerous microbes, it is applied in a thin layer on a pre-processed wound under a bandage or open way. Approved for use in children from 1 year, contraindicated with Allergy to components.

Methyluracyl ointment 10%, with the content of the active substance melioratsiia, normalizes exchange of nucleic acids in cells, improves tissue nutrition and rapid growth with the maturation. Has anti-inflammatory and immune-stimulating effects, has been used topically since birth, valid only at the site of application without affecting systemically. Used in the treatment of superficial burns, nonhealing wounds are small, with diaper rash, and inflammation of the skin. Applied in a thin layer up to three times a day, rarely gives allergic reaction on the skin if applied more than 14 days.

For topical application and wound treatment in children use aktovegin or Solkoseril with the active ingredient – an extract of calves blood (a mixture of purified amino acids to peptides). They help in improving local blood circulation and metabolism, utilization of oxygen to tissues, helping to speed up healing. Permitted from birth, used in the treatment of burns and cuts, abrasions, and fractures, non-healing ulcers. For Actovegin has three forms – 20% gel, 5% ointment and cream. For Solcoseryl ointment and gel. The choice of forms depends on the type of injury or stage of the burn.

Originally recommended gels, they are applied in a thin layer on the affected areas after pre-treatment of the wound. Can be applied under a bandage or to conduct an open way. Creates a protective film that helps the absorption of the substance, without preventing access of oxygen. When pojelanie wounds and the formation of a thin epithelial film you can go to the cream or ointment. They are also used under a bandage on an open wound.

Drugs are not mixed with other substances, not applied to contaminated or infected wounds.

For infected wounds shows ointment Levomekol with chloramphenicol and methyluracil in the composition. The drug eliminates germs and stimulates the healing of wounds, has anti-inflammatory and immunostimulating effect. Helps in drainage of pus from the wound. Used in children 1 year of age, applied externally to wounds under bandages. They treat burns, cuts and any wounds with suppuration, it helps in suppressing the infection and eliminating pus, cleansing the wound. Applied under the bandage, soaking a cloth and applying it onto the wound. Changed once a day until wound epithelialization and granulation.

Contractubex gel is used to eliminate the scarring that occurs in pathological wound healing. Open and fresh wounds it does not apply, they are treated with a formed hem, so it was not so noticeable and prominent.

Sea buckthorn oil is used for burns and healing of the affected wounds and mucous surfaces. Has antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and stimulating effect. Softens dry skin and irritation. You can apply to handle open surfaces and under bandages are used until the granulation.

Cream Eplun is used for the treatment of minor wounds, burns, scratches and skin injuries in children. Has gliolan, possessing regenerative effect, and convenient form of release in the form of a cream, solution, impregnated wipes for application to wounds.

Also used for treatment of minor wounds and infection prevention powder Baneuoqin, ointment of Bacitracin, zinc ointment or paste Lassara. They are applied on the wound under a bandage or open way strictly according to instructions. Used in children from birth.

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  1. For dressings only used gauze or bandages, cotton wool is not imposed on the wound as the fibers dry to the wound and hinder the healing. They are difficult to remove, they injure the area of epithelialization.

  2. Superficial abrasions and wounds usually heal under a scab (crust). It protects new skin cells against external influences and damage, allowing to restore the structure of tissues.

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